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Rendon is a small town between Burleson and Fort Worth. It has a country feel but is close to shopping in Burleson, Crowley, Fort Worth, and Mansfield. The schools are excellent, and the air is cleaner. It is easy to find a home with acreage.
The restaurants are great. There are a lot of options for food. The people are sometimes pushy, but it happens when there is always something you can do. There a lot of attractions all around with a lot of things to do for families or dates or anything.
The nature and outdoors in the area are great and easily accessible. There are an abundance of outdoor activities that can be accessed with ease.
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The overall health in the community is okay and many people exercise regularly. There is alcohol and drug abuse that shows up causing problems in the society that I call home.
I feel very safe in the area. The police respond to all calls very quickly and actively. The only crime that worries me in the area is bullying, in the community there is quite a bit of bullying that occurs at the schools. I rarely see the neighborhood watch being active at anytime.
The housing here for the most part is very nice and affordable.
Most of the time the weather is very nice. But there have been many occasions where the weather is very unpredictable.
The job employment here is decent at hiring people that are in dire need of a job as long as they meet the qualifications needed for the job. The start out payment for most jobs in the area are quite high and acceptable for many people. Though the area around me does not have many job offerings that i wish to pursue the working environments are still great.
In the county, you may find several very nice houses in an area and then only a mile down the road, find mobile homes that are quite unkempt. It comes with the territory. I live, fortunately, in a nicer part of my particular street.
In the county, you don't have as many public services obviously. Sidewalks are nonexistent as are street lights. When roads become damaged, it takes longer to repair. We have to pay independently for trash service. This is not considered a public service in my area. County sheriffs are always prompt when we need them however. So are the local fire and emergency departments.
I live in the county. The houses out here look out for another. There's a constant police presence in the form of local sheriff patrol cars and city of fort worth patrol cars.
The weather is Texas is finicky. In the winter months you can expect temperatures between 30-75. In the Spring, 40-80. In the fall, 60-90. In the summer 80-105.

I prefer hotter weather so the months of May-October are preferable to me.
The job opportunities in my area are limited to automotive shops, mom/pop shops, convenience stores and fast food chains. None of which are my specialty.
I live in a very rural area. To get to the "nicer" chain restaurants, I have to drive approximately 10 miles. When I reach the more urban area, there is plenty to choose from as far as eateries and establishments with alcohol. I am only aware of 1 or 2 nightlife options and they are not establishments I would occupy because in my opinion, they are not my type of clientele. I have to drive even further, probably 20 miles, to get to nightlife options I'm accustomed to.
Lots of smaller mom/pop stores within a 5 mile radius. Have to driver further out for bigger chain stores and restaurants. I am in a very rural area so there is a lot of land and not a lot of businesses. What we do have is acceptable. I am used to having to drive further for certain necessities.
They are almost always building new houses
There are a lot of mom-and-pop owned restaurants that serve great food
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There are a lot of mom-and-pop restaurants because it is a small town
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