2016 Best Suburbs to Buy a House in America

Explore the best suburbs to buy a house based on home values, property taxes, home ownership rates, housing costs, and real estate trends. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, Zillow, and other data sources.

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    • Suburb of Philadelphia, PA
    • 42 reviews
    Parent:The prevalence of crime in my area is pretty low. There definitely is some crime but when there is, it is usually small crimes like vandalism or trespassing. Rarely will there ever be crimes along the lines of murder
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  2. 2


    • Suburb of Philadelphia, PA
    • 7 reviews
  3. 3

    McCandless Township

    • Suburb of Pittsburgh, PA
    • 48 reviews
    Niche User:Opportunity abounds when you live in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. Downtown is a mere 20 minutes away and with that you are connected to all that it has to offer- sports(Pirates, Steelers, Penguins), cultural opportunities (The Strip District, The Benedum Theatre, Wood Street Galleries), and great outdoor spaces (Point State Park, The Riverwalk, Schenley Park). If you're not looking to go into town, no problem- there is plenty to do in the North Hills! There are a number of nationally top-ranking public school districts, private schools of different faiths, and churches and worship facilities. Also there are tons of shopping malls, stores, shops, etc. But my favorite thing about living in the North Hills is North Park Lake, a 5 minute drive from my house. I have spent countless hours fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding on the Lake. Around the Lake is a 5 mile paved trail to run, walk, or ride bikes in addition to countless pavilions for picnicking and parks to play at. North Park is also home to miles of wooded trails for hiking, mountain biking, or trail running. North Park also has an Olympic sized swimming pool where many cool off after a long bike ride or jog around the Lake.
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  4. 4

    Leet Township

    • Suburb of Pittsburgh, PA
    • 8 reviews
  5. 5


    • Suburb of Indianapolis, IN
    • 246 reviews
    Niche User:The community life here is amazing. I could not imagine something better. Everybody is very friendly, and like to help each other. People live here there whole life, because there is so much to offer in our community. It is very excepting of pets. People run all the time with their dogs on the paved biking paths. Every year there is a great big festival for the 4th of July, and that allows the people to get involved in helping set up, and just going out for the night and having fun, and meeting new people.
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  6. 6


    • Town in Indiana
    • 157 reviews
    Niche User:If I could do it all over again I would live in downtown Carmel and out of the suburbs, although growing up there as a kid was great--I felt very safe and had wonderful neighbors. I would have liked to have been closer to the arts and design district and monon trail however. My siblings and I always had jobs right off the trail and it would have been great to bike to.
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  7. 7

    Kings Mills

    • Suburb of Cincinnati, OH
    • 2 reviews
  8. 8


    • Suburb of Austin, TX
  9. 9


    • Suburb in Kansas
  10. 10


    • Suburb in Kansas
  11. 11


    • Suburb of Des Moines, IA
    • 10 reviews
    Niche User:Waukee is a growing city with an amazing populace. I wouldn't live anywhere else as a teen and as an adult I think it is a great place to have kids. There's a lot of peace. If you're looking for fun, Des Moines is ten to fifteen minutes out.
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  12. 12

    Oak Grove

    • Suburb in Virginia
  13. 13

    Newcomb Township

    • Suburb of Little Rock, AR
  14. 14


    • Suburb of Pittsburgh, PA
    • 3 reviews
  15. 15

    Bradford Woods

    • Suburb of Pittsburgh, PA
  16. 16

    Franklin Park

    • Suburb of Pittsburgh, PA
    • 38 reviews
    Niche User:Our neighborhood is very friendly and everyone for the most part gets along well. The neighborhood has parties together, meets up at the pool, and car-pools. Very friendly
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  17. 17


    • Suburb of Columbus, OH
    • 12 reviews
  18. 18

    Indiana Township

    • Suburb of Pittsburgh, PA
    • 20 reviews
  19. 19

    Prairie Village

    • Suburb in Kansas
    • 32 reviews
    Niche User:Kansas City is a fantastic area. The people here are nice, there are some great school districts (granted there are a few not so great one's as well). The quality of life and atmosphere of the area seem to be increasing. The athletic atmosphere is especially increase, supported by the great sporting teams in the area - royals, sporting kc, and the chiefs. There is a lot to be happy about when you live in this area!
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  20. 20


    • Town in Oklahoma
    • 6 reviews
  21. 21

    Upper St. Clair

    • Suburb of Pittsburgh, PA
    • 18 reviews
    Niche User:I feel very safe where I live. I always see police driving around whenever I am on the road. They patrol the areas so that our community feels safe.
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  22. 22


    • Suburb of St. Louis, MO
  23. 23


    • Suburb in Virginia
    • 14 reviews
  24. 24

    Roeland Park

    • Suburb in Kansas
    • 7 reviews
    Niche User:Roeland park in general, even Mission, there is relatively no crime. Downtown Kansas City tends to have a lot more, but its never in the neighborhoods of Mission/Roeland Park.
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    Tredyffrin Township

    • Suburb of Philadelphia, PA
    • 24 reviews