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I love the city of Rio Rancho! I moved here from Mobile, AL four years ago. I was super nervous moving cross country. The people are friendly, it has the small town feel but rich in culture and great for outdoor adventures!
I like the city it's nice, it's big, and the High Schools are good. I fell very safe in this city, I don't ever feel unsafe and there is never a time that I have felt unsafe in this city.
Rio Rancho is a small to medium city with a low hustle and bustle of city life. There is plenty to do, and and an adventure out of town is only a few minutes away.
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Rio Rancho is the place to live if you work in or around Albuquerque. I'd say one of the biggest perks is the police response time. On average just a few minutes. When compared to Albuquerque, over 10 min or longer, it's very reasonable.
Has everything you need close by. Also has a really nice school district at all levels compared to the rest of the state
Rio Rancho is a good small suburb of ABQ with good schools and neighborhoods. Some parts of the city are run down and could use some refurbishing but there are also many stores, banks, and food options close by.
Rio Rancho is a safe and quiet neighborhood. My neighbors rarely have issues with each other, and most of the time they respect each others privacy. I have never heard gunshots or screams or loud music, and most of the people maintain their properties fairly well. The roads could be maintained better. as a cyclist I am constantly riding over cracks in the road, but when there is a pothole it usually gets repaired quickly. Unfortunately Rio Rancho is spread out a lot, which means you either need a car or are willing to do a whole lot of walking to get anywhere. It's not as bad as other cities in New Mexico. Public transport like the buss is very poor, there is only three routes and they only run at odd ours. Rio Rancho is a nice town but it is also a small town and it is a town that requires a car, but the people are quiet and respectful.
There are a lot of factors that make Rio Rancho a mediocre place to live. It's extremely large, and if you live far west or far north, the drive to central or east Albuquerque can take 1-1/2 hours because there are no diagonal roads across Rio Rancho. You need to drive at least 20 minutes to get to the closest shopping plaza or restaurant. Stores, restaurants, and professional businesses are mostly national chains. Rio Rancho is completely unwalkable. Most of the housing clusters all look alike, sandstone colored stucco as far as the eye can see. Most of the land is sandy pulverized clay and it's not quite stable enough for home construction, many home owners have had their foundations crack in half due to shifting dirt. You'll spend most of your day driving. There are very, very few parks or civic plazas. Sure, you can get a home at a good price, but it won't appreciate in value much because there are so many unsold homes with nothing special to distinguish them. Choose carefully.
We've lived in a lot of places and Rio Rancho has been our favorite. We've had great experiences with the school (our kids go to MLK). We've noticed that the police have a presence here in the community which makes it feel much safer than ABQ. Our neighbors are very friendly and welcoming, as well as the community at school. Our kids have been involved in sports and music since we've moved here and they love everything about it. We have tons of parks in a two mile radius, including a dog park. That's another thing, everyone seems to have a dog! I love that. We've also taken advantage of the aquatic center and the library. Those are some great amenities. There seems to be a ton of community pools all over the city. There has been a lot of roadwork and beautification projects. I really believe that they have the resident's best interest at heart.
A comfortable and more relaxed place near the city in comparison to a busy and hectic world like Albuquerque. Unique and clean, quiet and includes everything you may need.
Pleasant city to live in. Explosive growth. Rents are higher than ever before. Lots of parks. Very brown. Not very good diversity colleges hospitals in town. Job Situation is currently pretty meek. Decent government. Tons of elementary schools. Low crime rate. Very close to Abq. Limited ways to get to Abq from town commute can get along. Not much support or push for a great pre-K programs. Lots of resources for the underprivileged in NM.
I would choose RR over Abq if moving here for any reason (personally). Northern Meadows is a nice neighborhood to live in as well as Cabazon. City pools available.
Rio Rancho is a great place to live, it's clean and safe for families. The Rio Rancho police are great at keeping everyone safe. Schools have high rankings which is always good
Rio Rancho is a growing suburb and a great place to live in. There are plenty of small family-owned businesses as well as brand name ones that keep the community thriving.
I think Rio Rancho is a great suburb to live in. It offers a lot of the amenities one is looking for in a town and it's not far from Albuquerque, so you can still experience the big city too. The downside to Rio Rancho is just that there aren't enough ways to get across the Rio Grande so traffic to and from work if you work in Albuquerque, can be inconvenient.
Rio Rancho is a nice town, it has easy access to shopping, schools, parks, and emergency services if needed. The neighborhoods are relatively quiet at night and neighbors are friendly and wanting to talk.
I love the chile smell and the taste and the fact that its every where you go. the agriculture there is very cool to see every thing.
Rio Rancho offers many diverse opportunities for families, single individuals, and minority communities. This is a fastest growing city in New Mexico with excellent access to hospitals, schools, shopping centers, microbreweries, and eateries. Reasonable rates on the housing market allow for dreams of home-ownership to be a reality.
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I've been living in New Mexico since 1996 and moved into Rio rancho, in 2002. There is no other place i would want to live in the immediate area. The people here are friendly and i seem to fit in perfectly here, considering it seems that part of NY lives here. This city knows how to take care of its people and it strives to educate our children to the best of their ability.
Rio Rancho is a nice place to raise a family. For the young adults though, there isn't much to do here and we have to drive to Albuquerque to do things.
Rio Rancho is a safe, protective, and has great senes of the community! I have lived in Rio Rancho for eight years and of course, there is some delinquency around town but they usually get taken care of and that goes for any type of odd activity. The community is really powerful around Rio Rancho and is very family orientated!
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