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Overall, I really like Reno. It's a perfect sized city with lots of stores and restaurants and places for entertainment. Also, it is just a short drive to California and Lake Tahoe. The only thing I wish Reno had was more city activities. For example, I would really like it is if they did fireworks for New Years or had holiday events for the community.
Reno is a great little city with a lot of events, restaurants and fun attractions close by! Downtown Reno could use some upgrades!
I like Reno a lot, a bit rough around the edges but that makes it real.
Walking a long the river to or from downtown is a nice way to relax. You will find everything along the way, nice restaurants and many more things.
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I love how close you are to the mountains and everything there is to offer outdoors. There is always an abundance of things to do and places to go. It's close to the famous Lake Tahoe. You can participate in just about any sport around here. Whether it's skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding all in the winter. In the summer everyone is constantly outdoors. The possibilities for a good hiking trail is endless depending on what you like or your skill level. Another perk of reno is how close it is to other cities. The bay area is only about 4 hours away, Las Vegas about 6 hours. If you want to get out in the middle of no where, NV is well equipped for that. Head east of Reno and there is nothing but small towns and desert for miles, the perfect adventure for someone that likes to go off the beaten path. It's truly a beautiful area filled with a variety of desert, mountains, sagebrush, pine trees. We have a little bit of every season with something for everyone to enjoy.
Reno is a very nice city that has something for everyone. There's always plenty of fun activities to do throughout the year!
Reno is Unsafe, mass town with a drug and homeless problem. People do not know how to drive. The elementary education is worst in the nation. Most of the children cant speak English.
I like Reno a lot! I lived close to the downtown area, and close to the nightlife. It was usually quiet, but some noise on Fridays is to be expected! I lived very close to the hospital, pharmacies, malls, and UNR. Everything is pretty much within walking distance, but the cost of living is high. I pay almost $800 a month for rent and utilities.
It is a small town with a variety of events to attend. The weather is normally very comfortable so an excess of clothing isn't necessary.
This is a great place to live you have all four seasons throughout the year. You can have all four seasons in just one day. There is a lot to do around here everything is pretty close by. You have the mountains, rivers, lakes all close by and camping in many different places. There are a lot of trails that you can take to go for a good hike and the air is clear and fresh.
The cost of living needs to come down in order for ordinary Renoites to be able to thrive. The city has all the amenities you would enjoy in a large metropolitan area while, still maintaining a small town charm.
Reno has had an increase in homelessness, I would like to see more homeless shelters open up to help out those who truly need it. No one should have to sleep in the cold or stay out in the streets all day for any reason. Everyone deserves to have a place to rest and a place where they can get some nutrition.
The Reno/Tahoe area is bustling with amazing experiences. From a lively outdoor environment year round, to cute shops along the Truckee River, there is always something to do in the Biggest Little City in the World.
Reno is a nice city along the Truckee River. The casinos are a tourist attraction which invites any person intersted in losing or trying to win some money. The area is fairly quiet within a relative close proximity to major attractions like Lake Tahoe or Top Gun flight schol.
Reno is a nice mid sized city in access to outdoors. City has been gentrifying for last six years. Now home to California home prices with rural Midwest wages. Lots of job opportunities at least pre-covid but not very many professional positions or ones which offer a lot of growth.
Reno to me is a outdoor persons dream, you get every season so you get to enjoy activities for whatever you heart desires. Sunsets in Reno are the best.
Reno used to be a great place to live and raise a family. The best thing about it was it use to be affordable. Housing and rents skyrocketed when Tesla moved into the area, along with other companies, mainly distribution in USA Parkway. However pay wages did not increase. Liberal politics have increased taxes and government control. People are moving from California in droves and that's understandable, however they bring their politics with them. It's killed the "free spirit" of the West. Crime has increased drastically in the last several years too.
I have lived in Reno thirteen years and it used to be a decent place to live. Californians always looked down at it with their snobby noses, but now they're all moving here and ruining everything about it. The rent has doubled and the jobs are scarce. The Californians have moved in Reno and ruined it completely. They've also brought their politics, too. They are voting to turn Nevada into California, with the same reasons that they left CA in the first place. It used to be a red state, but in the past few years it is now basically blue. If Reno was how it used to be before California destroyed it's housing market, economy, and overall quality of living, it would be good. Californians keep coming in by the droves and the population has skyrocketed. Soon it will not have it's small city vibes.
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Reno is an up and coming. It is booming with job and career opportunities. Since this is in the high desert, one may even experience all four seasons in a single day. The sunrise and sunsets are breathtaking. Also, the cost of living is less than most areas in California and the laws are less strict. "Reno is Art Town" is how some people refer to the "Biggest-Little City" where travelers and citizen's alike may enjoy live music, art exhibits and plain-old fashioned family time in the downtown park. During the summer, there are always events going on downtown. The Rib and Chili Cook-offs, Hot August Nights, Street Vibrations and the National Air Races are just a few events one may look forward to. As for any negatives?...I haven't found anything. I hope this was helpful to anyone considering to relocate or to visit Reno, NV.
My favorite thing about Reno are all the local shops that can be found downtown, its a very local town with many forms of history that can be present throughout the layout of the city.
Reno is a great city ! There are plenty of things to do rain or shine , summer or winter!! Great place to live !! I would like the price of rent to change though! Prices are way too high for what the jobs are paying !
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