2017 Best Suburbs to Live in Dallas-Fort Worth Metro

Explore the best suburbs to live in the U.S. based on crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, CDC, and other sources.

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    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 120 reviews
    Current Resident:Coppell is a very family friendly and safe city in the suburbs of Dallas, TX. The school district here is phenomenal and the environment is truly great. Coppell is a very environmentally friendly city. The whole community promotes recycling, volunteering, and fundraising. Healthy living is very big in Coppell, many people start off their mornings with group workouts, school sports, or just a trip to the local gym. Coppell offers so many jo opportunities, from restaurants to beauty, to the local gym, and so much more! I love how Coppell is not too big. I know where everything is, and it is not hard to find anything here. Everyone is friendly, and anyone can live here comfortably. We also have citywide events often in an attempt to bring our community closer together. Coppell is truly a comfortable and safe city to live in, and it is only a 20 minute drive away from Dallas!
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    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 318 reviews
    Current Resident:It's a well known fact that a large number of people move to Frisco, TX for it's unparalleled school district, Frisco ISD. The small school model (9 high schools for the surrounding neighborhoods, rather than 1 or 2 for the whole city, like in most areas) allows for endless leadership possibilities and extracurricular involvement. While individuals were still affected, Frisco as a whole was largely untouched by the great recession and continued growing rapidly.The addition of The Star (Dallas Cowboys' World HQ), National Soccer Hall of Fame, and the $5 Billion Dollar Mile has definitely put Frisco on the map. Frisco offers a little something for everyone!
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  3. 3


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 293 reviews
    Current Resident:Plenty of restaurants, shopping and great schools, including Lovejoy High School and Allen High School. We also have the Allen Event Center which brings sporting, events, concerts, and live performances. There is no reason to venture out of Allen, Texas, as we have it all right here in our city!
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  4. 4


    • City in Texas
    • 500 reviews
    Current Resident:Plano is a wonderful city for families of all sizes. After living in Arlington, Irving and traversing the north Texas metroplex, I have seen much excitement over opportunity here in our state- though no city's inhabitants are as excited as Plano's. This city is a land of opportunity and growth; a gem in education and experience; the most enthralling part to all this: the city is still expanding rapidly. If you are looking for a safe, family-friendly, connected, neo-industrial, diverse, beautiful city, then Plano is your best option. Trust me, after 16 years in this area, I have seen swarms of people moving in from all over the country- Chicago, Washington, Denver, New York- so my advice to you is: do not get left behind!
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  5. 5

    University Park

    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 17 reviews
    Current Resident:When one enters University Park, Texas, it is almost as if he or she enters a whole other world. Commonly known as "The Bubble", the city is a fresh break from the business of Dallas. Although it has a large population, it feels more like a community through the schools, parks, and small shopping centers. The schools are among the highest in performance in Texas. The pond and fields at Caruth Park bring about a feeling of peace and almost being in the country, while still being in the middle of it all. Lastly, the University Park Police provides a feeling of safety within its city residents. Though it may seem to be a small thing, it is an atmosphere that is established, bringing about something that is uncommon and beautiful in today's world.
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  6. 6


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 43 reviews
    Current Resident:Murphy is a great suburb to live in, especially for families. With residents having access to Plano ISD, children will get an excellent education. I would like to see more vegan options in Murphy, but that is my only complaint. Great city, great people!
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    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 56 reviews
    Current Resident:Heavy on Football and other sports. Higher end of town nothing sells for under $50.00 for a shirt or shorts. Foods very goods for the most part, skip the cheesecake factor pizza but not the cake! Bob Jones isn't easy to find, but its lovely, though small.
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  8. 8


    • City in Texas
    • 142 reviews
    Current Resident:I've lived here for thirteen years. There has been tremendous growth with the Texas Instruments Semiconductor plant, State Farm's newly built office buildings and Alamo Draft House building it's first theater in North Texas in Richardson.

