2017 Best Places to Buy a House in North Carolina

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    • Suburb of Raleigh, NC
    • 31 reviews
    Current Resident:Morrisville a great place to live. I moved here with my parents 5 years ago and have only had positive experiences. I live in a townhouse in a small close knit community, that is only a three minute walk away from a Harris Teeter, Gas Station, Subways, Pizza Place, Indian grocery stores, and many more restaurants. The crime levels around here as far as I know are very low. The only thefts that I have heard of happened a couple miles over in Cary. Kids who live in Morrisville also have access to great elementary schools like Cedar Fork, middle schools like Davis Drive and West Cary, and high schools like Panther Creek and Green Hope. Many of my neighbors and my dad all work in the IT Department, as it is always looking for new employees. There are also several other job opportunities here for adults and teenagers like myself. Overall, it's a great place to live and highly recommend it to anyone moving to North Carolina or looking for a new place to live.
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    Holly Springs

    • Suburb of Raleigh, NC
    • 65 reviews
    Current Resident:Holly Springs has grown in the past seven years since I moved to North Carolina. A lot of people from the upper states have relocated to this small city. It is mostly because the public schools in this area are ranked very high compared to others in the state. Therefore, families are encouraged to buy within the area and have their children go to good schools. Recently, a shopping center was built and a highway was reconstructed which led to an expressway towards Raleigh/Durham. This had led more people within the Triangle to move in or near Holly Springs. Three years ago before the mall was built, there was not much to do. But now, there are restaurants, a cinema, and different shopping centers that people can go to.
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    Boiling Springs

    • Town in North Carolina
    • 3 reviews
    Former Resident:I love Boiling Springs. With only one stoplight, it may make you think this small town isn't capable of doing big things, but that just isn't true. Between Gardner-Webb University, and all of the local small town businesses, Boiling Springs is booming. The local high schools, Crest High School and Shelby High School, are known for their outstanding academics and football. In 19 years of residency, I only heard of one instance where residents didn't feel safe, which was due to issues at the college. Nightlife is quiet, if you want a party at night, you can drive to nearby cities of Shelby or Forest City. Boiling Springs is extremely family friendly, which is why young families are abundant there. There are plenty of Real Estate Opportunities, from the suburbia of local neighborhoods to rural life out in the country, they are a five-minute drive away. Everything you have is nearby, and you can live a comfortable life. Boiling Springs is amazing and I wish I could tell you more.
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    Bermuda Run

    • Town in North Carolina
    • 7 reviews
    Niche User:We do not experience too much crime in this area.
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    • Suburb of Raleigh, NC
    • 249 reviews
    Current Resident:I love Cary! It's one of the best places to raise a family. There's really nice shopping centers, parks, and greenways all throughout Cary. If you sign up for town of Cary updates, the town is really great about updating you on public safety, crime, road closures, new businesses, etc. The downtown Cary is really nice too. Everything is kept nice and clean.
    The downsides to Cary is everything comes with a price. The taxes are high and housing is expensive. I would also like to see better traffic safety. I rarely find police patrol in school zones and people are REALLY bad about running red lights, but there is nothing being done to fix it. Red light cameras would be a great thing here.
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  6. 6


    • Suburb of Raleigh, NC
    • 105 reviews
    Current Resident:I moved to Apex, North Carolina when I was 8 from New Jersey. You can imagine it was quite a shocking change, but a good one. At the time, Apex had a small town feel, where you knew many people and everything had easy access. I was able to find community activates to participate in, such as gymnastics. My neighborhood is great, and has annual Christmas parties and sleigh rides in winter and pizza parties and yard sales in the summer. However, Apex has been growing at a rapid rate for many years now, and many things are changing that we as townspeople do not like. Homes are being built where there used to be beautiful woods. Schools are overflowing and classrooms are packed. A Publix is being built right across from an elementary school, where my favorite festive house was. They knocked down a hidden mansion to build another neighborhood. The thing is I do not want to see Apex change. It already has, and it can be argued whether it was for the better or not.
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  7. 7


    • Town in North Carolina
    • 28 reviews
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    • Suburb of Charlotte, NC
    • 5 reviews
    Niche User:I love living in North Carolina, it's beautiful, and my allergies are a lot better in this state. I moved from Livonia, Michigan back in November 2005.
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    • Town in North Carolina
  10. 10

    Skippers Corner

    • Town in North Carolina
    • 2 reviews
    Niche User:The people and atmosphere is great overall but sometimes traffic is bad.
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    • Suburb of Charlotte, NC
    • 26 reviews
    Niche User:I love living where I do! I find the people here to be very nice, and find there are a lot of fun and interesting things to do. With great shops and areas for you to fine fun hobbies, you can't go wrong!
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    Fearrington Village

