2017 Best Places to Live in America

Explore the best places to live in the U.S. based on crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, CDC, and other sources.

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  1. 1


    • Town in Indiana
    • 169 reviews
    Current Resident:Great schools, friendly neighbors, safe, bike-friendly, kid-friendly, award-winning youth sports programs, many outdoor art festivals and activities. Great place to live!
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  2. 2


    • Suburb of Philadelphia, PA
    • 42 reviews
    Parent:We have never felt unsafe, older children can play outside without worrying about them, police are friendly and very responsive. We have had some break ins recently but that is about it.
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  3. 3


    • Town in Pennsylvania
    • 12 reviews
    Niche User:The people in this town are very friendly and willing to help. But the town seems to get swallowed up by the college students in it. It seems to be about the only thing this town is known for which to me as a person who grew up here is sad.
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  4. 4


    • Town in Michigan
    • 58 reviews
    Current Resident:Okemos has a wonderful small town feel with big town amenities. With its proximity to Michigan State University, there are so many opportunities to engage in the diverse culture of the area.
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  5. 5


    • Suburb of Raleigh, NC
    • 31 reviews
    Current Resident:Morrisville a great place to live. I moved here with my parents 5 years ago and have only had positive experiences. I live in a townhouse in a small close knit community, that is only a three minute walk away from a Harris Teeter, Gas Station, Subways, Pizza Place, Indian grocery stores, and many more restaurants. The crime levels around here as far as I know are very low. The only thefts that I have heard of happened a couple miles over in Cary. Kids who live in Morrisville also have access to great elementary schools like Cedar Fork, middle schools like Davis Drive and West Cary, and high schools like Panther Creek and Green Hope. Many of my neighbors and my dad all work in the IT Department, as it is always looking for new employees. There are also several other job opportunities here for adults and teenagers like myself. Overall, it's a great place to live and highly recommend it to anyone moving to North Carolina or looking for a new place to live.
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  6. 6


    • Suburb of Columbus, OH
    • 67 reviews
    Current Resident:Dublin is a city that offers a great sense of diversity among the people, healthy choices for food and places to exercise, also it is a community for everyone! The people of Dublin are welcoming and cultured. The views at the parks and on the trails are breathtaking. You feel a sense of peace. It's a city with a lot to offer, but can also be a place of refuge. Dublin is a place of home.
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  7. 7

    Buffalo Grove

    • Suburb of Chicago, IL
    • 94 reviews
    Former Resident:Buffalo Grove was the town I grew up in ever since I was born all the way until I graduated high school. All of my memories are here. The schooling is amazing, the people here are extremely friendly, the parks are great, and it's extremely safe. This is a perfect place to raise a family and have a great life. The only problem is there isn't a downtown area, and you might get bored since there aren't that many places to go out. Other than that, Buffalo Grove is great!
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  8. 8

    Los Alamos

    • Town in New Mexico
    • 7 reviews
  9. 9

    Penn Wynne

    • Suburb of Philadelphia, PA
    • 10 reviews
    Niche User:It's a pretty safe area. No worries. Family friendly
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  10. 10

    Ann Arbor

    • City in Michigan
    • 247 reviews
    Current Resident:I've lived in Ann Arbor for 5 years and hope to live here forever! The town is great - friendly, socially conscious and diverse, fitness focused, environmentally minded. The culture of restaurants, music and art festivals is varied - and there are many! The schools are tremendous at all levels, and one of the best universities for both education and college sports in the world is built right into the town. Bike the roads and trails, kayak the Huron River, enjoy the farmers market. Great public transportation, and it's not far from the regional airport. There are many, many, many things to do and see. Welcome!
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  11. 11


    • Town in Pennsylvania
    • 2 reviews
    Current Resident:Lemont is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. It has a small town atmosphere while being close to the larger State College community.
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  12. 12


