2017 Best Suburbs to Live in San Antonio Metro

Explore the best suburbs to live in the U.S. based on crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, CDC, and other sources.

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  1. 1

    Alamo Heights

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 4 reviews
  2. 2

    Terrell Hills

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
  3. 3

    Olmos Park

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
  4. 4

    Shavano Park

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
  5. 5

    Scenic Oaks

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 14 reviews
    Niche User:The area we live in is very peaceful neighborhood. Its filled with mostly only older folks, there are rarely any younger kids in my neighborhood. No parties ever happen here. At night the only sound you can hear is the occasional dog barking at deer. We have neighborhood bible studies, or barbecue to meet with everyone. Everyone has a walking buddy. When my house got broken into, everyone helped as much as they could. It's a good neighborhood.
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  6. 6

    Garden Ridge

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
  7. 7

    Hollywood Park

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 8 reviews
    Niche User:At first, San Antonio seems like a quite boring place to live in, for young and older people alike. But you'll soon find that there are actually a lot of things going on! The historic downtown is the first things that comes in mind. The beautiful architecture creates a very graceful and unique atmosphere. Just a couple of weeks ago I went to an amazing mariachi festival right in the middle of it all, The Pearl. On Sundays, the farmer's market there offers everything from empanadas to fresh homemade marmalade. Even if you want to simply sit on the lawn, there are sure to be a lot of interesting people to talk to!

    Local Coffee is a coffee shop that only exists in San Antonio. My friends and I always sit in there for hours studying, and with the always polite staff and amazing music playing its hard to leave!

    Lastly, youngsters, remember the name Paper Tiger! One of San Antonio's best bar/clubs, Paper Tiger always has awesome events with singers and bands from all over Texas and the US.

    I promise you, it gets better and better each day.
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  8. 8

    Cross Mountain

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 13 reviews
    Niche User:The Texas Hill Country is a wonderful place to raise a family and with major corporations like USAA right down the highway, there are plenty of opportunities for employment. I would most certainly choose to settle down here with my own family someday. It's very peaceful living out this way and relatively safe. Also, with all of the construction of new luxury homes, apartments and businesses going on, this side of town is going to get a complete upgrade! Hopefully everyone will be able to keep up.
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  9. 9

    Timberwood Park

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 44 reviews
    Current Resident:The Timberwood Park area of San Antonio maintains an undisputed champion of suburbia and domestic amenities in Southern Texas. From the rolling hills and rocky terrain to the abundance of native Tex-Mex cuisine, the inclusive zip codes feature the best in Texas. The character and disposition of Timberwood Park naturally draws the ever-increasing population and subsequent 'crowding factor', but also reels in competitive and economic advantages to rival some of the largest cities in the US. Naturally, with the massive influx of populace motor vehicle and human congestion can be overwhelming at times, but again, exhibits all that's great about a robust economy. Indeed, there are civic engineering challenges now and ahead to maintain the roads and schools. However, these challenges are being met in local and regional planning for near and far future projects to alleviate current woes of inconvenience. Yet, the area remains stronger than ever in economy, growth, and absolute appeal!
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  10. 10

    Fair Oaks Ranch

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 3 reviews
    Nearby Resident:This area has beautiful scenery and well taken care of houses. The roads are safe for all modes of transportation.
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  11. 11

    Castle Hills

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 17 reviews
    Niche User:I love my neighborhood because I love the people. Whenever people are driving around the neighborhood everyone waves at each other, and that makes me so welcomed.
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  12. 12


    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 73 reviews
    Current Resident:Cibolo is a great community to raise a family in. The public schools are great, small businesses are continuously bring there business here, and people are always friendly. There are parks to exercise in or bring your kids too, places to eat, and places to relax. If you're looking for small town charm with the amenities of a bigger city, Cibolo is a great place to be!
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  13. 13


    • Town in Texas
    • 34 reviews
    Current Resident:Love this small town that is only 20 minutes from San Antonio but feels like you're hours away from the big city life. Main Street is great for exercising, shopping and eating. Folks are friendly, helpful and kind and welcome the tourists every weekend with a smile and a wave!
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  14. 14

    Leon Valley

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 30 reviews
    Current Resident:Of all places to live in the San Antonio area, Leon Valley is a great choice. One of the major roads stretching through Leon Valley is Bandera Road, which is surrounded with a plethora of major and small businesses, stores, gas stations, schools, and restaurants. Oh, the restaurants! Authentic Indian, homemade Italian, legit Texas Bar-B-Que, and of course tons of family-owned Tex-Mex options set the bar while satisfying the belly. Sure, the speed limit can be almost unreasonably slow at 30 mph on some streets, but the easy access to 410 and Bandera easily makes up for it. Leon Valley also has their own police force, which I personally don't mind because they seem to be an honest group of officers focusing more on "protect and serve" part of their job description.
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  15. 15


