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Wonderful, safe town to raise families. Great schools, great family owned businesses. The schools include Ripon High School as well as Ripon Christian High school. There are five elementary schools. There are elementary schools in walking distance from many neighborhoods. There are plenty of beautiful parks to enjoy the outdoors. It is a great, safe, clean town. There is a great golf course, and many delicious restaurants.
Ripon is definitely safe, thanks to the great first responders in this town. It is a small town, great to raise a family. I can go out and do activities in the streets, the public parks, and more without disturbance. All of the people out here are also very kind, so it is a very welcoming environment. The school system challenges students, which many school districts in the area seem to lack. The challenge though is the most important part of learning because it is what drives the student's learning forward. Things can get pricey out here, but most get the higher wages with the small 1 hour commute to San Francisco employers.
Ripon is such a unique place to live in. The community as a whole is extremely tight-knit, as it is so small. Because of this, commutes are short and convenient, and the Ripon PD works extremely hard to keep the community safe, and is successful!
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Ripon is a close-knit community and I would recommend living here to anyone. It is very safe and has great schools to send your kids to. It also has very quaint small business food options and small-town traditions.
I grew up in Ripon and have loved it. I moved back once I graduated college. It is a very quite town and I have always felt extremely safe.
Ripon is such a safe tight knit community, where everyone is looking out for the other. The city has police monitoring 24/7, and great schools for the kids.
I have loved living here the past 5 years. It’s a small town, similar to the one I grew up in. It’s safe, with a low crime rate, and has a lot of fun, unique restaurants and businesses. It’s a great family town. However, it doesn’t have much to offer after 9pm, which can be a bummer at times. I would also love to see more diversity here.
I have lived in Ripon my whole life. It is a small farming community with small town country charm. It is a wonderful place to grow up and raise a family. Everyone knows everyone and is very friendly. It is nestled between two larger cities, so you can always have the option of getting the big city feel if you need it.
Ripon is a very homey town. I love how close everyone is. One thing I would change is I wish there were moor things for teenagers to do.
Ripon is very peaceful and I and my family would like to live no where else that we can think of. Ripon is too small for more people to live here because it is just extremely small..….(.;.;.;;;;;;…………
Ripon is a good small town with a safe environment. The schools are great and the crime rate is low. The city is a mainly white, so minorities are treated different in some ways.
Ripon is a very safe town. You can walk around at night in almost any part of town and feel safe. There are a lot of police which can sometimes be a drag because they are always pulling people over. But it is also part of what makes this community safe. The best part about Ripon is pizza plus, the best pizza place ever. One down side is overpopulation. The population has been rising rapidly and they are tearing down orchards and building mini-mansions as fast as they can.
Living in a small town community is not as bad as you would think it is. You constantly feel safe 24/7 because there are cops everywhere working to keep the community as safe as possible. The schools are so astonishing they allow you to prosper as an individual and create your fundamental grounds for your future. They prepare your kids to grow for the future, a safety place for families to live, and a community everyone can come together for.
Ripon is a small, family-friendly community. The police and fire departments are very responsive. There are church of several different faiths in town. There are annual family-oriented activities such as the Almond Blossom Festival in February and Night-Out in August. There are five public elementary schools and one public high school. There is also a private elementary school and a private high school. There are lots of restaurants in town.
I grew up in a small town in the Central Valley called Ripon. It is a great town to grow up in and raise a family. There is only one public high school, and one private high school. It is a very safe town and most people know each other. I would love to raise a family there one day. There is not much I would change about Ripon except to have more options of restaurants and even some night life. Ripon is pretty quiet at night but I think that is what makes it so safe.
It's really really safe, as long as your white and Christian. It's clean and pretty compaired to surrounding areas. Small town feel, with really board police. Schools are safe, but not too level. There is nothing to do. Some parks. And you have to leave and go to a bigger town To find anything. Compared to where I live now and have lived in the past Ripon really dose not provide anything for children. You have to travel for that.
Ripon is a very friendly and safe place to live. I have been living here for over 15 years, so I have a very good feel for the city. It is a quiet town and a great place to raise a family. Safety is a priority to this city and if you drive through Ripon you can tell the city workers take very good care of it.
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If you want a safe community for your family to live then Ripon California is the place to settle! I've lived in Ripon my whole life 23 years to be exact, in the same house. My favorite thing about Ripon is the community atmosphere, growing up I wasn't able to go anywhere without my mom knowing about it because our community was so close someone would tell her what I was out doing before I got a chance to tell her what I was out doing. I don't think I would be the person I am today if I didn't grow up in Ripon, it has made me feel safe my whole life and it has made me feel comfortable within my community. The friends I have, have been my friends my entire life. We understand the small town aspect. Ripon is in a great location in California it is nearly 2 hours from the beach and 2 hours from the mountains so if you want to make a day trip it isn't too far to either. Ripon is my home and for that I am grateful.
Ripon is an incredibly safe and family friendly community. I've gone to school here all my life, but I've always attended a private Christian school, and while I have never felt in danger, I have certainly felt excluded and unwelcome. It's definitely a place where being outside the box is frowned upon, and the box is quite specific in its qualifications. You must be at least three of the following to be accepted with open arms: Dutch, Christian reformed, conservative/Republican, an almond farmer, a dairyman, agriculturally inclined in general, part of a family of five or more, and, sadly, rich. My family meets the bare minimum of requirements, so I suppose we're happy here. Happy as long as you exclude the bullying, gossip, and blatant ignorance toward anything different, that is.
I have grown up in Ripon almost my entire life and originally I absolutely hated it but as I grew older I learned to love almost every aspect of it. It is a very small town, there is no way you will be able to go to your neighborhood supermarket without seeing someone you know. Some of us don't like the idea of that but when it comes down to it we are a community that is so tight knit that if anything bad happens we come together and help one another. Living in a town like this teaches you the real meaning of community and family.
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