    A number of upscale restaurants and shopping is now available at CityLine and new businesses are moving into the area every few months.

    Richardson is also very diverse. There is a large Chinese, Korean, Indian, Middle Eastern and Vietnamese population due to all the IT companies that have been here for decades. As a result, there is also lots of diversity in food available from Texas BBQ, Korean, Asian, Japanese, Steakhouses, Indian, etc. Living in Richardson gives us easy access to Dallas via DART rail and highways and to the suburbs north of us which we rarely visit. Richardson is the best little suburb north of Dallas and I'm glad it's stayed that way.
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  9. 9

    Flower Mound

    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 193 reviews
    Current Resident:I moved to Flower Mound at the end of 2001, since then the town has grown tremendously. There are new housing developments popping up left and right. The retail industry has grown with new restaurants and shops being built. Flower Mound is close to all major highways and 20 minutes from Dallas Fort Worth aiport. The schools are exemplary for the state of Texas. People move here from all around as itis only a short commute to Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano and other major cities. The weekend farmers market is a great way to get fresh fruits, veggies and meet local residents. There is always opportunity in Flower Mound.
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  10. 10


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 27 reviews
    Former Resident:Such a great community! Not only is there a cute community newsletter of recent events and activities to be made aware of, but there are also a wide variety of community participation in these events. Great schools, friendly neighbors, and a great connection to the nightlife in Dallas just 30 minutes away.
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  11. 11


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 99 reviews
    Current Resident:Everyone in Keller , TX, is friendly and neighborly. The city is on the smaller side, and most of the neighborhoods are very child-friendly. There are a variety of stores in the city, varying from chain restaurants to small, family-owned restaurants. There is always something to do in the community, if that is in the renovated park or town hall, you will never be bored in Keller!
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  12. 12


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 10 reviews
    Niche User:I love parker texas it is clean and safe. I love that when you drive down the road there are nice people that will let you in their lane. the roads are also great!
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  13. 13

    Trophy Club

    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 17 reviews
    Current Resident:I really like Trophy Club because it is a very welcoming community. There are always new houses being built and new people to meet. The crime rates are very low and the schools within this community come from a very successful district. There is easy access to convenience stores and there never is too much traffic. While the cops are pretty hard on traffic violations, they do a pretty good job keeping the town safe. Everyone is very friendly and likes to partake in community events such as parades and clean-ups. The recreation department is really good as there are a lot of local parks stretching throughout the town, including community pools, playgrounds, ballparks, courts, and soccer fields. Overall, Trophy Club is a great community to live in and is fast growing for all the right reasons.
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  14. 14

    Highland Park

    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 11 reviews
    Works Here:Anyone who lives in Dallas knows that Highland Park is the apex of living in the metroplex. The real estate in the area is highly sought after, with many lots already purchased, or in the process of being purchased and renovated. The schools in HPISD are at a reasonable distance and are filled with dedicated teachers looking to make a lasting impression on their pupils. Just this week, one public school hosted olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi in a book signing of her newly published, Cara's Kindness. It is a tight-knit community where everyone participates and doesn't hesitate to invite newcomers in.
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  15. 15


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 5 reviews
    Niche User:I have never felt unsafe in the area. There have always been adequate police force to make me feel safe, and never really any unruly behavior to warrant fear.
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  16. 16

    Highland Village

    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 51 reviews
    Current Resident:Just 25-30 minutes north of Dallas the stress dwindles once you pass the Highland Village city limits. Whether starting a new family, have a family of 3 or thinking about retiring, knowing that you reside in one of the quietest, safest neighborhoods provides a peace of mind and relaxation most cities can’t provide. The school district promotes and encourages a high standard of excellence for both academics and extra-curricular activities.
    Highland Village borders Lake Lewisville, which provides for numerous outdoor activities. There are trails throughout the neighborhood that lead to parks for both their 2 and 4-legged family members. There is a shopping area that provides movies, dining, boutiques, retail stores and a Whole Foods.
    Overall Highland Village is a city that while it continues to change with the times maintains a "small town" feel.
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  17. 17


