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Rhome is a very rural community, so there is lots of land everywhere you go. But it is a very quiet city, with little economic growth. Rhome will begin to further expand with expansion coming from the texas motor speedway. I have enjoyed my life living here.
I purchased a property in Rhome a year and a half ago. The ciry personnel is friendly and always willing to help. This is where we will retire - we love the small town feel and the proximity to larger city amenities
Overall it's a great town I just believe it has some police corruption issues that may run a little deeper than that but that has yet to be determined
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Rhome is the perfect place to live. Hense the word 'home' in Rhome. Small town living and close to the city.
Small town located just outside of Fort Worth provides a scenic escape for a community interested in taking life a little slower.
Just moved here a couple months ago and I love it!!! I could not be any more happier here. I would give it five-stars but the area I live in needs major road work. Other than that, the community is great.
It's nice and quiet but there is not really much to do in this little town. The only thing that is relatively close is a gas station and family dollar store. The closest walmart is about 20 minutes away and there are not many places that deliver out here.
great small town that is within 30 minutes of Fort Worth; just far enough away from a big city, and has a "country living" feel
Living in Rhome started before I began first grade. As I have grown older I have become to realize that while Rhome is not a terrible place to live. That being said, there is not much to do or see, which makes it OK to live in, not great.
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