2017 Best Suburbs to Live in Detroit Metro

Explore the best suburbs to live in the U.S. based on crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, CDC, and other sources.

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  1. 1

    Ann Arbor

    • City in Michigan
    • 243 reviews
    Current Resident:I've lived in Ann Arbor for 5 years and hope to live here forever! The town is great - friendly, socially conscious and diverse, fitness focused, environmentally minded. The culture of restaurants, music and art festivals is varied - and there are many! The schools are tremendous at all levels, and one of the best universities for both education and college sports in the world is built right into the town. Bike the roads and trails, kayak the Huron River, enjoy the farmers market. Great public transportation, and it's not far from the regional airport. There are many, many, many things to do and see. Welcome!
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  2. 2

    Bloomfield Charter Township

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 66 reviews
    Current Resident:I was very fortunate to be able to grow up in this town. We are located close to lakes, downtown Detroit, and few hours away from beautiful northern Michigan. The neighborhood where I grew up in had welcoming, friendly faces from both adults and kids alike.
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  3. 3

    Beverly Hills

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 9 reviews
    Parent:Ive enjoyed growing up here. At the end of the street is a 100 acre park where I walk my dog, skate on the pond in the winter and would sled down the hill when I was younger. I also attended the elementary school on the other side of the park. My friends and I would ride our bikes to the swim club also on the other side of the park. I see young families moving in the neighborhood who will experience the same things I did. Now that I'm leaving for college I will be sad to leave the area but I'm glad to see a new crop of young children ready to experience what I did.
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  4. 4


    • Town in Michigan
    • 155 reviews
    Niche User:I love coming home to Troy, MI. It is one of the safest areas I have ever seen in my life. The people that live here are so friendly, the area is beautiful, Troy is expanding, and becoming more dynamic. The location of Troy is perfect; right in the middle of everything! Not to far from schools like Wayne State University or Oakland University, Somerset Mall is in Troy, great schools, etc. The only thing Troy is missing is a downtown within it. From what I've seen rent in Troy may be a little more than other cities, especially if you want to live by certain schools and/or Somerset Mall, but it is well worth it to live in Troy.
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  5. 5

    Huntington Woods

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 11 reviews
    Niche User:If I could do it all over again, 30 + years ago, I would move into Huntington Woods. My kids say the same thing and want to come back here to live. It is the best milexmile1/2 area to live in the USA!
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  6. 6

    Grosse Pointe Farms

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 27 reviews
    Current Resident:This is a wonderful lakefront community that has the feel of a small town. Neighbors still know one another in this tightly knit community. Did you say you needed help, or a cup of milk? Yes, neighbors still care about one another. As a bordering suburb of Detroit, GP Farms remains one of the safest communities in the region, boasting top ranked public schools for both academics and sports. With private access to beautiful Lake St. Clair, via Pier Park, this is the closest to a dream for raising a family. Ten minutes from Downtown Detroit, with a sense of timelessness that Peter Pan would have loved! No shoveling snow from your walk, putting trash to the curb, or bagging leaves, either. GP Farms city services are the best. Lastly, the AAA credit rating makes GP Farms economically responsible for continued, long term success!
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  7. 7

    Pittsfield Charter Township

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 58 reviews
    Niche User:One of the best things about my living environment is the cultural diversity. People are free to be different and not feel that they'll be judged for it. Diversity is one of the main reasons we moved to this area, and will be a big factor in any or all other moves I ever make. Diversity is important in friendships, the workplace and college experiences, so this makes my atmosphere an ideal one for personal and professional growth.
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  8. 8

    Lodi Township

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 13 reviews
    Niche User:Not much crime that I know of. Have heard of some major issues, murder, bank robbery, etc. but very rare.
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  9. 9

    Grosse Pointe

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 7 reviews
    Former Resident:I grew up in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. From a child standpoint, it was a wonderful place to grow up. The public school system was impeccable, and it was an incredibly safe neighborhood. It is a suburb for families, mostly middle class families. As I got older, however, I started to notice its' flaws. I lived with my single mother and 3 older sisters. We were not a wealthy family, to say the least, and therefore did not "fit in". I had found out my mother was completely segregated from social life with other members of the community because of her financial situation. Grosse Pointe is also not diverse at all, made up almost completely of white individuals like myself. There is no nightlife in Grosse Pointe, as many people my age joked that the city "shuts down" at 9 p.m. Overall, I think this city is a safe environment to grow up and attend school at, but it is not a place for the unwealthy or individuals without children.
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  10. 10

