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Redfield is known as "The Pheasant Capitol of the World". So that is about the only attraction our area brings to people. Some other popular activities our community has to offer is lake activities. We have lakes all around our area, so if you love the outdoors then our town is a place to visit!
We have great police in our area. They are there whenever we need them, and they are very understanding people. Our crime rate is very low. We live in a small community where everyone knows everyone, and mostly everyone gets along. Yes, we do have some problems, but it is nothing to be concerned about.
South Dakota is well known for their bad winters. So I would say this area, just like most areas in South Dakota are affected each winter by blizzards. We always have a handful of snow days, and sometimes it can even cause our local businesses to be closed for the day.
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Recently Redfield has been having difficulty keeping resturants/bars opened. We only have 2 places where you can get a beer and a steak. We only have about 3 bars total in the area. If kids who are newly 21 want to go out dancing or clubbing they have to drive at least 45 minutes just to go out on the town for the night.
Redfield is well known for being the home of The South Dakota Developmental Center. They are currently slacking in the employment department. They even have upped the wage to get people to apply. They have radio ads, tv commercials, and many more things to get their name out there to create interest to people to work out there. I currently work there and think that it is a great and rewarding job.
Redfield is full of gas stations, we actually have more gas stations than we do stores. Our gas station workers are very friendly, and there is always a group of older men that go to one of gas stations every morning for their "morning coffee group". Also we have on of the best mom and pop restaurants I have ever been to. It is called Leo's, and they have all kinds of food to choose from. They also have a salad bar inside a bank vault, how cool is that?! I have never been disappointed when I go there to get a good meal.
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