2017 Best Suburbs to Live in Texas

Explore the best suburbs to live in the U.S. based on crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, CDC, and other sources.

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    • Suburb of Austin, TX
  2. 2

    Cinco Ranch

    • Suburb of Houston, TX
    • 63 reviews
    Niche User:It is a very safe and friendly place to live. I do not worry too much for myself and my personal belongings. The people surrounding are incredible. My neighbors are kind, quiet, and helpful. I would not mind living here again. It has amazing schooling opportunities and is a wonderful place to raise a family. Overall, this area ranks highly compared to other places. I see growth in this area with people and businesses.
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  3. 3


    • Suburb of Houston, TX
    • 17 reviews
    Current Resident:I love how there are still areas of trees left from the original land. Also, unrelated, I remember the traffic getting out of Greatwood in the morning used to be awful but recently a police officer has been blocking off the turn lane in the morning so there's little to no backup at all anymore. I think I speak for all morning commuters when I say I'm extremely thankful for that!
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    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 120 reviews
    Current Resident:Coppell is a very family friendly and safe city in the suburbs of Dallas, TX. The school district here is phenomenal and the environment is truly great. Coppell is a very environmentally friendly city. The whole community promotes recycling, volunteering, and fundraising. Healthy living is very big in Coppell, many people start off their mornings with group workouts, school sports, or just a trip to the local gym. Coppell offers so many jo opportunities, from restaurants to beauty, to the local gym, and so much more! I love how Coppell is not too big. I know where everything is, and it is not hard to find anything here. Everyone is friendly, and anyone can live here comfortably. We also have citywide events often in an attempt to bring our community closer together. Coppell is truly a comfortable and safe city to live in, and it is only a 20 minute drive away from Dallas!
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    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 318 reviews
    Current Resident:It's a well known fact that a large number of people move to Frisco, TX for it's unparalleled school district, Frisco ISD. The small school model (9 high schools for the surrounding neighborhoods, rather than 1 or 2 for the whole city, like in most areas) allows for endless leadership possibilities and extracurricular involvement. While individuals were still affected, Frisco as a whole was largely untouched by the great recession and continued growing rapidly.The addition of The Star (Dallas Cowboys' World HQ), National Soccer Hall of Fame, and the $5 Billion Dollar Mile has definitely put Frisco on the map. Frisco offers a little something for everyone!
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    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 293 reviews
    Current Resident:Plenty of restaurants, shopping and great schools, including Lovejoy High School and Allen High School. We also have the Allen Event Center which brings sporting, events, concerts, and live performances. There is no reason to venture out of Allen, Texas, as we have it all right here in our city!
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    The Woodlands

    • City in Texas
    • 232 reviews
    Current Resident:The Woodlands really is a wonderful place to live! I love that everything is surrounded by trees. I have to wake up early, so going outside on crisp mornings always gives me a sense of freshness. The people here are really friendly, and you can feel like a part of the community just by going on a walk. I also like the fact that we have Trader Joe's and HEB for fresh produce whenever we want, which is incredibly useful. Furthermore, The Woodlands Mall and Waterway are great places to hang out and have fun. All in all, I love The Woodlands
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  8. 8


    • City in Texas
    • 500 reviews
    Current Resident:Plano is a wonderful city for families of all sizes. After living in Arlington, Irving and traversing the north Texas metroplex, I have seen much excitement over opportunity here in our state- though no city's inhabitants are as excited as Plano's. This city is a land of opportunity and growth; a gem in education and experience; the most enthralling part to all this: the city is still expanding rapidly. If you are looking for a safe, family-friendly, connected, neo-industrial, diverse, beautiful city, then Plano is your best option. Trust me, after 16 years in this area, I have seen swarms of people moving in from all over the country- Chicago, Washington, Denver, New York- so my advice to you is: do not get left behind!
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  9. 9

