2017 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Chicago Metro

Explore the best neighborhoods to live in the U.S. based on crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, CDC, and other sources.

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  1. 1

    Printers Row

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 1 review
    Former Resident:Diverse, vibrant neighborhood that is super close to the loop. Some of the neighborhood fixtures (bars, bookstores, and historical buildings) give the area a cozy feel but the new apartments and condos and the general diversity of the area also make it feel very vibrant and exciting. Printers Row is literally steps from to the major downtown festivals and events in the summer (e.g., Blues Fest, Taste, Draft Town), and has a huge annual event in its own (LitFest).
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  2. 2

    West Loop

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 5 reviews
    Current Resident:Great neighborhood, grew up here and lived here. The elementary schools and high schools in the neighborhood are high achieving. There are a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as markets for buying fresh foods. I have never had a problem with not feeling safe, and the people you meet are friendly.
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  3. 3


    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
  4. 4

    Near South Side

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 9 reviews
    Parent:This area is located within walking distance of stores, restaurants and entertainment. Parking is very expensive but public transportation is readily available.
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  5. 5

    Hyde Park

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 64 reviews
    Former Resident:Hyde Park has been under development for years. The neighborhood has plethora of stores, restaurants, bars, salons, a gym, several dentists, etc. You're guaranteed to find whatever you need! There's two local high schools and a couple of elementary schools. It's a ver safe and diverse environment.
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  6. 6


    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 53 reviews
    Current Resident:There's always something to do once you step out of your place. From great museums, theater, night light, restaurants. I particularly loving walking on the Riverwalk and taking in the beautiful sights and architecture this city has to offer!
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  7. 7

    Old Town

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 24 reviews
    Current Resident:I've lived in Old Town all my life. Old Town is one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. The neighborhood is somewhat environmentally friendly. Many of the residents in the area prefer to take the train or ride a DIVVY bike which are stationed in most of the blocks. The main thing I like about the area is the Art festival. It's very unique and brings many different walks of life into the neighborhood. I love Old Town.
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  8. 8

    Gold Coast

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 7 reviews
    Former Resident:Its delightful & friendly neighborhood with endless opportunities by choice with an Essence that all things are possible!
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  9. 9

    Wicker Park

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 43 reviews
    Current Resident:In frank terms, Wicker Park is the Williamsburg Brooklyn of Chicago. Wicker Park is a great place to live whether you are a recent college graduate, young professional, or new family. The neighborhood is full of great restaurants, coffee shops, and nightlife. Stay in the Robey Hotel for a swanky experience in the heart of the neighborhood and grab a bite to eat at the newly opened Publican Anker across the street for one of the best burgers in town. After, check out Subterranean for a concert and dancing. Whatever you like to do, you can find it here in Wicker Park!
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  10. 10


    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 5 reviews
    Current Resident:Streeterville is a windy neighborhood by Lake Michigan, and perhaps the coldest and wettest that I've known in the great city of Chicago. Yet it is close to many high-end restaurants and stores such as Niu and Whole Foods, urban attractions such as Navy Pier, and many transportation routes including buses, individual transport and green transport. It's an overall good place to go for diversity in entertainment and a practical place to be - especially for those such as myself who appreciate cold weather.
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  11. 11


    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 22 reviews
    Current Resident:Buck town is a thriving community on the Northwest side of Chicago. Nestled between Wick Parker and Logan Square, Buck town offers a diverse range of restaurants, music venues, shops, parks and theaters to frequent and interact with locals. The 606 trail runs through Buck town where community members can walk with their families, biker can train for upcoming races, and runners can get their exercise in. Buck town is just a short ride from downtown Chicago on the Chicago Transit Authority's Blue line.
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  12. 12

    River North

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 29 reviews
    Current Resident:Very Convenient plenty of things to do and great commute options. There's the EL & Metra, Divy & uber or zip car. You don't need a car as many places are walking distance. For those cold snowy nights; uber is usually $6-10 pending where you're going!
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  13. 13

    Lake View

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 104 reviews
    Niche User:I can see myself returning to this area after I graduate from college. Right now my parents live in the Lincoln Park area which is home to many restaurants, thrift shops, grocery stores, coffee shops etc. It is a great place to be outside and roaming around with friends and family. If you like sushi, there is a great place called Yuki Hana which has 3$ everything on the menu till 7 PM every day! This place is very nostalgic for me because I attended Lincoln Park High School. It is generally a really safe area and it is a great area for people to be subjected to a huge diversity of people coming from all over the world.
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  14. 14

