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I like the diversity of the town but there is still some segregation. The highschool has been working recently to resolve any equity issues but many community members are not on board
Wonderful schools. Great place to raise children. Close to the Metra and green line allows for easy access to Chicago center.
It is a great little town. There is not a lot to do but it is very close to Chicago so that gives you something to do. The houses are beautiful. The neighborhood is very white so the diversity is not great but the town is very liberal.
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What I like about River Forest is Concordia University, and its proximity to Chicago. There are many things to do in the area, and it is surprisingly safe being this close to Chicago. The campus has only gone on lockdown once so far, but there have never been any shootings on campus. I don't see a lot of violence in the area.
I love the ambiance and the natural aspects of the town. It is close to downtown, which is accessible through train or by a 20 minute car drive.
River Forest has to be one of the most beautiful most peaceful towns I have ever lived in. The people are kind, helpful, and welcoming. My favorite part about living in River Forest has to be the beautiful houses. One of my favorite things to do is take walks during the summer and take in the beautifully designed houses. I think RIver forest is the perfect place to raise kids in. There are many parks and the park district holds summer camps over the summer to keep the children entertained. It's also very close to Chicago, you can easily get there on the train if needed.
This is a fantastic and safe community with amazing schools. Perfect for families with children who want easy access to Chicago but from a safe distance. The neighborhood is quiet. There have been some recent carjackings, however they are very rare and I feel safe walking down the street at any time of day. Most residents do not work in River Forest because it is such a small neighborhood, but there are many job opportunities in neighboring communities.
River Forest was a great place to grow up. It has great schools, is very safe, and a wonderful place to live.
River Forest is a nice and safe neighborhood with extremely good public schools. It is a quiet neighborhood and its citizens are very kind. However, it is hardly diverse at all. The town is nearly 90% white while the public highschool is nearly 50% black which can be a culture shock to children who grow up going to whitewashed schools. Fortunately, diversity in River Forest seems to be on the rise.
It is a very safe place to study and live. I would recommend it for the student willing to follow a religious program of studies. The community and environment of the school makes it very unique, and one can have many friends from different cultures. In the winter time, there is a lot of snow! And, in my particular case I am enjoying to the maximum this type of weather since we don't have snow in Florida. One of the things that I would like the community of River Forest to have is movie theaters near campus. Thank you very much!
River Forest is great for a family looking to settle in a safe, wholesome neighborhood. It is an incredibly nice tight knit community.
I LOVE THE RIVER FOREST NEIGHBORHOOD! There is soo much do in the area with small shops, target, gas stations, a small strip of food stores, etc. The people in the area are very friendly as well.
Peaceful; historical; welcoming - welcome to your new home. Situated near the western limit of Chicago, River Forest offers an opportunity for those who wish to escape the 'hustle and bustle' of everyday city life. A far-cry from the lavish lifestyles experienced by those who call the 'Gold Coast' home, River Forest offers a competitive school system with a plethora of private and public schools, a safe environment for families, and an exciting atmosphere for adventure and development for children and adults of all ages. Harkening back to Chicago's roots as a melting pot, River Forest places a high priority on diversity, acceptance of a multitude of ideals, and fairness. Although property taxes and costs of living may seem daunting, the job opportunities, safety, and emphasis on cohesiveness places River Forest into the upper echelons of suburb living in-and-around Chicago.
I like River Forest because of its small size and communal environment. However, I do not like the aspect of River Forest being racially divided and prioritized. I would like to see all cultures intermix at a respective level.
Great parks, amazing houses, friendly families however they tend to have their noses in the air. There are public schools in the area that will provide quality education but the private schools such as st luke and fenwick high school are extraordinary educational environments.
There is essentially no crime here in River Forest
I enjoy living in River Forest because there are many parks and there is a low crime rate.
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River Forest is a nice area. It is near Oak Park which is also a nice area.
A historic section of the city, the houses are kept impeccably well.
The area has one of the lowest crime rates in the city.
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