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Reston is a great city with a lot to offer. It is pricey but reasonable depending on your financial situation. There are many job opportunities in the area and it continues to grow with many companies moving into the area. The town center has a good variety of restaurants and some shopping, the only downfall is the parking which you have to pay for.
Reston is a gem. It great for nature lovers because there a lots of wooded bike and walking trails and lakes. But its also a live-bustling city with lots of shops, restaurants, bars and cultural activities year round. And the metro makes DC easy to get to as well.
reston is a nice place to live has many activities to do in family and friends. Lake Anne is one of my favorite place its a paceful place to spend time with anyone. if you want to take lessons of dance, performances, art, even you can explore and discover other cultures; the community reston offer several activities for all you no matter you age you always find something for you.
With its lakes, trails, open parkland and homes for every stage and style of life; Reston truly is the place to live, work, play and get involved.
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Reston is a safe, peaceful community with proper planning/zoning. Not, only that, but it is full of a wide range of friendly people. It is also an hour away from Washington DC, which is good for job opportunities.
I love living it reston. It is definitely changing a lot, but so far it is still a nice place to live in.
I've lived in Reston for twelve years now and there's honestly nothing I would change about it. I've never felt unsafe, I've had terrific experiences in school, and it's super easy to get into DC whenever I want a change of pace.
I love how there’s so much greenery and a great emphasis on community celebrations, from the local fairs to holiday parades in the town center. It’s also cool seeing all the new life coming to Reston, with new apartments and shops opening up.
Reston is a beautiful and safe town. Lots of running trails and drivers are respectful enough to stop when you need to cross.
Over a dozen public pools, shopping ng, public transportation, good schools, job opportunities, shopping, dining, medical care is ncluding hispital, fitness groups, artist opportunities, great community center
Reston is a great town in Northern Virginia and it has easy access to D.C. Unfortunately, Boston Properties is ruining Reston Town Center. Reston Town Center used to be the best place to go in Reston on weekends and it used to have a vibrant night life.
Reston was such a nice place to grow up in when I was a kid. I am only 18 so this was not that long ago. As a child, I often ran around the neighborhood with my siblings and other neighborhood kids past dark. People were always friendly and it was a nice and quiet town. Now, however, with the installation of the metro and all the new high rise buildings, there is an increase in overall population and crime. The crime rate has skyrocketed. Women are getting raped. Children are being molested by intruders, and in one case beaten to death. It is not the Reston I grew up with anymore.
There is a lot of stuff to do around Reston, Virginia. However, there is a lot of traffic. Most people that live here commute into Washington, DC.
Safe neighborhood with lots nearby. The Weihle-Reston metro stop is on the Silver line which will go straight through McLean (Tysons Corner), Arlington and into DC. Great shopping, lots of grocery options, many restaurants, very diverse, and lots of running/biking trails! Reston is near the Dulles airport but not so close that you hear planes flying overhead all hours of the night. Lots of jobs for government contracting and IT. Rest on is also very affordable considering being in the DMV area and having such great community amenities. The Reston Association keeps everything clean and has more than ten pools for you and your family in the Summer.
I have lived in Reston for about 6 years and I love living here. I have also attended the public schools. South Lakes has outstanding staff and teachers and they offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma. There are many biking and walking trails that I enjoy. Reston Town Center has a variety of places to eat from grab a quick bite to sit down and eat.
It's a nice place to live, but many places are kind of far away. A car is a must. Very nice walking and biking trails and lots of trees. Reston Town Center is nearby and has lots to see.
Town Center is great for restaurants and shopping. Housing is expensive. Safety is good, lots of parks, trails and pools.
Reston va is surrounded by section 8. Crime is everywhere and people are very poor. Almost no one in here owns a car. Reston town center is pretty much the only place in Reston that isn't ghetto.
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It was a place where if you are in the right neighborhood, you would love being there but if you choose a neighborhood that may fit your budget it may not be your dream place to live
A growing suburb right outside of Washington DC, Reston VA is a small community on the rise. Reston is unique in that it is an intentionally planned community founded in 1964 by Robert E Simon (where we get the name Reston). Being a 'planned community' means that there are many intentional communal centers, lakes, trails and windy back roads through our town. Although cost of living is high, it is not unwarranted as our public schools are routinely rated as some of the top in the nation. There is a burgeoning night life in Reston Town Center that features many great restaurants and live entertainment. With the recent construction of the DC metro's silver line and the new Reston station there is now an easy way to travel to the city. Reston is a great place to live and raise a family!
Reston is really pretty all year long, Reston Association takes good care, of the city of Reston, and the trails are great for walking your dog, biking, running, tons of amenities
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