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Rehoboth is a great family oriented vacation spot. Fabulous restaurants, the beach, the boardwalk, Funland, great bars, the list goes on! Rehoboth has it all. Everything is relatively close once you're in town and the Jolly Trolly makes transportation easy.
Not too bad during the winter, but during the summer, it gets so crowded with tourists, I don't even want to live here anymore.
It’s a great town with many wonderful shops and restaurants. If you’re looking for great sushi, The Cultured Pearl is an amazing restaurant voted Best of Delaware 25 years in a row. There are great beaches as well, and best of all, no tax.
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I love the beach. Once you get sand in your shows it's hard to move. People are friendly and we have a wide diversity of people that live here. Years ago not much happened around here after labor day but now there are so many off season activities all the time. The down side to that is that there is more traffic around here in the off season. I love living near the beach, even if there is traffic I can choose to either fight the traffic or not. Because I live here I can either go out & enjoy where I live now or later.
There is a little bit of everything for everyone. The location of Rehoboth is my favorite part because we are on the water.
I love the family friendly atmosphere and the beach surroundings. The only thing I would change would be to have more nightlife entertainment for younger people.
Rehoboth Beach is a beach resort town that in the winter is quiet and peaceful. During the summer months many tourist come and bring their energy to this town. Concerts, parades, beach activities as well as shopping at outlet centers brings people from many states to this location. Fun is what Rehoboth Beach is to most people and I love living here.
As a local young man who had been raised in this area I have always loved spending my free time here. The community is great! The Food is phenomenal! The people are friendly! Every time I got to visit my family out of Delaware, I'm always telling them how they have to come visit Rehoboth Beach for the great experience that it is!
This town is located on the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Delaware Bay. There are parades, community events as well as outlets for great shopping. The people are friendly and give this town a home town feel. From small shops to local seafood restaurants, there is plenty to enjoy in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The one thing I would change is better traffic patterns during the summer months when it gets busy on Route 1.
Rehoboth is very welcoming and family friendly! The area is laid back and unpretentious. There is a variety of food and services available throughout the town at reasonable prices! The weather is calm and cool most of the year. You can experience the most beautiful sunsets. There is a fun little bar for locals and business travelers alike The Pond is a fun little bar offering delicious Tacos and fun games encouraging their patrons to interact. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about their town.
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