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Rindge is overall a fairly friendly area, but it is very rural and there is not much to do directly in-town outside of outdoor activities.
I've grown up in Rindge. I'm biased, so take this with a grain of salt, but there's a lot of racism, plenty of drug usage, lots of people come up from Mass on the weekends to go shopping so there's no parking, the housing situation is terrible, and - on top of all that - you have the option of working at a pizza place for minimum wage or driving 45 minutes to work at some other low paying job. So unless you work from home, forget being able to afford to live let alone raising a family. The school system sucks. Since it's such a small town, you deal with a lot of the everyone knows you and your business - even if they don't - they'll talk. Overall, it's depressing and from top to bottom has no redeemable qualities.
Rindge is a cute little town. It is great for a family that doesn’t want to be in an overpopulated area. Rindge is a very welcoming community
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I like Rindge because it is a very quite town. No crime and every body knows everybody it is a very safe place to live. I like that out town is very scenic and beautiful and there are tons of places to go kayaking and camping. There is also a lot of mountains in the area to climb. One thing I would like to see change is getting more stores in the area. We have to travel so far for everything.
I really like living in the Rindge community area. It is a small town which is situated very close to my place of employment. There are a few main retail stores in town which provide the convenience of places to shop but without the hassle of "big city" traffic and commotion.
A very quiet community. Almost no crime. The people are friendly and willing to help their neighbors.
Very close to a college campus and has beautiful scenery. Many local grocery stores and also close to local hiking trails and Mount Monadnock.
No starbucks! Very boring, Wal-Mart had next to nothing. I would like to see more things to do besides fishing and hunting.
There is barely any crime in my area. A body was found for the first time in years and it was the talk of the town. That was the most news to hit the streets in a long time.
There are a lot of things to do outside, so if you enjoy the outdoors, my area is good and you will never get bored.
In the neighborhood where I live, there is a neighborhood watch in place. There has only been one issue, but that was many years ago. Other than that, we are pretty safe. The police force is small, but we know they will respond when called.
This area is beautiful, right under Mount Monadnock. However, with this comes the neighboring town of Jaffrey. Rindge is a richer area, until you cross the town line. Jaffrey is poorer and more urban. There are, as much as I hate to say it, drug issues in Jaffrey. Also, Conant High School is focused on their basketball team, resulting in the defunding of many classes and areas of the school. Rindge has been good about trying to keep up with changes. I would choose to live in Rindge again, but never Jaffrey.
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