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Richfield, Ohio is a small semi-rural community that lies between Cleveland and Akron. It has a small-town feel, but has easy access to anywhere since it is a "hub" of the local highways.
We have basically no crime in this area.
There are some local bars, a subway, and a McDonalds.
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There are not really places to work, except the few local businesses and some corporate buildings that hire out to the area.
The town of Richfield itself does not have a lot going on, but there are things not too far.
My backyard butts against the Cuyahoga National Park. You can go through it any time of the day and there are always people running or biking or hiking or just enjoying nature. The best part is that the park connects to several Metro Park areas that only add to the beauty and ease-of-access of nature. I absolutely love the nature aspect here.
The houses are very nice and every once in a while we hear a train horn, which is something I love. The area also has several churches which sound beautiful together when the bells sound. As for cars, it can get really hectic around rush-hour, but the noise usually dies down around 7pm.
While the neighborhood I live in is fairly sheltered, the main "hub" (Fairlawn, Ohio) has a good amount of daily crime. Also, Richfield is notorious for drug smugglers. Almost every night I find police doing drug searches along 77 South-bound.
It's Ohio; we can have all four seasons in one week. For example, this week, it was 35 degrees F on Monday (with some snow), today (Tuesday) it was extremely sunny and 45 degrees, and tomorrow (Wednesday) it is a high of 65 with scattered thunderstorms. This is a small price to pay in comparison to the drought problems, earthquakes, and wildfires in California or hurricanes along the Gulf of Mexico. While the weather doesn't keep us on our toes, and we get a great deal of snow, I feel much better living here than I would somewhere else.
We have the normal Chili's, Applebees, Steak and Shake, Chick-fil-a, McDonalds, and Taco Bell. These restraunts are very family-oriented, however, which leaves little areas for teens to hang out or grab a bite to eat. While there are a few good bars in the area too, most are geared toward people in their 20s-30s. The only real "teen" places in the area are Panera and Starbucks.
While the employment is not bad, per-say, the opportunities are not vast. I've worked for several businesses, and most of them do not work with you to fit school activities into the work schedule which makes working in high school very difficult. Also, many have you work night-shifts which makes high school that much harder.
While overall the local businesses are kept fairly clean and the employees friendly, my local area does not have many options for teenagers or college students. The downtown area is nicely laid out, however, the roads need some serious work (probably one of the reasons that local businesses have been suffering).
The bar life is more extended outside this area, but it does provide good resturants
The area I live in provides a wide variety of shops and stores. It expands from few family businesses to big companies. Overall provides everything I shop for
Spring, summer and fall are all good. Winter is horrible here.
Most employers are small mom and pop type companies, they pay decently but not a lot of benefits.
It's not a very diverse town, we did get a Buddhist temple this year though.
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Very good little restaurants, everything is one of a kind.
Most of the businesses are small, family owned restaurants or bars.
There are lots of parks, and wildlife spaces in the immediate aria.
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