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I go to school in Richmond and I can honestly say that at first I was scared to be in such a new and unfamiliar place but the city has definitely grown on me. I love how there is so much to do around the city like restaurants, malls, and local attractions. I enjoy staying in with some of my friends but I also love to go out at night because the city is so beautiful and bright.
I like the different cultures and the art around the city. Definitely a city for older couples or older people in general though.
Richmond has been my home for majority of my life. I've met some great people here. What I like most would have to be underground restaurants and culture.
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Richmond is a place where everyone feels included and free to be themselves. Richmond has an aura of acceptance as well as encouragement to pursue one's dreams no matter what others may think.
There are so many things to do! The restaurants are great and the James River is such a fun place to go over the summer to swim on go on hikes with friends and families.
Love to the closeness to the river, the outdoor adventures and city life. Love the diversity, culture and hosapilty.
overall it's a good city, though i recommend this area as a temporary location for residence. areas such as Chester, chesterfield, or county location are better for those raising families. also if you are not into the city environment and prefer a quieter scene moving further is a must.
Such a close, creative, emotional, and fresh place to live! Here you can find a caring community, nature lovers, artists, and love!
It’s a beautiful city and I love the community. Like any city it has its drawbacks, but the culture and people make up for it.
I have lived in Richmond my entire life and I love it! The night life is amazing, there are plenty of job opportunities for everyone and it's an ideal area to raise a family. The max commute time is about twenty to twenty-five minutes which is perfect. I do believe that the school system needs major improvement. The buildings are old and there aren't enough teachers so the classes are over crowded. Richmond has a lot of history behind it, every weekend you can find something new and fun to do.
What I loved most about Richmond was that it operated like a big-time city with the open, community events, yet maintained a small town ambience. One can easily walk down the streets and wave to familiar faces. You can enjoy the city streets or escape to the many entrances of the James river. It is easy to access all parts of the city with a quick commute in a car, bus, bicycle ride, or walk. It is home to three accredited colleges: Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Richmond, and Virginia Union University.
I love simply walking around Richmond to find small, unique shops and restaurants. My favorite coffee place is downtown and my favorite dessert restaurant in Richmond too, it's called Shindigz and they serve the most mouth-watering cakes. I feel very comfortable roaming around by myself and introducing myself to new people in this city. I have met some of the kindest and most entertaining while on random adventures around Richmond as well. Richmond also has the best sports games to attend, because I really enjoy going to Richmond baseball games with my friends and family.
I'm born and raised in Richmond Virginia. What I would like to see change is a decrease in the crime rate. Virginia used to be for lovers. I would like to feel the truth in that slogan. If you've ever been to Richmond, then you know we have beautiful landmarks and the brightest scenic routes.
I like Richmond, the city is pretty especially by the James river. In the city, there’s bike lanes and trails to go on, and it’s super fun riding through them. There are a lot of stores and places to eat and some parks to ride through as well.
I have lived in Richmond for the better part of my entire life and I must say that it hasn't let me down yet. It has nice, quiet suburbs in its western region as well as city-life downtown that features beautiful historic landmarks and unbeatable museums. If you're interested in history, Richmond has an abundance. If you're more geared toward arts, it has that too. It is a very diverse destination to live and the food isn't bad either. Traffic is relatively light compared to other large cities and people are friendly. Richmond is a neat place to live/visit whatever your needs may be.
I love my river city! It's the best of city life with a paradise-like river running straight through it; perfect for an escape from the bustle of everyday life.
I love the different cultures, places to visit and variety of restaurants. I do not like how expensive apartments and a college education is. I am a current college student with little financial aid so I have to apply for loans. This is difficult, but I like the richness of Richmond.
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Richmond is a very diverse city. I feel safe here but sometimes wish that racism was a little bit more toned down!
I love Richmond because it is small enough that it is not as intimidating as New York or L.A. but it gives you a lot of what the city has to offer. Rich history, diversity, but you can still own/drive a car or bike pretty much anywhere in under an hour. Your 2 hours from the beach and 2 hours from the mountains. If you are willing to commute, you can live in the suburbs with reasonable rent with only a 20 minute commute. People will just strike up a conversation with you, and you often know all your neighbors.
I was attracted to Richmond because of the affordable housing that I currently live in (7 years) and the job opportunity. Since I have been living here, my neighborhood quiet (besides the random arguments). I would like to upgrade to nicer housing but currently i'm on disability and had to leave my job of 7 years due to personal illness.
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