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Redwood City is a great town to live in. It is a very family friendly town, the school district here is great and the general community is very welcoming. The community has a lot of events such as local concerts and parades. Our downtown is a great spot as well to hang out with friends and eat good food. I personally would like to raise my own future family here one day because the experience I have had growing up has been so positive. If I could change one thing about the town it would be the cost of rent. In recent years it has been very hard to afford to live here for many because the rent continues to increase. Many people are working very hard to survive in this beloved city because it is a great community to live in. If rent went down, it would take a huge burden off of many of our inhabitants.
I have lived in Redwood City for 17 years. I like the people that I live by and are very friendly. Downtown has been growing. Plenty of restaurants and movie theater.
I was born and raised in Redwood City. I have lived here my whole entire life. I have enjoyed living it.
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It is a nice place to live. It can be accommodating to many different people who have different budgets especially when it comes to housing. It has a busy downtown area with many shops and restaurants. It's a nice place to live as a family, couple, and even as a single person.
I’ve lived in Redwood City my whole life and I’ve always loved it. It has generally been a medium-sized town throughout my life but has recently been expanding. It has really great schools and a community college nearby to attend, as well as it is a 15 minute drive to Stanford. It is midway from SF and San Jose so it is in a perfect location driving distance to everywhere in the bay. It is voted as the city with the best weather. The only con is that living expenses has skyrocketed so you need to have a lot of money to live here. Also, the city is expanding which sucks because now downtown is filled with apartment complexes that seeing fireworks in downtown gets harder every year with construction. Also, with a lot of new people moving here, there is so many changes to traffic patterns, school systems, etc. It is a good alternative to crowded cities like San Francisco though.
Redwood City has excellent weather and is right in the middle of the peninsula between San Francisco and San Jose. It is extremely expensive to live here though and those of us who do not work in the tech industry or high paying jobs are being pushed out and forced to leave or risk homelessness. The people who can do something about this choose to turn a blind eye and pretend it isn’t happening.
Growing up and still living in Redwood Shores, one of the more peaceful and beautiful areas of Redwood City, has been one of the great blessings of my life. The town is very family-friendly and safe, making it a popular place to raise children. There are two elementary schools, 5 public parks, and countless gorgeous views of the lagoons and channels that run across our waterfront community. There is also a library, restaurants, grocery store, electronics store, athletic club, and everything you need, all within a very short distance of each other. If you are looking for more action, then just go to the downtown district of Redwood City, which is only about 7 minutes from Redwood Shores. Here there is a movie theater, museums, shopping centers, and free concerts/events at Courthouse Square every night. A truly amazing place to grow up and live in!
Redwood City is a beautiful and diverse community that offers many activities and hobbies for all demographics.
I'm currently 20 years old and grew up in this town. I've had great experiences and as a kid found downtown redwood city to be the area to have fun. Now that time has passed the development of the town is crazy with apartments on every corner. Its both good and bad as new people are able to come into town but at the same time the traffic as gotten really extreme. I wish to live here once I am finished with my education but overall I've had a great experience so far.
Redwood City has some good restaurants. However, I often find myself traveling to Palo Alto or Burlingame for nicer places. I like how there are always community events such as holiday celebrations/parades and summer activities. It seems to be getting more popular as the tech industry keeps growing (more offices, apartments, and traffic).
Good, has what you would percive an average city but has additional things great business, nightlife, and human interactions.
It's a nice town. There a lot of nice people and good places around. I lived here for most of my life and got the opportunity to attend some of their schools. I like how there is a lot of diversity in the town and people seem to accept other people's opinions and beliefs.
It can be pretty expensive since it's located in the Bay Area, but it's a pretty chill town to live in.
The neighborhood and its community are welcoming and understanding that living on the peninsula is not an easy feat for young working class people. With scenic nature parks and yearlong 72 degree weather, Redwood offers an easy escape from the office.
Redwood City is a very fun city with various stuff to do on your free time. But over the years it has been getting very crowdy with people due to being in the peninsula and having businesses like facebook,google, instagram, etc... All this is causing a lot of traffic which is also causing air pollution which is not good for our environment.
Overall Redwood City is a good place to live in. Redwood City's various parks and neighborhoods make it extremely family friendly. The growing down town area makes it a place where various activities take place from music in the square to the different army of bars and restaurants. It is one of the most up and coming cities on the peninsula
Close to transportation and downtown. Good restaurants but could use more shops. Excellent weather.
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Fast growing city with lots to eat and enjoy all around the area. Parking is becoming hard to find with the sudden rush of apartment buildings but still possible.
I really like that is small and everything is so close. People are friendly and pet-friendly. Something I would change would be the rent prices.
I have been living in Redwood City, CA since 2017. I am a student and I' ve been attending Cañada College, the local community college. I have enjoyed living in this area, and I especially love the view from Emerald Hills. This place is a great place to live if you have a family.
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