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 380 reviews
    Former Resident:Great place to grow up in, perfect for families. The city is 30 minutes outside of Dallas, and 15 minutes (at most) from popular shops in the Plano/Frisco/Allen area. The city is known for being friendly, and it was even ranked the #1 "best place to live in America" by Money Magazine. It's a beautiful and quiet suburb of Dallas, with still lots of local shops (especially downtown) to visit!
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  18. 18


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 33 reviews
    Current Resident:I honestly would like to see nothing change about Sunnyvale as it is absolutely perfect. It's away from the city, so the air is always fresh and clean. It's also not very loud at night so that helps out with sleeping. The school district is amazing, and everyone is so friendly. You will never have a hard time getting along with anyone from Sunnyvale. Buying a house in Sunnyvale may be expensive, but it's totally worth it!
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  19. 19


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 183 reviews
    Niche User:We moved to Mansfield my freshman year of high school. It has grown tremendously! I love this city. It is a lot better than where I grew up. Even though I only spent four years here, as a kid, I claim it to be my hometown. I think that says a lot. The only real change I would like to see would be more restaurants. I know they are in the process of expanding this, but I would love to see less chains if possible.
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  20. 20


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 132 reviews
    Current Resident:Grapevine is a quaint little town that so much to offer for all ages. Twice a year they close down main street to have a beer and wine festival along with carnival rides and fun for all ages. They have a huge Christmas celebration with train rides to the north pole, lights galore, ice sculptures and events, more Christmas events than you can count. All year round there is something special going on. Hope in the car drive to main street and you will not be disappointed. Day or night, any season, all weather. Great food and fun. This little town is like a story plucked out of a book and placed in the real world and in today's current times as well!
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  21. 21


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 7 reviews
    Niche User:I have lived in Rockwall/Heath pretty much my whole life. I have not moved around at all, and have known the same people as long as I can remember. This area is extremely welcoming with a great church that I attend with great people. There is very little, if any, crime, and a very low unemployment rate, with great available jobs. I love Rockwall county.
    More about Heath
  22. 22


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 51 reviews
    Niche User:Prosper is the typical American Suburb.Getting to attend High School here was such a blessing, the pep rallies, the Friday Night Lights; everyone knows each other one way or another. Though it may have a "small town" feel, Prosper is growing quite rapidly. People come from all over to share in our family values and quality of life, many businesses are moving in as well (we recently got our first real grocery store; a Kroger and everyone was so excited!). This town will expand in population and give many more people the hometown experience, I know it sure did for me and I wouldn't trade that for anything!
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  23. 23


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 17 reviews
    Current Resident:I love it. It's a nice town for anyone. Plenty of bars for partiers. Hotels for business class and families. Centrally located to everything in the metroplex. Best decision moving here!
    More about Addison
  24. 24


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 4 reviews
    Niche User:The people in the neighborhoods are very friendly. When you are walking down the street the people usually wave at you, say hello, and try to get to know you a little better every time.
    More about Westlake
  25. 25


    • Suburb of Dallas, TX
    • 317 reviews
    Current Resident:Carrollton is very nice place to live. Although the public education is not super good, the neighborhood that I live in is very nice! People are friendly, and active( I see many people taking a walk or jogging as well as little kids playing in the yards). Regardless of the activity, the neighborhood is very calm and quiet. Shopping malls are close by but one flaw of Carrollton is that there isn't a close movie theater. I have to drive about 10-15 minutes to go to a movie theater(I personally love movie so). Good restaurants ate near by and there is Carrollton H-mart too! There also is a dart station is old downtown Carrollton(that place is clean and quite nice) that can be very convince during the rush hour!( Dart train only takes about 20-30 minutes to get to Down town Dallas)
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