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It’s a pretty safe area with a decent amount of diversity. It’s about 30 minutes from downtown Columbus, but there are nice stores here if you don’t want to make the trip there. Housing prices aren’t ridiculous, but there are some pricier complexes and houses here and there. Overall, very happy with the area!
After growing up in Reynoldsburg my entire life, I couldn't call any other place 'home'. Some parts of Reynoldsburg are definitely better than others, but the schools are fantastic and there are many places to shop nearby.
I’ve lived in Reynoldsburg for 8-9 years with my parents. We’ve had an overall okay experience. It’s not horrible but we’ve had our ups and downs with the neighborhood. A lot of fast food joints and nearby gyms. Traffic is horrible all the time.
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I love the small town vibe it has! A lot of people know each other in town and we are very welcoming! There are several local businesses around and it's very nice.
Reynoldsburg is not what it used to be at all. It isn't taken care of unless something new is being built, yet eventually the 'new' buildings are forgotten about as well. Before Reynoldsburg used to feel safe, but now the police don't care for the community and most of them aren't a fan of minorities either. There really isn't much to pull people here, if your looking for somewhere where the public schools are good up until middle school, no places to go hang out, and barely any choices for restaurants, then Welcome to Reynoldsburg.
This is a pretty good neighborhood. The suburbs are nice and a good distance away from stores such as Kroger, Wal-mart, Target ect. There are plenty of gas stations and food establishments as well. I have not had any bad experiences living here.
Needs more sit down restaurant options, less tire places and mattress shops. Schools are getting better, needs more community events/festivals. Community needs to support the arts and the school music and arts programs
The area is family friendly, and a very safe place to live. The only major downside to living here is finding something to do. Unfortunately, there isn't much to do besides going to the park.
On August 3rd 2018 I was attacked at a bar in Reynoldsburg. Today is November 27th 2018 the person has still not been arrested. They know who it was that attacked me. She lives IN Reynoldsburg, 1.8 miles from THE REYNOLDSBURG POLICE STATION front door steps.. 1.8 miles. They have her name, address, EVERYTHING (they have since it happened) and they have not arrested her. It took 3-4 weeks to even get a arrest warrant for her. I called every day, no response from the officer. I went up there, no answers for me about my case. The police department does not care about what happens in their area at all. They do not care about the safety of the people in their city. They cant even return a phone call. They can't even find the time to arrest someone that lives 1.8 miles from their door step that brutally attacked another person for no reason. They allow that person to live within their city knowing what she did & has done before.
Everything is very calm around the city. Other than there being lots of construction there really aren't any problems in Reynoldsburg.
Reynoldsburg at one point was a great place to live with great schools, now it’s full of traffic , education has suffered , and the only reatauatants they have are full of fat , nothing healthy. Neighbors will steal from you and trash is always left everywhere .
I have grown up in Reynoldsburg, and lived here my whole life. It has its downs, like violence and cheap housing, but I love it here.
I love the community it is nice and peaceful and a great place to live. It is family friendly and there are many resources close by when it comes to shopping and dinning out. The schools are excellent and the housing is affordable and they are nice.
Reynoldsburg has been my home for the past seven years and I would never want to move. Reynoldsburg has the perfect small-community feel and it is family friendly. My only disappointment is sometimes the lack of things to do within Reynoldsburg. However, with Pickerington, Pataskala, and Columbus nearby you have many options.
Have lived in Reynoldsburg for about 3 years. Love the area. The only downfall is my commute to work and home.
I’ve lived in Reynoldsburg all of my life, which would be now 24 years. I have never had any issues with the city or schools. My kids will be soon attending Reynoldsburg schools as well while growing up here in Reynoldsburg. We bought a house a couple years ago, and we can’t really complain. Things have happened negatively, but not to us directly. Things will happen both good and bad no matter where one relocates to. Overall good experience, good people within this small suburb.
I have lived in Reynoldsburg mostly all my life and I love it. It is very quiet and family friendly. The school area I lived in was Pickerington and it is a very good school district.
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There are lots of great food options with new ones popping up constantly. The community is very diverse with lots of interesting, family-owned shops. The only downside is a higher concentration of reckless drivers, due to being closer to Columbus.
Reynoldsburg is a lovely, homey, little town. It is a great place to build a family. The school district could use some improvement, but it is on its way there!
Have lived in area for the past 3 years. Nice area, traffic is horrible. My 20 minute commute to work takes about 45 mins to an hour each way.
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