2017 Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family in New York City Metro

Explore the best neighborhoods to raise a family based on public schools, crime rates, cost of living, and family-friendly amenities. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, CDC, and other data sources.

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  1. 1

    Battery Park City

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 6 reviews
    Current Resident:The parks, the activities, the views , the schools, the convenience, and now the stores and restaurants are all reasons to love BPC. Every neighborhood in NYC may have downsides - you give up something - parks for restaurants or schools for convenience - not in BPC. Love it here!
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  2. 2


    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 1 review
    Nearby Resident:I love the vibe here. The rocks by the water is one of my favorite spots in the city! The buildings all look very charming but have new aesthetic as well.
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  3. 3


    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 2 reviews
    Current Resident:Tribeca was once the neighborhood of trailblazers who settled into the community before it was "the place to be." One would awaken to the aroma of the Martinson's Coffee warehouse located at what now is Robert DiNero's hotel and restaurant at the southwest corner of Greenwich and North Moore Streets. On weekdays, one would encounter the hustle and bustle of egg and cheese purveyors at their warehouses, that are now condo lofts, scattered throughout the neighborhood; now offices workers dominate those streets. Evenings used to remind me of nights in the low desert of the Mojave Desert in Southern California, sans the cry of coyotes. Now, there are street lights along Greenwich Street where stop signs once were while teens used it as a football field. The peaceful nights, aromatic days, and easy commute attracted me to Tribeca. The shopping, restaurants, and enviable housing deal keep me here, though not necessarily in that order.
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  4. 4

    Spuyten Duyvil

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 3 reviews
    Niche User:It is really cold but is a great area with options
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  5. 5

    South Slope

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 2 reviews
    Niche User:Where I live there isn't really any crime. From time to time I seen vandalism, which isn't too concerning. Police don't often come here as most are law abiding citizens, if there are seen most of the time they are just passing by.
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  6. 6

    Windsor Terrace

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 20 reviews
    Current Resident:Love this neighborhood, from all of the closeness it fosters to the way the leaves change colour in the autumn. Has a more suburban feel with the convenience of living in the city.
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  7. 7

    Park Slope

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 17 reviews
    Current Resident:With great schools, shopping, restaurants, a park, and more all within walking distance, Park Slope makes everything really convenient. It's very safe and an overall friendly community. While some parts of the neighborhood are more family-oriented, there are parts that have a very active night scene. With beautiful brownstone buildings and the one and only Park Slope Food Coop, it's a perfect neighborhood.
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  8. 8


    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 13 reviews
    Current Resident:Riverdale is a warm community where many people know each other. It is family friendly and has community events that revolve around school and church life. There are a number of great restaurants, including Becafinos and Bronx Burger House. There are a majority of Catholics and Jews. North Riverdale has many shops. The main “mall” is kosher. It is mostly a residential area with very little to do for fun. There is easy access to public transportation which will take you directly into Manhattan. Riverdale is also home to Manhattan College. Students enjoy bars in Riverdale. Van Cortlandt park is blocks from the college where you can run, walk, bike, swim, and play sports. There are also trails. Riverdale also has a horse stable where you can take lessons or just watch the horses roam. All in all, Riverdale is a beautiful and friendly place to live.
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  9. 9

    Upper East Side

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 46 reviews
    Current Resident:Friendly, clean, and many great restaurants! There are subways and buses in this neighborhood that typically run on schedule. There are convenience stores, gyms, coffee shops, and schools all within walking distance.
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  10. 10

    Brooklyn Heights

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 18 reviews
    Visitor:I've been to Brooklyn Heights about 3 times in my life and I can't stress enough how beautiful it is! There's so many great landmarks, brownstones and of course the beautiful Brooklyn Promenade. Everyone has to go at least twice in their life! I promise you won't regret it. It's peaceful, it's beautiful and the view is amazing!
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  11. 11

    Upper West Side

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 133 reviews
    Niche User:The Upper West Side of Manhattan is the best place to live. The community is diverse, safe, and bustling. Everyone from young families, older couples, to students live in the area. The neighborhood is one of the safest and cleanest in New York. Another plus: not too many tourists clogging up the street! You could eat in a different restaurant for every meal for the rest of your life and you wouldn't be able to get to all of the restaurants in the neighborhood. Everyone is friendly (despite what the rest of America thinks of New Yorkers!) and I plan on raising a family here when the time comes. UWS is a 5 star experience!
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  12. 12

    Columbia St

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 2 reviews
  13. 13

    Carroll Gardens

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 15 reviews
    Current Resident:I've lived in the neighborhood for 10 years and have seen it changed dramatically. There are more families that have moved here due to excellent elementary public schools.
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  14. 14

    Roosevelt Island

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 4 reviews
    Niche User:Its being great alot of fun activties around the island I live in. Every thing is nearby and easier to get stuff you want like a shop and the post office just door steps away.
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  15. 15

    Cobble Hill

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
  16. 16

    Fort Wadsworth

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
  17. 17

    Hollis Hills

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
  18. 18

    Boerum Hill

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 3 reviews
    Niche User:Beautiful neighborhood with a strong sense of community. The proximity to downtown Brooklyn and the accessibility to Manhattan makes this area an amazing place to live. As well as being in a nice area, it is very safe, full of kind people and is a beautiful, quiet part of Brooklyn that is surprising for how close it is to Downtown.
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  19. 19

    Prospect Heights

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 9 reviews
    Current Resident:This neighborhood is amazing, the mix of different people and community is wonderful. I love how you can eat a huge range of different cuisines. The neighborhood has a mix of families, different genders, lots of dogs, and different ethnicities. I find my neighbors to be very friendly and well meaning people. The night-life is great. I also love walking around in the evening. The proximity to Prospect Park is amazing!!
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  20. 20


    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 3 reviews
    Niche User:Crime rates are pretty low in this area, especially for the Bronx. The Bronx has a reputation for being a bad area but there has only been a few cases of theft in the area since I moved in which happens living on a college campus.
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  21. 21


    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 56 reviews
    Current Resident:I have moved here, to Chelsea from Western Massachusetts to attend college and I absolutely love this neighborhood! It is kept very clean, is consistently overseen by police officers in the nearby station, and very family-friendly. There are lots of food variety options; everything from your guilty fast food pleasures to organic & vegan choices as well. The streets are very easy to navigate and if you are unsure, there are always residents who are willing to help & answer any questions! It is a bustling, fast-moving community and a great choice for anyone with the similar lifestyle!
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  22. 22

    Murray Hill

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 9 reviews
    Current Resident:Murray Hill neighborhood is filled with people from different cultures, businesses, and living complexes. There's always something to do or somewhere to go such as the grocery store, pizza store, newspaper stand, restaurants, clothing boutique, pharmacy, movie theater, and libraries. Murray Hill feels safe because there’s a sense of community, closure, and security. The mixture of locals, commuters, and tourists enhances the diversity in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is often quiet, but once it hits rush hour during the afternoon and at nighttime, that’s when the streets become the busiest. From all 5 boroughs, I’m glad I chose to live in such a welcoming place.
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  23. 23

    Sea Gate

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
  24. 24

    Financial District

    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY
    • 19 reviews
    Niche User:I love living in the Financial District. I always have access to any part of the city. Almost every subway line stops through Fulton Station. The area is super safe, and I have never felt threatened coming home. There are three grocery stores walking distance, and many give student discounts. It's a younger crowd living in this area because Pace University is right here.
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  25. 25


    • Neighborhood in New York City, NY