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Great little country town. Great people and schools. Good in high school sports nit much for teenagers to do. Great churches.
Living ina small town where we are all connected has its good and bad points no matter where you live , but Ripley does have that safety factor that somehow makes the minor “ bad” worth it. Crooked police departments are gone now, we hope... but who knows, right?
It's a very lovely and safe small town. Everyone here makes you feel welcome. If you go to the grocery store you'll always end up seeing someone you know. The town of Ripley has a great school too. The teachers are very helpful and they always try to help in any way they can. I've lived in Ripley pretty much my entire life. I love it.
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I love living in Ripley, Ms. I have lived here all my life and plan to continue to stay here. I love how it is a small country town where I feel safe to be home by myself. I love the experience of living on a small country road surrounded by my entire family.
This community does not have any attractions for tourists.
The only modes of public transportation include buses for the school districts and disabled people.
Weather is only occasionally severe here.
Alcoholic beverages were only just recently legalized in the area therefore options for places to drink at are limited.
Unless a person living in this community is a business owner, the average person will more than likely earn minimum wage.
Local business has died out in the recent years. One company has a monopoly in our community, however its stores can not provide all of our necessities. Usually we have to travel half-an-hour to an hour to acquire most of the essentials.
There are mainly just fast food restaurants that employ the younger generation. As for adults there are furniture companies such as Ashley or locally owned companies.
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