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Rio Grande City's population of 18,000 residents and has a growing potential. Commerce has been blooming and traffic at its finest.
Rio Grande City is one city that has low criminal statistics. I recommend to visit the local Fort Ringgold where the Mexican Army once settled.
Rio Grande City, for the most part, is a quiet rural town with a gradually growing population, which would be partially due to its proximity to the Starr County International Bridge and the bustling city of McAllen. Even though everyone may not know each other, we come together from time to time to help those in need (donations and soup kitchens) or to celebrate (local festival, fair, and other similar events).
I grew up in Rio Grande City. I admire the way the people can turn a small, boring town into a fun and loving one. However, I do believe there could be a few changes in the court system and not limit educational opportunities for students like me.
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It's an amazing small town with many friendly faces and opportunities. The friendly people serve a very well first impression for incoming new visitors, and the history of the town is absolutely phenomenal. It is home to the Robert E. Lee house.
Rio Grande City is a nice city to live in the schools and the teachers are really good here especially the math teachers at Early College High School are excellent, and also the consolers there as well. They have a lot of restaurants, the environment there is great not many job opportunities there but it’s also no hard to get a job there mostly a bunch of businesses. Also, the community likes to get involved in a lot of ways to help out the city so that’s a huge plus if you would want to participate in some community action stuff.
Rio Grande City, is a small town in Texas but honestly one of the best ones out there until now. Many people in this city are extremely friendly and social, and mostly they help out the others in need. However, if there was one thing that I could change of this city is that more stores to be built or places where teenagers can go out and have fun. As, the only typical place to truly enjoy time with family and friends is at the movie theaters and a small amount of restaurants. More parks could also be added, so people can spend more time there socializing.
Being born and raised in the city of Rio Grande provides a list of things to love about our small town. We are a small town located near the border in South Texas. We are at the port of entry going in and out of Camargo, Tamualipas. Also, being part of a small town gives us the opportunity of enrolling into a small public school compared to those which class is five hundred plus. Although there is not much to do, the company of other fellow residents make the town of Rio Grande City special. Something to change would be to have a much nicer scenery. As of today, it looks like a broken town, slowing falling apart.
Living in this area almost all of my life brought convenience. It is a quite place not too far from the city or the beach. It is a good place to live if you are someone who is looking to start a small family and enjoy the rural lifestyle.
It's a small, quiet town, but there's so much heart here. The people are friendly and always ready to welcome others with open arms and a smile on their faces.
I have been in school in Rio Grande since I was about 5 years old and have lived here for around 11 years now. As a little girl I loved coming to visit relatives who lived in Rio since it was much bigger than the town I lived in at the time. As i became older I became more aware of just how big the city was, and what it had to offer. I would have never imagined I would be getting my Associates Degree in my home town, but am very thankful for the opportunity. Now as a teenager I have to say I love traveling out of Rio Grande but i love coming home even more.
We need more recreational places to expend time with family, friends or by our selves.
We have plenty nature to make some pretty parks, preserving of course the nature. Other thing we didnt have is a good public pool.
The community is involved in helping each other and it is a small town where mostly everyone supports local/school sports.
I'd say my overall experience living in Rio grande city has been alright. The people here are usually friendly and can be very funny. However, not a lot goes on here. I would like for there to be more things to do for entertainment like establish a mall or modern stores. I wouldn't say it's a bad neighborhood because then I'd be lying but its definitely not the best yet. The people here are definitely the highlight and the over all package of Rio grande city. I believe the people here have what it takes to make a change in my environment and truly make it amazing. I am proud to have been born and raised in Rio grande city because it has shaped me to be who I am today.
I’ve lived here my whole life and honestly it’s a small city and everyone knows everyone so it’s a good environment.
I like the diversity we have in Rio Grande City. I would like to see change in the pollution around the area.
I was born and raised here. It is all I really know. I don't think I'd rather live anywhere else. I love that during the spring or so, Rio Grande City hosts their yearly "fairs" where they have carnivals, agricultural competitions along with farm animals and country living competitions.
When I moved to Rio Grande City with my family, I was only 5 years old. I consider RGC as my home town because I have lived here the longest. Rio Grande City may be a small town, which means most people know each other and, in my opinion, that is good. Rio Grande City has been growing which is really good, we have been getting new stores, restaurants, and entertainment places. I feel like Rio Grande City are for the small town, outdoor lovers. There are many ranches in the out skirts of Rio and that is good for those who like to be out and about.
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I like the fact that mostly everyone in my city is both Hispanic and catholic. We are brought together by our similar ethnicity and religion. I wish that the construction of roads and buildings were much better, though. Many of the roads are filled with holes and the buildings such as the ones at our school have lots of cracks.
Rio Grande City is a great place to visit due its many outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting. It could use a few more restaurants and businesses, but other than that. Its a great town.
It is the only town I have lived in and I like it. It is small, but it is a good town, full of little but valuable opportunity. I hope to represent this town and make my family proud when I am in college.
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