2017 Most Diverse Suburbs in America

Explore the most diverse suburbs in the U.S. based on ethnic and economic diversity statistics from the U.S. Census.

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  1. 1


    • City in California
    • 209 reviews
    Current Resident:I love the old architecture and how friendly everybody is! You can't walk down the street or into the grocery store without someone stopping to say hi and ask you about your day. It is very quaint and charming and feels old fashioned because everyone walks slow and takes their time. There are beautiful hiking trails with views of the bay, and a convenient ferry service to San Francisco and other parts of the Bay Area. I also highly recommend thrift shopping here because there are lots of independent thrift stores owned by wonderful people with great prices. The Bay Area rappers like E40 and Nef the Pharoah are from Vallejo, and they are famous for creating iconic Bay Area words like "hella" and "hyphy". Vallejo is a charming hidden secret of the Bay Area that will hopefully stay a quaint working class haven because commuters don't want to move here and pay the extra bridge toll to get here.
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  2. 2


    • Suburb of Seattle, WA
    • 75 reviews
    Current Resident:Since moving to Tukwila I have heard a lot of mixed reviews. One thing noticeable is the diversity in culture here. African, Europeans, Hispanic & Latin cultures flood the sidewalks, school buses and local shops in the area. Before moving here I had a look at the local crime rate, just to be sure I'm moving to the right place, and I was surprised that this small suburb is actually ranked number 1 in crime rate across the whole of the United States! Mind you, this new fact didn't affect the way I live or my moving situation. I figured everywhere to some degree is dangerous, whether your galavanting through city or getting lost in the countryside, everywhere has its level of danger and crime. However, if you're educated about what situations you're getting into and how to manage yourself in those certain situations, then a websites review about the crime shouldn't influence your choice of living.
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  3. 3


    • Suburb of Sacramento, CA
    • 42 reviews
    Current Resident:I love the diversity around here; everyone is just family. What is racism in this neighborhood? Simply does not exist! However, poverty is a huge issue among our residents. Break-ins are a totally common occurrence. I hope to see an improvement in security in our neighborhood.
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  4. 4


    • Suburb of San Francisco, CA
    • 15 reviews
    Current Resident:Rodeo is a very small refinery town. I love the quiet and everyone knowing everyone. Improvement - more local businesses like a pharmacy, a general store, a beauty salon
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  5. 5

    Jersey City

    • City in New Jersey
    • 63 reviews
    Current Resident:I love how diverse Jersey City, New Jersey is. I grew up in the heights section of the city in a safe neighborhood. People in the neighborhood are very friendly, and keep an eye out for one another. What I love most is how convenient it is to leave my house and take a walk to the store or walk to the path station so I can travel into New York City. The parks in the neighborhoods were recently refurbished so children and future generations can enjoy such luxuries. I'm proud of my city!
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  6. 6


    • Suburb of San Francisco, CA
    • 67 reviews
    Current Resident:Pinole is a quiet and safe town. Everyone is kind and respectful of one another. THe best part is that there are so many plazas in Pinole. There's one in downtown Pinole, one near Kaiser Permanente, and one near Pinole Valley High. Pinole has everything you could need.
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  7. 7

    Signal Hill

    • Suburb of Los Angeles, CA
    • 5 reviews
    Niche User:Its nice, I like the city a lot, has good women, lots of good food, places to go and do things, nice weather, gym is close by, basketball is close by, bars and pugs are close by, parks are nice and close by.
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  8. 8

    San Leandro

    • Town in California
    • 31 reviews
    Current Resident:Small town in the east bay area that has a diverse blend of individuals. Great place to own a family home. Many different school choices for children in generally safe neighborhoods. Parks, libraries, recreational activities for children and adults in Washington Manor. Children activities include day camp, baseball, football and soccer leagues, bowling and local arcade. Adult recreation activities include local breweries, bars, and events taking place year round. Local farmers markets take place in various locations throughout San Leandro on a weekly basis. Variety of restaurants to choose from all within the same mile radius. Friendly neighbors and safe environment.
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  9. 9