    Grosse Pointe Park

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 21 reviews
    Current Resident:Grosse Pointe Park and the surrounding Grosse Pointes are very nice communities to live in. The houses are clean-looking and the community is safe so it's a really good place to raise a family. It's also good for families because the Grosse Pointe school district is really great; one of the best in the state. It's a good community to guarantee a good education for your kids and their safety as well. Although the Grosse Pointes are big, almost everyone knows or knows of everyone, making it a tight knit community. The public parks are very nice facilities and the village (a string of shops and restaurants) is really convenient. The location of houses in proximity to the village, libraries, parks, and schools, is almost always in walking distance. One of the only downsides of living in Grosse Pointe is that some of the "old money" families living on the lake do live up to their snotty reputations. Other than that, Grosse Pointe Park is a pretty enjoyable and safe community to live in!
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  11. 11

    Northville Township

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 20 reviews
    Current Resident:I absolutely love being a part of the Northville community. I raise four children here and feel they could not be in a more safe and inviting environment. Northville is "home" with a modern yet rustic feel. We always attend the downtown events, eat at local cafes and have a blast at all of the parks. It's a city that holds value to the meaning "family", and creates a sense of appreciation to live somewhere that is still simple.
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  12. 12


    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 48 reviews
    Nearby Resident:It's a beautifully groomed area with some of the nicest real estate and schools in Michigan. There is no shortage of good food, shopping, and entertainment including two cinemas. Visitors can stay at the Townsend Hotel, the best hotel in the state outside of those in Detroit. It's located in a convenient, central location. If you have enough money, and you will need a lot of it, you will never be bored. It's not without flaws, however. The parking meters are a downer and parking in general can be a pain. Sometimes the parking garages will accept people inside while reaching full occupancy. You're best off if you know someone in the area and can park at their house, have someone drop you off, or use alternate transportation to get there. Along with this, everything closes rather early. That seems to be a thing in Michigan, though, honestly. The property prices and taxes are significantly high, whether you're looking at private or commercial real estate.
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  13. 13


    • Town in Michigan
    • 112 reviews
    Former Resident:I was only a resident for a short amount of time. However, within that time I made friends I am sure I will be close to until the end of my days. I moved there with my wife and two kids during a rough period in my life. We wanted to give our oldest child an opportunity for a good education as would any parents seeking better for their children. Fear of a new place doesn't just affect a child that has to make new friends at a school or local friends to have a social life. It also affects the interest of the parents who have to maintain the friendship that makes for good business relationships and long-term partnerships. This is something we gained during our years in Novi. The clean neighborhoods, nice people, and shopping opportunities allowed us some of the greatest conveniences a family could ask for, along with long lasting memories of a better time.
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  14. 14

    Rochester Hills

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 71 reviews
    Former Resident:Rochester Hills is was ranked 9th in Time Magazine's "Top Ten Places to Live" in America in the year 2014, mostly for financial reasons. I once heard from one of my middle school teachers there that the average cost of a family home there is about $250,000, hinting at the quality of life there. Education in the public schools is far from subpar, and as a former student at Adams High School, my classes were challenging with a lot of homework. People are generally friendly, and sports generally dominates the youth culture in the area. The Village is the main attraction and resembles the larger downtown area, with great restaurants and an attractive nightlife.
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  15. 15


    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 3 reviews
    Former Resident:In all of Michigan, this has got to be my favorite town to live. I've been everywhere in Michigan and Franklin just has the best of the best. Professional citizens, charming estate style homes, quaint downtown. Only the best of everything and people who really care! The Police and businesses are nothing but AMAZING! I really like that there aren’t a lot of crisp dollars flying around this town.
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  16. 16


    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 22 reviews
    Current Resident:Northville is a beautiful walkable community with plenty of grocery stores, specialty markets, and the downtown area has nice stores for shopping. The schools and education is top notch and prepares students to be successful leaders. Northville lacks diversity, but is a family friendly community, that is safe.
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  17. 17

