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The community spirit is strong in this one. Even new residents notice this perk about the town. It's something I would miss if I moved away.
Small Town community, the town comes together in times of need. Since the Earthquakes last year and now the pandemic this year, this town always comes together in unity to help each other out. The school system helps find ways to keep the kids in school and protects are children. All the essential employees are noticed for their hard work and are accomodated for.
Ridgecrest, as a small town, was not a bad place to grow up. It has a decent community life, and people here generally care about each other and come together to help and support their community. It is a little out of the way and secluded, and doesn't have too many opportunities aside from the naval base, but it's a decent town.
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Ridgecrest is small but the people here are nice. They have everything you need and is getting bigger by the year. I recommend it if you want to come to a quiet town.
There's never traffic, or long lines. The skies are dark and the stars are bright. There aren't too many good places to eat out, so you get used to eating at home. The houses are priced well.
Ridgecrest is a small town with lots of potential however the elected officials are difficult to work with and they do not want to let Ridgecrest grow.
I grew up here so I know everybody and it's a tight nit community. Would like to see more aggressive growth.
small town and far from major cities. The city has very little to do and also not a lot of amenities. The biggest store we have is a Walmart, the locals are also not very friendly and don't really accept outsiders. If this town did not have the military installation it would be a ghost town. other than the base there is no other source of employment apart from small local shops. Food options are minimal and aside from McDonalds there aren't any good chain restaurants. The local restaurants are bad and don't seem to update their menus at all.
It's a small town, but has a pretty good community college and good people. There is not a whole lot to do, but its fairly safe and affordable. There are many job opportunities because it is next to a naval base. Good for people looking for STEM work.
Ridgecrest is a friendly community. It is far way from cities. But close enough to drive to a city to visit. The down side to Ridgecrest is it doesn’t have a lot of things to do for kids and families. The only thing it has is a Movie theater which is great at meeting family needs. Just doesn’t have much after that.
Ridgecrest is a quaint town. It has a vibrant, growing community that has yet to really take advantage of the potential activities in the area. It is a low crime, quiet area with a friendly population. The area has hiking, camping, and is within an hour or two of about any kind of outdoor activity you can imagine.

The only real downside is the weather.
Ridgecrest is small, quiet town that is ideal for living a basic and overall stress free life. Many residents work on China Lake Naval Base and make a great income. There are the essential stores and services provided for everyday reality but nothing exceptional that stands out.
I moved to Ridgecrest the summer before senior year from San Diego California. I wasn't looking forward to it at first because Ridgecrest appeared to be the total opposite of San Diego. However, I soon learnt that Ridgecrest has every single good quality you would imagine a small town to have. It is a close-knit community that cares for eachother. The recent earthquakes truly tested the towns resilience and really highlighted the people here. The only thing I would change about Ridgecrest is the efficiency of buildings, roads, and other facilities being fixed or built. Roads for example, take much longer than necessary to fix and often cause an inconvenience.
I liked the Cerro Coso Community College our here and all the staff. They help you out so much and show you things you need to graduate 🎓 with.
I would like to see more opportunities for kids to get out and about, instead of being on the computers or game systems.
I have lived in Ridgecrest for as long as I can remember. Ridgecrest gave me some of my best memories and best friends that I could ask for. This little town holds a special place in my heart as my grandparents practically built this town. My grandpa was a huge contributor to building up our Naval base which is pretty awesome. Growing up, I never saw a problem with Ridgecrest, I went to great schools, I made great friends and I was always close to my huge family. Now that I am older, the town has changed and has become a bit more dangerous than I remember it. The crime rates have sky rocketed, as I woman I no longer feel safe going places by myself. Ridgecrest will always be my home town and hold a special place in my heart, but I am very excited to move and experience a new place.
Due to the small population (~30000 people) the town has not much to offer. It sure has a lot of fast food chains but no real good restaurants. Also, it is short on activity opportunities for families, especially for small children. It just updated two playgrounds, which is nice, and they work on a splash pad next. No pool is available which is a pity because Ridgecrest is in the middle of the desert and it can get pretty hot in summers. The air seems to be bad sometimes, due to the sand. Otherwise, a regular small town with nice people.
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It is in the middle of a desert, so it is extremely hot--at least during the summer. It can actually be very cold in the winter. Since it is essentially in the middle of nowhere, there is almost nothing to do. However, it is close to other cities/towns, so if you are okay with driving a few hours, there is certainly a lot you can do. It is a smaller town, so it is quieter and generally safer. There is not much to do, but I grew up in this town, so it is home to me. If you like being outdoors, however, then you can definitely keep yourself busy that way--especially with hiking. Overall, there is not much to do here, but it is nice to know many people personally and interact with them more frequently.
Little town in great location. A lot of things to explore. Jobs are great if you can work on the navy base, school district, or hospital. Employment is competitive.
It is a small town, which means getting from place to place takes no time at all. It also means there are limited options for entertainment.
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