    West Carson

    • Suburb of Los Angeles, CA
    • 13 reviews
    Niche User:All of my neighbors are very friendly and helpful. We have created tight bonds.
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  10. 10


    • Suburb in Maryland
    • 164 reviews
    Visitor:Germantown is a great place to stay. For those people who want a relatively quiet, safe and clean neighborhood with remarkable diversity and great public schools, Germantown is the place for you!
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  11. 11


    • Suburb of Houston, TX
    • 41 reviews
    Current Resident:I've been living in Stafford since I was 2 years old, and I absolutely love it! I was apart of the Stafford Municipal School District from Kindergarten all the way thru 12th grade. We are our own district so there are no property taxes and we've had the same mayor since the 70s (so he's obviously a favorite). Stafford is large but quiet. I'd recommend anyone to move there.
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  12. 12


    • Suburb of Atlanta, GA
    • 47 reviews
    Niche User:Good, middle-class suburban experience. Diversity can make it seem lower than middle-class sometimes. Nearby cities demonstrate a bit of a discrepancy in terms of SES.

    Schools have AP classes and sports.

    Hispanic and Asian (Korean and Chinese) churches are in nearby cities (less than 15 min from where I live).

    So many diverse stores and restaurants. Vietnamese, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Jamaican (more questionable), and more are all nearby. There's also a farmer's market with cheap groceries and many international options.
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  13. 13

    Loma Linda

    • Suburb of Los Angeles, CA
    • 58 reviews
    Current Resident:I have lived in Loma Linda and in the same house my entire life. The commute to everything here (mountains, malls, grocery stores, etc.) is very convenient. It's a small city, everyone is so close by, and you're bound to meet a familiar face around where you are. Only downside, there is no night life. Basically the whole community is Seventh-Day Adventist and they believe in abstinence of any alcohol. Besides that however, I believe it's a great place to live and grow.
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  14. 14

    Marin City

    • Suburb of San Francisco, CA
    • 1 review
  15. 15


    • Suburb of San Francisco, CA
    • 95 reviews
    Current Resident:I've lived in Pittsburg my whole life so far and i love it. I'm 17 years old , Pittsburg is a beautiful city and there's people all over the place. We have multiple parks in separated areas. We have multiple middle schools and elementary schools. Unfortunately, there is only one Highschool so it gets extremely crowded and irritating (Say goodbye to your personal space). The people here are extremely friendly. At night i wouldn't let your children out by themselves because in certain areas it's kind of sketchy . Our city is extremely diverse. We have every shade and size . We also recently just added a gym called Planet Fitness it's really great. I would consider living here!
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  16. 16


    • Suburb of San Francisco, CA
    • 184 reviews
    Current Resident:There are worse places to live outside of Antioch, California. The city has its fair share of Section 8 housing (stereotypical visions of unkempt lawns and dilapidated homes). Holidays like the Fourth of July and New Year’s seldom go by without sounds of gunshots ringing along with illegal fireworks. However, there are pockets of neighborhoods that cling to the idea of wholesome values. Neighbors who lookout for each other, people pick up trash off the streets, whether outside their home or not. I would like to see a revitalization of local government. My mother built a park in the downtown area of Antioch. My father help set up the playground and my little sister's hand-print was painted on the jungle-gym. A few years ago, some bored teenagers decided that it would be fun to set the playground on fire. I think there should be a focus to encourage community involvement and youth activities. Shaping up youth upbringing is going to help build Antioch into a stronger, safer community.
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  17. 17

    Elk Grove

    • Suburb of Sacramento, CA
    • 427 reviews
    Current Resident:I love living in Elk Grove! There are a ton of shopping centers, places to go out and eat, and movie theaters as well. The housing is fairly cheap for how new the houses are, and I heard the school district is great (however, I do not have personal experience with the school district, this is just what I hear).