    West Bloomfield Charter Township

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 138 reviews
    Current Resident:West Bloomfield is beautiful and quite health conscious. People are warm and it has a fantastic educational system. There are plenty of places to worship, and one of the top hospitals is just around the corner where your sure to get the best treatment, be it medical or otherwise. There are also plenty of spas and salons to relax in, as well as juice bars. West Bloomfield sticks out not only because of their top notch library which is right next to the police station (so you know your kids are always safe), but it is he only city that does not have ANY fast food restaurants. If you want a beautiful and peaceful environment, West Bloomfield is the place for you!
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  18. 18


    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 6 reviews
    Current Resident:I moved to Farmington, MI from New Hudson, MI to be closer to work. Even though New Hudson is only 12mi away from Farmington, it's at least a 30min commute via I96. The highway is always very congested during morning and evening rush hours. It's usually faster to just take Grand River Ave.
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  19. 19


    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 23 reviews
    Current Resident:Rochester is a growing college town with a plethora of restaurants, bars, night clubs, etc. Rochester is just north of Detroit which is home to Eastern Market, the Detroit Institute of Art, Campus Martius, the Red Wings, the Tigers, and the birthplace of Motown so there's always something happening for young people to be involved in. Housing prices are reasonable in most suburbs surrounding Rochester and there's lots of on campus housing for those who don't want to travel or have cars.
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  20. 20

    Bloomfield Hills

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 7 reviews
    Current Resident:Despite the Detroit recession, Bloomfield Hills is thriving. The diversity is great and all aspects of the community are stellar. Education is extremely good, local businesses are strong, and it's family-oriented.
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  21. 21

    Grosse Pointe Woods

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 20 reviews
    Current Resident:I just recently moved to Grosse Pointe Woods, but have worked here for the past year and a half. I enjoy the community and the area feels very safe and well maintained.
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  22. 22

    Farmington Hills

    • Town in Michigan
    • 114 reviews
    Current Resident:I have lived in Farmington Hills for approximately 12 years. When I moved here I started attending public school for first grade and continued in public school up through now, 12th grade. My neighborhood specifically is very family-oriented. There are families all around, and because of that we have plenty of parks throughout the neighborhood. Farmington Hills is very clean, and well played out. Throughout the area there are ranges of different religious places of practice which just adds to the diversity. Because of it's location, it is relatively easy to get where you want to go. Although there's really only two seasons here- construction and winter- it's still a great place to live with plenty of opportunities to grow and develop safely.
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  23. 23


    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 14 reviews
    Current Resident:I have grown up in Plymouth my entire life. I have never been in a place that was so family friendly, while still being a fun place for twentysomethings as well as retirees. Plymouth is truly a well-rounded town, that is perfect, no matter what age you are! Lots of restaurants, shops and bars make downtown a busy center, while 500 yards down the road, there are quiet neighborhoods full of young families. Overall, Plymouth is a town that is pretty close to perfect.
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  24. 24

    Plymouth Charter Township

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 47 reviews
    Current Resident:Plymouth Charter Township has many well priced houses. The value of my house has gone up since 2008 and everyone is very friendly. It's a good distance from downtown Plymouth and it is not too far from northville, plymouth, canton, and Livonia. Lots of food around the city. Not very diverse, predominantly white
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  25. 25

    Canton Charter Township

    • Suburb of Detroit, MI
    • 164 reviews
    Current Resident:Canton, Michigan is a great place to live and one of the fastest growing towns in the metro Detroit area. It is home to many retail stores such as Ikea and restaurants created to fit every budget and taste. The homes in Canton are well designed and maintained. They are a bit expensive, but are constructed to accommodate a growing family and community. There are numerous employers in Canton as well. Medical centers that are located in the metro Detroit area, such as the Detroit Medical Center in Detroit or the University of Michigan hospital in Ann Arbor, for instance, have clinics located in Canton. These clinics provide services to patients such as ultrasounds and appointments with a primary care physician. Overall, Canton, Michigan is the ideal place to live if you want to have a better quality of life.
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