    Sugar Land

    • Town in Texas
    • 191 reviews
    Current Resident:I moved to Sugar Land with my parents in 1972 - at that time it had 5,000 residents. It was a great place to grow up in. Since then my parents have continued to live here (45 years) and I have moved back with my family to live close by. Sugar Land has grown considerably (up to about 85,000 now) but the growth has been beautifully managed. The city is bustling but quite navigable. There is incredible diversity in the population bringing all types of opportunities for personal growth and cultural awareness. It is a very safe place to live and a location with a lot of conveniences - available shopping, entertainment and great parks. Commuting into Houston brings challenges, depending on your destination and times - but all major cities have traffic issues. Coming home to Sugar Land is always a great relief! The school district (Fort Bend ISD) served me well when I was a participant and continues its excellence to this day.
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  10. 10

    West Lake Hills

    • Suburb of Austin, TX
    • 1 review
    Current Resident:I like the activities and options nearby, as well as the people. I would like to see more Pocky (ect.) nearby, or an asian grocery store.
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    Brushy Creek

    • Suburb of Austin, TX
    • 31 reviews
    Niche User:I've lived here for years. The city itself is very nice. Although the state is conservative, the county is very moderate, with liberal leanings, which is a good thing. The city is a suburb of Austin, TX and is very near. I live near public transit which takes me to downtown Austin. However, I wish there was more public transit in the city itself. The city has a great education program, with over average SAT scores and plenty of public funding. And if you don't like the public schools, there are good charter options around. The city offers many chain restaurants and has many places to shop. It is more technologically centered given that the Dell HQ is located here. The traffic at times is pretty bad and the weather can get very hot and humid, but there are plenty of parks in the city and in the greater Austin metropolitan area where you can hike and go to swimming holes. Overall, a great place to live.
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  12. 12

    Sienna Plantation

    • Suburb of Houston, TX
    • 50 reviews
    Niche User:It's such a great community. There's so much to do. There's plenty of fun activities for the family and even for your pets. Everyone is so friendly, there are multiple pools and they are the best! There's our own HEB and schools, fitness area, vet, gas station. It's just everything you need. You basically never need to leave. Haha it's a wonderful place to stay.
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  13. 13

    Alamo Heights

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 4 reviews
  14. 14

    University Park

    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 17 reviews
    Current Resident:When one enters University Park, Texas, it is almost as if he or she enters a whole other world. Commonly known as "The Bubble", the city is a fresh break from the business of Dallas. Although it has a large population, it feels more like a community through the schools, parks, and small shopping centers. The schools are among the highest in performance in Texas. The pond and fields at Caruth Park bring about a feeling of peace and almost being in the country, while still being in the middle of it all. Lastly, the University Park Police provides a feeling of safety within its city residents. Though it may seem to be a small thing, it is an atmosphere that is established, bringing about something that is uncommon and beautiful in today's world.
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  15. 15

    New Territory

    • Suburb of Houston, TX
    • 22 reviews
    Niche User:Overall, this area is one of the best. Thought he cost of living may be a bit higher than average, the payout is great. It is a quiet community with a lot of neighborhood and community programs, as well as great schools, and good people. I would never leave the area. As old as it may be, the cost of renovating is worth it to stay in the area. I would gladly move here again. It is one of the greatest areas to live. I see this area growing in the number of people it houses, as it already is, and i see the home values going higher as usable land decreases. It is also a good investment opportunity.
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  16. 16

    Taylor Lake Village

    • Suburb of Houston, TX
    • 2 reviews
    Niche User:The suburban area outside of Houston that I live in is a bit of a tourist attraction because of NASA and Johnson Space Center being so close by. The families that populate my area of town, while very diverse, are honeslty some of the freindliest people around. Maybe it's just out Southern Texas charm, but I rarely feel unsafe or unwelcome in my everyday life. The restaurants that I frequent know me by name and usually know my order as well. I have in fact had oppurtunities to move elsewhere in the state and in the country, but although I would consider the adventure, I would always ultimatey rather live here. I will be moving away for college, but I think when I get a little older and decide to settle down, this is a great place to raise kids and make friends. Property vaues are increasing as people come to this realization, but it will definitely be worth it.
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  17. 17