    Elk Grove is a safe community, where all of the neighbors are friendly and helpful. The area has a lot of parks with playgrounds for children to play on, as well as walking paths for the parents. While Elk Grove is great for families, there isn't much nightlife and is not very suitable for young adults looking for excitement or drinks.
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  18. 18


    • Suburb of San Francisco, CA
    • 3 reviews
  19. 19

    Montgomery Village

    • Suburb in Maryland
    • 74 reviews
    Current Resident:It's great! There is one or two areas that are a bit scarier to live, but otherwise it's an amazing place to reside. There are great facilities and community centers. Many people are involved in community activities. There are many opportunities to volunteer. Overall, great place.
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  20. 20


    • Suburb of San Francisco, CA
    • 145 reviews
    Niche User:Richmond, Ca is not a pleasant environment but I lived here my whole entire life. As days go by, I can see the improvement of this area. The crime rates are decreasing, there are new construction roads, alot of job openings, and new buildings. I participated in alot of volunteer work and community service around this area. In the future, I hope to see more improvements and less poverty. I hope to see low income families receive all the benefits and support. Most importantly, I hope to see youths being invested into school and educational programs.
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  21. 21


    • Suburb in Virginia
    • 25 reviews
    Current Resident:I love living in Lorton. The thing i like most about this city is the people. Wherever you go in this city, people are very helpful and down to earth. Sure there will be a couple of jerks but mostly no matter where you go people will always be kind and generous.
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  22. 22


    • Suburb in New Jersey
    • 37 reviews
    Current Resident:Englewood is a very diverse town with a lot to offer. Many different religions, ethnicities and cultures rolled into a subrurb. The downtown area offers many restaurants, shops and recreational opportunities to meet anyone's needs. I was born here, moved away for a while and returned for my high school years. I have enjoyed being close to my family and friends here and just a short ride to New York City. I will always have ties to Englewood wherever my future takes me.
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  23. 23

    Dale City

    • Suburb in Virginia
    • 166 reviews
    Current Resident:Suburb is one word to describe Dale City, but hundreds of words can describe this place. The Prince William County Schools found near Dale City offer exceptional education from my experience as a student through elementary, middle, and high school. It is also very safe. The police are often available and there seems to be mutual respect between the people and the authorities. Additionally, volunteer fire stations can be encountered within minutes of entering Dale City. In terms of recreation, Dale City has many things to do: fitness centers, bowling, skating, martial arts, libraries, park, and decent restaurants just to name a few. Don't worry, traffic is reasonable. One of my favorite things here is the weekly Farmer's Market that forms every Sunday in the commuter lot off of Dale Blvd. If you enjoy a quiet and calm setting, Dale City is the place for you.
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  24. 24


    • Town in Maryland
    • 95 reviews
    Current Resident:Having lived In Gaithersburg for 33 years I feel very comfortable in this busy yet crime free edge city to Washington, D.C. It is a wonderful place to raise children; the schools are up to the high Montgomery County academic standards and there are plenty of fun and educational extra-curricular activities in which children of all ages can participate. Transportation is easy, with well planned roads and an excellent bus system available. Beautiful parks, a wide variety of delicious and affordable restaurants, and several top-of-the-line movie theaters make Gaithersburg an easy place to find good safe family fun and entertainment all year round. It is well maintained, with clean streets and sidewalks and many neighborhoods with large shady trees overshadowing well made middle and upper class homes. An extremely nice friendly place to settle down and raise a family! Give Gaithersburg a try.... You won't be disappointed!
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  25. 25

    North Brunswick Township

    • Suburb in New Jersey
    • 59 reviews
    Works Here:Great High School, better staff! One teacher that leads by example is Laura Pendleton. Shows great compassion for her students! If all teachers showed the same care for the profession, North Brunswick would be close to an utopian society.
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