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Redmond is a nice city with a variety of activities to participate in. It's very active in supporting bicycling as a method of transport. Redmond recently remodeled its downtown park, which now serves as a great hangout spot for teens and adults alike. There's a lovely coffee shop called Five Stones Coffee; its a modern and trendy spot to enjoy a latte. Redmond is also home to some diverse restaurants. It offers Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Hawaiian, and Italian food. The Bicycle Capital of the Northwest is the perfect place to explore on bike, enjoy nature, and have a night out.
Beautiful town, very safe, but also very expensive. Not great if you want to do anything after 7pm, since all the stores close. Great for walking and biking, and has excellent schools.
Overall, Redmond is friendly, safe, efficient, and beautiful. I moved from the Midwest and do not plan on returning! My neighbors are kind to others in times of need. I feel safe in the area wherever I go and the commute to Seattle is very easy. The town also has gorgeous scenery and nature locations.
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I feel incredibly safe here. Police are well-trained and always nearby. It's a great community for all ages with everything you could need nearby. Lots of good job opportunities for all ages and plenty of housing. Can be pretty expensive, but it's a great place to be.
I love living in Redmond. It has a lot to offer in terms of stores, restaurants, jobs and more. Although it can cost a little more to live here, it is worth it. It has great neighborhoods, good schools (if you have kids), parks, walking trails and it has a lot to offer.
We are a multi-racial family. We feel very comfortable here. Lots to do and clean! Many renovations happening DT. Traffic gets congested. It's expensive but location is awesome. Can be tough to get in for dinner on weekends. Good schools.
Friendly neighborhood, many diverse dining options for everyone missing home, like Hawaii, and Florida
Redmond is a welcoming and diverse town, however there are not many available activities like are seen in neighboring cities such as Kirkland.
Redmond is a great area to grow up in. The schools here are excellent, and parks like Hartman and Marymoor provide many recreational and social opportunities. There are lots of tech companies here, and the growth of these companies has spurred a lot of growth in the city itself.
I love living in Redmond. There are a lot of beautiful parks all over town. There are plenty of walking trails and places to take the kids to play.
Redmond, Washington is a great place to live. It is family friendly, and there is a lot of diversity here. I have lived in Redmond for my whole life and I consider myself lucky because I have gotten to experience many different cultures and went to great schools in the area. In my neighborhood especially, there is a great sense of community and we all go out and help others in the neighborhood and have block parties. The housing prices are really high here, though it is a good area to raise children in. Redmond is also a convenient place to live because it is close to other cities like Bellevue and Kirkland, and it does not take very long to get to Seattle.
Redmond, Washington is a fantastic place to live! Whether you are a working individual, growing family, or a senior citizen, Redmond has something for everyone. Known as the Bicycle Capital of the Northwest, Redmond hosts a flourishing array of cyclists and a growing alternative transportation population. Redmond, Washington has all the convenience of a large city with a small town feel. With stunning views of the Cascade mountains, a true sense of community, and giant parks to take it all in, it's a place where you'll feel like you've got it all. Stop by and see what this robust eastside city is all about!
Redmond is much bigger than you think it is! There is a lot to do down town and plenty of nearby parks.
What I love about Redmond is the diversity. People here come from different walks of life and because of that, they are a very open minded community. It is a very safe and clean neighborhood and I have learned so much about the people who live here. Redmond is an amazing place to live
Redmond is an awesome suburb of Seattle. Just 20-30 minutes away from everything! Great little town center with awesome, hip, young vibe. Very diverse. Microsoft, Amazon, Nintendo, etc are all big local companies that bring in a lot of jobs and new people. Housing is very competitive and expensive though!
Redmond is a great Washington town. If you like to be in a safe and more home feeling town close to the city this is the best place for it. There are many places to explore and a wonderful town center that is well maintained throughout the year.
I love Redmond. It is an amazing and calm place to live in. It is safe but also lively at the same time! Schools are great, especially the IB schools and job opportunities are plentiful enough!
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Redmond has been an epicenter for people to come together and connect, and has grown immensely in the past few years with the development of Microsoft HQ. My favorite place in Redmond is the park, whether it's Marymoor or Grasslawn. I go with friends, family, or just by myself. It is relaxing and beautiful.
I like the ambiance where there is a small time feel while still keeping up with the times and modernizing itself. I don't like all of the construction going on currently.
It is a very pleasant city and very safe. There are also a lot of jobs because Microsoft is headquartered there. There are lots of parks and beautiful greenery as well. Overall, Redmond is a great suburban area to live and go to school.
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