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Great place to grow up. Has the benefits of a small town but also the cons. Although its now starting to get bigger and outgrow that small town vibe.
Ridgefield is a very welcoming, open community with many opportunities to meet new people and connect with others. There is a farmer's market every Saturday in downtown Ridgefield, several parks that are always full of kids having fun, a library that is small, but bursting with good books, and many more great things. In the summer, the boat docks on Lake River are bursting with families and friends on day trips to the Columbia and back. Every first Saturday of the month, downtown offers a fun family experience with vendors offering crafts and other fun things to enjoy.
I moved to this area last year and I've loved it ever since. The school district is so enthusiastic and helpful. I got to take higher level classes here than I would be able to at my old school. Most students and parents here help the community, which is growing quickly due to the building of a new middle school and reconstruction of the high school. It is a great place for kids and defiantly sets them up for success.
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Ridgefield is an amazing community. I love the people and the way it’s developing. The school is amazing and overall everyone gets along.
A great small town to live in. No crime that I have seen, lots of outdoor activity. Getting to and from the town is easy no traffic
We love it here but not too crazy about all of the growth. It is growing too large too fast. The schools can't keep up with the growth. We are always being asked to pass a bond to keep up with the growth.
I enjoy living in Ridgefield, I have lived here my whole life and I have been satisfied with the town and other residents. Ridgefield is not too close and not too far from anything. It has a small town feel with a downtown and close neighborhoods, while also being kind of rural with wide fields and hills.
Living that close to Portland Oregon you find that Ridgefield is a small town that gives you that feeling of being far away as well as close by! In my experience it is very small but upcoming town. The best way to see this small rural and upcoming area is promising. So much potential to be seen for this small town. Only time will show what it is capable of. I found it peaceful and absolutely tranquil.
I have been living in Ridgefield for a couple of years now and I can honestly say that it is a lovely little town. There are many farms and big houses around here. It is fairly safe but housing around here can be very expensive. The public schools are okay, and there is not much diversity. It is a bit far from places such as Vancouver and Portland. Overall it is a good place to live in.
It is a very small town so there isn't much in the way of nightlife or job opportunities, however you can't beat the school system or safety aspect of the town.
I moved to Ridgefield when i was 14. I lived in Portland before and going from a city to the country was a dream. I love that it's rural yet still closed to the city. I wish I had started my schooling here.
I have lived in Ridgefield all my life. My whole school career was in a excellent school district. The only problem I have is the farm land is being taken over by housing developments. It does not make me to happy.
There are variety of houses to choose from. Some houses are newer or older compared to others.
Many people in my neighborhood are friendly. People greet one another when they pass by on the side walk.
I feel safe in my home
I like how the area that I live in is quiet and peaceful. I wish that the city had big grocery stores so that I could easily go shopping at somewhere near my home.
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