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 43 reviews
    Current Resident:Murphy is a great suburb to live in, especially for families. With residents having access to Plano ISD, children will get an excellent education. I would like to see more vegan options in Murphy, but that is my only complaint. Great city, great people!
    More about Murphy
  18. 18


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 56 reviews
    Current Resident:Heavy on Football and other sports. Higher end of town nothing sells for under $50.00 for a shirt or shorts. Foods very goods for the most part, skip the cheesecake factor pizza but not the cake! Bob Jones isn't easy to find, but its lovely, though small.
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  19. 19


    • City in Texas
    • 142 reviews
    Current Resident:I've lived here for thirteen years. There has been tremendous growth with the Texas Instruments Semiconductor plant, State Farm's newly built office buildings and Alamo Draft House building it's first theater in North Texas in Richardson.

    A number of upscale restaurants and shopping is now available at CityLine and new businesses are moving into the area every few months.

    Richardson is also very diverse. There is a large Chinese, Korean, Indian, Middle Eastern and Vietnamese population due to all the IT companies that have been here for decades. As a result, there is also lots of diversity in food available from Texas BBQ, Korean, Asian, Japanese, Steakhouses, Indian, etc. Living in Richardson gives us easy access to Dallas via DART rail and highways and to the suburbs north of us which we rarely visit. Richardson is the best little suburb north of Dallas and I'm glad it's stayed that way.
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  20. 20

    Spring Valley Village

    • Suburb of Houston, TX
    • 13 reviews
    Current Resident:Security is the main thing. The police are always driving through the area. They sometimes leave their cars parked at different parts of roads throughout the evening. The area is quiet and very family oriented. It is easily convenient to freeways. It is a very safe place to live.
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  21. 21

    Cedar Park

    • Suburb of Austin, TX
    • 170 reviews
    Current Resident:Growing like a weed! Cedar Park is attempting to stay ahead of the growth with their changes in infrastructure, retail expansion and venues. The downside? Housing prices have been increasing more and more. Great access to Austin without living IN Austin.
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  22. 22

    Terrell Hills

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
  23. 23


    • Suburb of Houston, TX
    • 16 reviews
    Former Resident:This is inner loop Houston near Rice University. Houston is a huge city that resembles New Orleans in culture despite being in Texas. If you move here from another part of Texas, BEWARE! You are either Good or Bad here with almost no middle ground. Good=attending Church 2-3X each week & giving lip service to all things Religious & Republican & being SILENT if Female. Bad=talking back in any way to anyone if Female, being female & single, drinking alcohol, going to A bar, being female. The only kind places toward single females are Rice University, the Jewish Quarter, & an occasional Starbucks. Married women are psycho jealous of single women & mean. The FBI warns of a few International & Domestic Crime Gangs operating in Houston, which is what the population seems to be reacting to. The women are "super good" to keep from being labeled an Anna Nicole striper & losing there Religious social status or being targeted.
    More about Bellaire
  24. 24

    Flower Mound

    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 193 reviews
    Current Resident:I moved to Flower Mound at the end of 2001, since then the town has grown tremendously. There are new housing developments popping up left and right. The retail industry has grown with new restaurants and shops being built. Flower Mound is close to all major highways and 20 minutes from Dallas Fort Worth aiport. The schools are exemplary for the state of Texas. People move here from all around as itis only a short commute to Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano and other major cities. The weekend farmers market is a great way to get fresh fruits, veggies and meet local residents. There is always opportunity in Flower Mound.
    More about Flower Mound
  25. 25

    Bunker Hill Village

    • Suburb of Houston, TX
    • 1 review