    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 81 reviews
    Nearby Resident:Schertz overall is a very nice neighbourhood. It is quiet, and everyone respects one another. Everyone is also very friendly. The surrounding stores and recreational places are also very nice. I've gone to parties using halls in Schertz, and each of my experiences were exemplary. I also feel safe going around the area, so Schertz gets an A+ from me!
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  16. 16


    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 17 reviews
    Current Resident:I have lived here in Helotes, TX for about 6 years and I got to say I absolutely love it! Some things that I like about Helotes is the friendliness of individuals, and how peaceful the area is, as well as the cleanness, it is simply beautiful. This city has monthly market days, great little shops, family events that are fun! There are many great restaurants like B Daddy’s BBQ to Bobby J’s old fashion burgers. Helotes even has their own carnival and rodeo, mostly all of Helotes attends for fun! This city is well protected by our great Helotes police department you know you can count on them. As oppose to all the great events and people, one thing I would like to see change would be how busy our streets can be due to construction or due to traffic hour. It would be nice if we had bigger roads to help with traffic. Overall Helotes is a wonderful city to live in or to even visit! I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a new place to call home to visit and see for yourself.
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  17. 17


    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 12 reviews
    Current Resident:There is little present and most of what is are slightly above decently built neighborhoods. There is also a house track, Retama Park, that often host events such as speed derbies or car shows, among many others.
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  18. 18

    New Braunfels

    • Town in Texas
    • 141 reviews
    Current Resident:I love my town! We are growing rapidly but there is a large amount of culture here which is what drew me to settle here in the first place. I love the history of the town, as well as the attraction of our beautiful spring fed rivers. I appreciate the forward thinking food industry in our town with a growing interest in farm to table restaurants. Our farmer's market is highly sought after! I do wish there were more regulations from our city and counties on the amount of development allowed, however. The hill country area is absolutely beautiful, but is soon to look like every other city as all of our small farms and raw land has been built up and developed.
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  19. 19

    Live Oak

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 26 reviews
    Former Resident:I loved Live Oak the parks and people were great, the town is growing to include new and exciting things everyday yet the construction is minimal unlike San Antonio.
    The schools are good other than the High schools. There was a new high school in the process of being built I am hoping it will lessen the overcrowding and make the high schools better for the students of the area.
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  20. 20


    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 15 reviews
    Former Resident:Bulverde is the town I grew up in. It has a population of less than 5000 as a small town centered around the high school. The neighborhoods range from those with widely spaced houses with room for ranch animals to those that are much closer spatially and socially. The rolling hills are what residents love most about the area's landscape. This area was a great place to grow up and I would recommend living here to any family wanting to raise their children in a semi-secluded part of Texas.
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  21. 21

    Universal City

    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 37 reviews
    Current Resident:Universal City is a clean, safe, and well managed area. City employees have been kind and respectful every time I've had any interaction with them, and I've never heard about any issues with crime in the area. The city has a recycling policy, and trash is picked up frequently and without issue. The area is in a nice location, and has plenty of amenities, but there is not much to do for fun within Universal City itself, which is why it is fortunate that it is so close to San Antonio itself. I'd like to see the city be more built up, and for more consideration to bicycle riders to be made, since there currently isn't much outside of the nearby parks.
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  22. 22


    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 91 reviews
    Current Resident:Small town mainly of suburbs and shops. One of the more relaxing and peaceful neighborhoods I've ever lived in. Feels really lowkey and safe!
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  23. 23


    • Suburb of San Antonio, TX
    • 8 reviews
    Current Resident:Windcrest is a very enclosed, protected suburb with faithful residents that will do anything for their loved ones. I appreciate the laws that apply to the residents of Windcrest, because they are specifically for the safety of the residents. If any family is looking for a preserved neighborhood with all the the necessities for a perfect childhood, I highly suggest living in Windcrest.
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  24. 24

    Canyon Lake

    • Town in Texas
    • 32 reviews
    Current Resident:Canyon Lake is a rural area outside of San Antonio, Tx. Very family friendly, but doesn't have a lot going on. Great community to raise kids!
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  25. 25


    • Town in Texas
    • 3 reviews
    Current Resident:Castroville is a small close knit town where you know almost everyone and it is easy to make friends. Some neighbor hoods are very nice while others are not so nice, but it all depends on preference. There and multiple small restaurants and a recently built walmart. Travel time is very short and it is fairly easy to get almost anywhere.
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