    • City in Illinois
    • 406 reviews
    Current Resident:Naperville is a pleasant city, with a decent population size. This town is fairly safe, I never felt afraid walking outside. The downtown area has some lovely shopping and eating choices, but can be a little pricey some times. This town is definitely for middle-upper-middle class families, generally white collar people. For children there are several great junior and high schools to attend that will prepare them for college should they choose to do so. unfortunately there is little in the way of anything else for them to do, it will be a little boring for them. Naperville is located close to several other towns and cities and about 45 minutes from Chicago, so you can always drive out to find some nice entertainment or family fun night! There is an abundance of fast food and housing can be a little pricey too. Overall, a decent white collar area.
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  13. 13

    Clarendon Hills

    • Suburb of Chicago, IL
    • 8 reviews
    Current Resident:It is a quiet, safe place to live. It is also diverse and very clean. I would like to buy a house out here one day because of the diversity and I feel very safe.
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  14. 14


    • Suburb of Philadelphia, PA
    • 8 reviews
  15. 15

    Eden Prairie

    • Town in Minnesota
    • 92 reviews
    Niche User:Eden Prairie is a magnificent place to live. The schools are spectacular! They provide students with additional help in subject they are struggling in and have numerous activities for students to participate in. The parks are amazing in Eden Prairie. They are well maintained and updated regualry. If I had the choice, I woudl one hundred percent choose to grow up in Eden Prairie. People are humble, caring, and overall very friendly.
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  16. 16


    • Suburb of Indianapolis, IN
    • 250 reviews
    Current Resident:This is a very nice and safe area to live. There are many public schools, stores, restaurants, hotels, companies, pretty much everything is close by. Driving downtown during rush hour is the only downfall to living in Fishers!
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  17. 17


    • Suburb of Columbus, OH
    • 16 reviews
    Niche User:I love this town! It's full of so many opportunities from ages 3 and up. From schools, to job opportunities, and even groceries. The community is beautiful thanks to a very committed group of council members hard at work to make sure Bexley stays a gorgeous and safe community for its people to enjoy.
    More about Bexley
  18. 18


    • Suburb of St. Louis, MO
    • 3 reviews
    Current Resident:Clayton has one of the best school districts in the nation. Clayton also boasts multiple hotels, many excellent restaurants, and a couple nice parks.
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  19. 19

    Long Grove

    • Suburb of Chicago, IL
    • 5 reviews
    Current Resident:This town is quite historic, people from all over come to visit it during all of the seasonal festivals. The town is very into decorating for all of the holidays and festivities. It is quant and wants to remain a historical town rather an upgraded town. The food places are very good and the shops are cute - slightly overpriced. The residents are all friendly and welcoming. It is very safe yet still close to other major stores like grocery stores and pharmacies.
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  20. 20

    Creve Coeur

    • Suburb of St. Louis, MO
    • 27 reviews
    Current Resident:Creve Coeur is a super pretty place to live in. There aren't a lot of people living here which is nice compared to nearby cities so I would say that traffic around Creve Coeur is not bad at all. The people are friendly, and there are many stores and shops here.
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  21. 21

    Franklin Park

    • Suburb of Pittsburgh, PA
    • 38 reviews
    Current Resident:Wonderful area. Very safe, diverse, and calming. Great public school district, and good opportunities for student age people to get involved in the community
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  22. 22


    • Suburb of Cincinnati, OH
    • 7 reviews
    Former Resident:Great small town with amazing schools. Neighbors are some of the nicest people I have met, and the teachers at the schools truly care about you.
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  23. 23


    • Suburb of Austin, TX
  24. 24

    East Grand Rapids

    • Suburb of Grand Rapids, MI
    • 16 reviews
    Niche User:There is almost no crime in East Grand Rapids. Sometimes the police wait at certain intersections to give speeding tickets. The police/public safety station is in Gaslight Village, very visible and accessible.
    More about East Grand Rapids
  25. 25


    • City in Virginia
    • 55 reviews
    Current Resident:Arlington is a very beautiful area! So many national monuments near by to visit and admire. Lots of trails for exercising and health food stores for people who love to live that healthy lifestyle. Only down side would be the traffic, but it's not anything someone can't handle.
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