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I have lived in Revere now for four years, it has been a great overall experience. The education is very different from the past city that I used to live in. The middle schools here offer three different levels for each class. You can take regulars math, honors math, or pre-ap math in middle school.There's a bus and two train stations which makes public transportation very easy here. One thing thing that needs to be fixed is street parking, depending on what side of Revere we talk about the Parking situation is different. Shirley avenue and the area around it don't have that many drive ways, which forces them to have to park on the street. Shirley Avenue is also right next to the beach, every summer there's a sand castle festival which makes the parking situation even worse. It's a good city to live in, it's in an area that it neighbors other cities that have plenty of things to do.
For me I see Revere as a tight community. A lot of people know each other going way back. The school system is on its way up, the commute to Boston is a dream and its a seaside town which makes it pretty special given its proximity to Boston. The real estate is pretty reasonable but seems like it is well on its way to becoming out of reach. It is very desirable for many now. The crime is on the way down as the low income and rents are changing and many houses being sold off as condos. I see the community making some drastic changes toward the better. It's a bargain right now, but that won't last.
Revere is under a massive transformation. The makeup of the people is changing over night, the architecture and businesses as well. I have lived in the Boston suburbs for over 56 years and to drive down Revere Beach Ocean Drive is surreal. Everything is being knocked down and new Miami Beach looking buildings are going up with Maserati's and Mercedes pulling out of each bldg. garage. Add to that beautiful Point of Pines is filled with some old money (akin to Nahant) and professionals who refuse to move and then on the other side Lynnway is being bought up with foreign and out of state big money. This is East Boston, Charlestown all over again. Anyone with half a brain can see what's happening.
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I worked as a Revere Recreation Park Counselor. Conducted and assisted with park activities. Ensured the safety and well-being of children at the park. Communicated effectively with children.
Revere is very peaceful. More than that its a true melting pot. It represents United states pretty well. You might not beleive, people from four different nationality live under a same roof. It is a growing city. Grocery markets, restaurents, wellness centers, Mass General hospital, public schools, children's park, laundromats and the beach lie within a walking distance. It is away from chaotic downtown and still offers all the amenities. Yet, it is what it is because of its very friendly and helpful people.
I've been living in Revere, Massachusetts for about 2 years now and I have enjoyed my little town. There are many Central Americans, South Americans, and some White Americans in Revere. The main streets have Hispanic eateries, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants and the regular American industries like Dunkin Donuts and 7/11. The safety of the town in pretty good, my family hasn't experienced anything unusual or heard of anything dangerous in the neighborhood. My sister attends the Revere public schools and she enjoys the education and classes. The nightlife seems pretty quiet but it's not much of a problem since Revere is close to Boston which is where many people go for a night out. Revere is family friendly, quiet streets during the late night. The MBTA runs through Revere making it easy to run in and out of the city from Revere. Overall, I've enjoyed living in Revere, especially because of the Revere beach and beautiful atmosphere.
Revere's biggest attraction is their diverse community. However, with diversity times a clash of cultures. Although people from other cultures appreciate one another, the biggest downfall to being a low-income community would have to be the crime rate in Revere. For example, my neighbors car was stolen and the city is covered with litter in certain areas such as Shirley Ave. However, i do have to agree with the fact that Revere has one of the best high school education curriculums and programs in Massachusetts. Overall, the only thing that is detrimental to Revere is safety.
Revere has the oldest public beach in the country. Don't have to travel far to get to the beach. It is a family community. Where people don't have worry about the safety of their children and don't have far to get to the beach. You can get there by bus or car. What I like best about Revere is the Public Beach accessibility from anywhere on the NorthShore. What I like least about Revere is don't crime rate.
Not a place that you would willingly want to go to at all. It is cleaner than the other nearer suburbs of Boston like Chelsea, and it is also has good public transportation. That’s all that can be said.
I appreciate Revere for all of the resources it's provided me with, especially in school and community engagement. Revere schools are the reason I want to become a teacher some day in an urban, low-income district.
I have been a citizen in the revere Community for 10 years therefore, I met many different wonderful people, am knowledgeable of the multiple street, roads and short cuts and all the beautiful scenes. I attend Revere high school and know the teachers, as well as the students to be amazing people, always ready to help. I participate in multiple community service opportunities including the Women encouragement program as well a the food drive on Wednesday nights.
Revere is a very diverse city. During the summer revere beach is a very busy area. The beach has many ice cream and pizza shops where you can eat, which I enjoy. It can get a little dangerous but if you keep out of trouble you have nothing to worry about.
The city is great and is very diverse. It's great to be so close to Boston, while having a more peaceful setting at the same time. There definitely needs to be some improvements on the infrastructure and abandoned lots. It would be great to see more schools built as there is overcrowding.
This is home. I haven't found another community that has the same diversity and neighborhood feel. it isn't as clean as it once was but it is changing again in the right direction.
Being from Revere, I can honestly say my favorite part is everybody knowing everybody. I have so many childhood friends and growing up participating in sports, dance lessons and community events I feel a sense of pride for my city. I also got the opportunity to work alongside Mayor Dan Rizzo. This city is beautiful and I believe it is a staple in Boston.
I love that it's a coastal city but they are overbuilding on rentals and condos without brining new small business into the city. They are trying to juxtapose low income housing with high end rentals and condos and this does not work. you have to have a focus on how you want your city to be and keep that focus.
I love everything about Revere starting with Beach, the annual event that the city of revere organize for the residence and the public school system.Also, revere has a low crime rate.
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I like the community of Revere. Everyone knows everyone but there are parts of the community who recently moved in so they don't know everyone in the community. I was one of the people who moved in relatively late in my life but once I became friends with people, they acted like I have been friends with them for years. They make you feel apart of the community so easily.
It's a great location - several T stops, the beach - International Sand Castle Event during the summer! - and easy access to grocery stores and pharmacies. The area is diverse and there's construction happening everywhere, "up and coming" as people like it say. It's a great place to live that's close to the city but still a bit removed. I only wish there was a greater selection of restaurants!
I would like to see more friendly public spaces. Renovating busy streets. It has been getting better - I loved how they cleaned up the beach.
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