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Its a great suburbed area with a small town feel. Not too much to do, but lots of hiking and cute coffee shops.
Redlands sits in an ideal location. The mountains, the desert, and the beaches are all accessible in about one hour. In addition, schools, churches, and medical facilities are plenty to choose from. However, there is an increase in buildings and residential housing which has, unfortunately, taken much of what used to be green spaces.
I have grown up in Redlands and truthfully not change a thing. Redlands is an excellent town filled with people and families who truly have a heart for their community. With our traditional cobblestone curbs and orange grove lined streets, we remain a town full of history, love and overall good vibes. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
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Redlands CA is a wonderful town to live in, there are so many things to do and so many places to go. It’s a very peaceful and friendly environment and a very safe town. The local businesses give the town a homey and friendly vibe and everyone is welcome. Downtown Redlands has a market night plus gorgeous shopping centers that have a vintage charm and amazing food establishments. Redlands is very diverse in demographics and everyone is welcomed. The police are very involved in the community and do not play around, they are committed to their work and establish a great sense of security in this small charming town. Anywhere you go there are tons of orange groves, it’s gorgeous, and the scent is amazing. The town is gorgeous, with a Mountain View on one side and canyons on the other. All in all it’s a beautiful and friendly town and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to pay a visit or even wanting to reside.
I love the town and the old fashion feel of downtown Redlands. I love most of the people here, give or take a few. I do not like the heat in the area during the summer at all.
Redlands is a large, diverse town and has many activities and opportunities for the community to take part in.
I wish the city was more affordable, but rent is high everywhere in California. The city is very safe and quiet and it is a very good place to raise a family. Lots of shopping centers as well and all grocery store are centrally located
I love Redlands. I grew up here, so I may be seen as biased, but it's a great city. Downtown Redlands has great mom and pop shops, amazing restaurants, cafes, and so on. They have a shop for everyone, for all different interests. Even though it seems fairly small, there's a lot of things to do. Housing is fairly expensive however in some areas, so that's a downside.
The new public school citrus valley high school is a great place to learn. They are currently added a lot more to Redlands to hopefully make it a nicer and cleaner community. At the moment, there are a lot of homeless and have their fair share of older neighborhoods that could be redone.
Redlands California is a wonderful town. Downtown is a great place to be. All kinds of food places are there as well as clothing stores. There also are an antique store and a thrift store. A lot of cool places to hang out and enjoy brunch and dinner or go have a walk with friends. every Thursday downtown Redlands holds market night. Market Night is hosted with a variety of food vendors, small sellers, and farm growers as well as live performances. A great place to bring family and friends and have a great night out. Redlands is full of magnificent scenery from the houses to local parks. Prospect park a local park that is open to the public is a great place to go on a run or hang out with friends. In prospect park. The schools are great in particular Rhs, Redlands HIsh School. the oldest high school in its original spot in California. Rhs has an amazing staff and is such a great school. The little town of Redlands has so much to offer
I have lived in Redlands all my life and I can truly say it is a very unique city where you can find almost everything and there is always something to do downtown. Very cute city with a ton of history!
Redlands is a growing town. Each year new stores, restaurants, and entertainment is being added. It is a nice town with a lot of historic landmarks. Redlands is known for its orange groves. Coffee shops, gyms, and restaurants are a common sight in Redlands. The town has a lot to offer.
Such a beautiful historic, old town. The city is surrounded by many trees and stunning views of nature. A great farmers market every Thursday! Many cool and unique local businesses. Very quiet and peaceful at night time.
very welcoming and warm environment. This is a place that anyone can walk around town and see beautiful history of the town. Also while having the ability to stop at a local restaurants and shops in downtown. A beautiful town that anyone would love and enjoy the location because it is close enough to major cities to make a day trip with your family.
Redlands is a beautiful city with a rich heritage and a history that goes back centuries. There are many beautiful modern and traditional houses. The University of Redlands and Redlands High School are nice. Every thursday, downtown Redlands hosts its Market Night with the streets full of vendors, music, food, and fun. The Redlands Bowl is the only bowl in SoCal apart from the Hollywood Rose Bowl. Prospect Park, the missions, the churches, and the Kimberly Crest Mansion are beautiful. Not to mention, in spring, Redlands hosts its famous Redlands Bicycle Classics. Redlands is a very ethnically diverse city too.
Redlands is a very community-centered community. There are a ton of different events going on from weekly market night, farmers market, and family events.
Redlands is cool, lots of people here, mainly white folk. It's a pretty area with decent amount of stuff to do.
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I like the familiarity of the area. also has a nice shopping area. traffic is not bad as well. The schools are challenging and bring the best out of students. Local community is very close and has lots of benefits.
Redlands is a very warm small city with several festivals, activities, and parades throughout the year. It is somewhat expensive, especially downtown Redlands, but it is very fun to go around with friends, especially at the weekly night market.
Redlands is a hub for entertainment and food which makes it the center of most activities for residents of both Redlands and nearby towns. From providing some of the best education in the region to holding a market night within its restaurant-lined State Street, this town manages to be the go to destination for almost every social gathering for carefree kids and overworked adults alike.
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