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Richland Hills is a wonderful area to live in because of the easy accessibility there is to multiple shopping and dining places. The community workers are very kind and attentive to the things going on around the area.
First thing, Richland Hills, Texas is not a suburb of Dallas, Texas. We are a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. Dallas is 33 miles away. Fort Worth is 5 miles away.
Everything is really convenient and close. I love that, it is a very quiet neighborhood, not much crime, that i know of. It is really easy access to the highway and parks are close by. I feel really safe where I live. It is like living at home back then, we stayed outside until the sun went down. The rail is near me and easy to take to and from work if needed. The only thing I could complain about if I don't want to is the construction but I know once it is done then it will be a lot better.
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Great roads, some minor construction. Low amounts of traffic overall easy to get around with convienient stores near by.
Richland Hills is a small, quiet town approximately 6 miles from Fort worth. It is a very safe neighborhood whom all people know each other.
Richland Hills is a very laid back small suburb of Fort Worth, not Dallas. It is great because of how peaceful and safe the environment is. The city council is making slow change, common with conservative city councils, so I am afraid they might have population problems before they recognize it. The schools are great and have definitely improved since I attended.
Richland hills has one major food chain store Walmart and small local post office population 8-10 k residents, building a recreation center in progress . Has 2 parks for children to play at also a library.
There really is not much crime here that I am aware of.
It is a good area overall. But, in Richland Hills it's self there are few dining options. We have to go to North Richland Hills or Fort Worth for most dining and entertainment.
It is safe and quiet
I really enjoy this area compared to other places where I have lived. The house is nice and the area is a safe and quiet place.
The Area is more of an aging neighborhood, it needs work on simple things. Quite a few businesses have no look appeal, the new City hall looks wonderful so though.
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