    • Town in North Carolina
  13. 13


    • Town in North Carolina
    • 7 reviews
    Niche User:I truly adore my hometown, however many members of the population do not wish for the town to gain more economic growth. Almost everyone who lives in Stokesdale does not work in the town, and most commute about to 30 minutes. The reason there has been a lack of employment is because Stokesdale does not want to lose it's "small town feel," however I think some new businesses would bring in great opportunities for the citizens of Stokesdale, North Carolina.
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    • Suburb of Charlotte, NC
    • 21 reviews
    Current Resident:Small town, country charm right outside of large Charlotte (about 45 minutes from downtown, including traffic/19 miles). Historic shops and buildings, Friday night events during summer and special community events throughout the year including holiday celebrations, animal care events, and school related functions. Town has great small eateries and local farmer's market.
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  15. 15


    • Town in North Carolina
    • 3 reviews
    Nearby Resident:Welcome is a very small town, that almost no one, who does not live there, knows of. Welcome contains an elementary, middle and high school, a few different restaurants and gas stations and one store. Although, there are not many things to do on the weekend or anytime, Welcome is a great town to live in. Welcome has taught me how to appreciate living in a small town. Living here will change your views on many things in life. Additionally, the best thing about living in such a small town, is knowing almost everyone. It is a good feeling knowing there are a bunch of people there to help you when you need it.
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  16. 16


    • Town in North Carolina
    • 30 reviews
    Niche User:Clemmons is a beautiful area of the beautiful state of NC and it is a wonderful sub-city of Winston Salem. It is bustling with activity without being too crowded. There are plenty of restaurants to sample and it is in the perfect location. A short drive right into the heart of Winston and a shorter drive to Greensboro, Charlotte, and Raleigh. Perfect location, a lot of food options; what's not to love?!
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  17. 17


    • Suburb of Charlotte, NC
    • 16 reviews
    Current Resident:I have lived in Harrisburg, NC since 2002. I was 8 years old and grew up in the public schools of Harrisburg. I thoroughly enjoyed Harrisburg's public schools until I started high school at Hickory Ridge. I went there for my first two years and did not enjoy it. Luckily, I was able to transfer to Performance Learning Center (PLC) in Concord, NC where I was able to work on my classes at my own pace. Having the opportunity to go to PLC has been my favorite part about living in Harrisburg so far.
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  18. 18

    Mountain View

    • Town in North Carolina
  19. 19


    • Suburb of Charlotte, NC
    • 24 reviews
    Niche User:My little suburb of Charlotte is absolutely the perfect place to grow up. The people are kind and caring, and the house is close enough to the city that entertainment is never hard to come by. At the same time, it's far enough away from the city that crime isn't something to worry about, and it's quiet at night. While I want to move somewhere with a bit more energy as I enter my professional life, I would definitely recommend Matthews as a place to grow up.
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  20. 20

    Royal Pines

    • Town in North Carolina
  21. 21


    • Suburb of Charlotte, NC
    • 134 reviews
    Niche User:I live in a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina, called Huntersville. When I was a little over a year old, my parents moved my entire family because my dad got a job in Charlotte. In 1999, the population of Huntersville was a little under 20,000 people. It's been 17 years since we have moved here, and the expanding wheat fields next to my neighborhood have evolved into shopping centers that bring countless numbers of shoppers from other suburbs around Charlotte. The population has skyrocketed to over 50,000. Huntersville has become a town that many people have heard of now, with new, trendy restaurants ranging from high-end sushi restaurants to rustic burger bars. Huntersville is conveniently located about twenty minutes from the city, with many employees, like my dad, commuting on the bus system to work every day. Just past Charlotte is Carowinds, an amusement park that brings countless tourists to my area from all over the country. Charlotte is a growing city, with plenty of jobs opening every day. The Bank of America headquarters is located in Charlotte, which opens up many jobs that place hopeful employees in Charlotte's suburbs. Also, there are a few shopping malls in the area, including one outdoor mall called Birkdale located in the heart of Huntersville.
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  22. 22


    • Town in North Carolina
    • 14 reviews
    Current Resident:Jamestown is a small town in North Carolina in the triad area. It is in between Greensboro and High Point. It is very small and there are not too many choices in things to do, places to eat, etc. However, there is a cute area downtown Jamestown that has a very nice restaurant (Southern Roots) and a couple of fun bars. One bar, called The Deck, has live music on the weekends and usually has food trucks outside too. It is a lot of fun to go hang out with friends!
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  23. 23


    • Town in North Carolina
    • 4 reviews
  24. 24

    Wake Forest

    • Suburb of Raleigh, NC
    • 90 reviews
    Works Here:My overall experience with Wake Forest is great! I have been around in the area for about almost 5 years and have meet many new people, tried new foods, and learned more about different nationalities.
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  25. 25

    Trent Woods

    • Town in North Carolina
    • 14 reviews