    Lincoln Park

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 39 reviews
    Current Resident:Eclectic mixture of commercial and residential life alongside its fantastic location along Lake Michigan make this neighborhood great for both young professionals as well as families. Elementary and high schools within the area are both top performers in the area. The only main concern would be the price of living, however if one can afford to live in this area there are very few others that compare within the Chicago area for overall combination of dining, housing, recreation and education. Situated outside of downtown but still within easy access to public transportation.
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  15. 15


    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 39 reviews
    Current Resident:Beverly is a small neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. It has a public elementary school (Sutherland) which is very good. Being a teenager, my parents are worried about my safety, but I often remind them that we live in Beverly and that somewhat puts their worries at ease. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of nighttime activities to be a part of. Beverly is a very family friendly community with a short commute to downtown or Orland Park, Illinois. There are numerous job opportunities for teenagers and I have found it very easy to get a job at the local park district (Ridge Park) located on 96th and Longwood street. Overall, Beverly is an ideal neighborhood to live in if one can afford the cost of living. The average cost of a house in Beverly is about $320,000.
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  16. 16

    North Center

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 27 reviews
    Niche User:The neighborhood I grew up in & live in is right off of a main street in Chicago. Even though the busy street is right there, the street I grew up felt blocked away like a suburban subdivision. There are restaurants, food stores & small shops of any kind around. It is safe & comfortable as well, with very little activity occurring on the street. Near by is a park & multiple schools & highschools.
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  17. 17

    Sauganash/Forest Glen

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 36 reviews
    Niche User:Atmosphere is friendly and enjoyable. Train stations and CTAs are very accessible to travel into the city or out. Education continues to improve, although political figures are not the most bright at the moment. The city is beautiful at day and night, managing always to take my breath away.
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  18. 18

    Rush & Division

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 3 reviews
    Parent:I could very well never leave this area. Convenience is everything to me and you can get to any service needed with in a 1 mile radius. Clean and well maintained.
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  19. 19


    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 9 reviews
    Current Resident:I knew nothing about Andersonville when my realtor suggested an apartment located at one of the main intersections in this northern Chicago neighborhood. I put all my trust in her because she said it was a perfect up-and-coming neighborhood for a millenial in graduate school like me. At my doorstep, I have access to very unique restaurants and boutiques. Although I've been there for about a year now, there are still new things for me to discover!
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  20. 20

    Sheffield & DePaul

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 14 reviews
    Niche User:I love where I live. It is perfect for me and the time in my life I am in.
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  21. 21


    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 3 reviews
    Niche User:I love my neighborhood in Chi-town! Everyone is friendly and there is always something to do. There are tons of festivals and the lake shore is close.
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  22. 22

    East Village

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
  23. 23

    West Town

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 21 reviews
    Former Resident:West Town, stretching west from the Milwaukee Blue Line stop along Chicago Avenue, offers a palatable blend of historic and modern buildings, fun and friendly entertainment for all types, and excellent food at all hours of the day. Fantastic food can be found at longstanding venues such as El Taco Veloz and Cafe Central, LUSH, as well as at newer establishments like Butterfly Sushi, Five Star Grill, and Yuzu Robata Grill. Boutiques and galleries from the quaint to the outrageous pepper the spaces between restaurants and apartment dwellings. This up and coming area feels safe at all hours, even allowing a person to run after dark along the well-lit sidewalks.
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  24. 24


    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 1 review
    Current Resident:I currently live in Wrigleyville and some time it's a pain and you love it. It's a pain when there is something going on at Wrigley Field due to the lack of parking. But, you love it because of the great places around here and because the redline is easily accessible.
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  25. 25

    Edison Park

    • Neighborhood in Chicago, IL
    • 13 reviews
    Current Resident:Here in Edison Park, we are at the border of Chicago proving us to be city yet suburban. Our neighborhoods are quiet and filled with the most prompt citizens. Growing up here, I remember all the times when I was little, and thinking about eventually having to move away scares me. My whole life has been based in Edison Park with its school, park, plethora of restaurants, and even just walking on its sidewalks brings great significance. Walking through Edison Park every morning while going to school, seeing the familiar streets, gives me a sense of home outside my home. Even though I live in a house, I will always live in Edison Park.
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