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It is a nice area to stay in. My neighbors are friendly and I stay in a good school district. The HOA in my neighborhood isn't too bad, which is a good thing.
There are a few jobs available in the area, but not many.
There are many fast food places, but they can get old fast.
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There are a variety of stores in the area, with many locally owned businesses.
there are a lot of job opportunities in this area for all areas of education
Haughton has nice neighborhoods with higher end new properties and also lots of mobile home parks and a couple of apartment complex but is considered mostly out of city limits. Nearby Bossier has less mobile homes and lots of older and newer neighborhoods but is city limits. Shreveport has more inner city areas but still some of older neighborhoods are holding their property values and lower crime rates.
We live within 5 miles of bossier city and 15 miles of shreveport La. Both have all the retail shops and hardware stores needed.

Haughton itself has good grocery stores and lots of dollar or convenience stores
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