2017 Most Diverse Cities in America

Explore the most diverse cities in the U.S. based on ethnic and economic diversity statistics by city from the U.S. Census.

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    • City in California
    • 209 reviews
    Current Resident:I love the old architecture and how friendly everybody is! You can't walk down the street or into the grocery store without someone stopping to say hi and ask you about your day. It is very quaint and charming and feels old fashioned because everyone walks slow and takes their time. There are beautiful hiking trails with views of the bay, and a convenient ferry service to San Francisco and other parts of the Bay Area. I also highly recommend thrift shopping here because there are lots of independent thrift stores owned by wonderful people with great prices. The Bay Area rappers like E40 and Nef the Pharoah are from Vallejo, and they are famous for creating iconic Bay Area words like "hella" and "hyphy". Vallejo is a charming hidden secret of the Bay Area that will hopefully stay a quaint working class haven because commuters don't want to move here and pay the extra bridge toll to get here.
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    • City in California
    • 96 reviews
    Current Resident:Oakland is richly diverse, and a hub of activity. It's libraries, business, and artistic communities are world renowned. Additionally, Oakland is nestled within close proximity to the University of California at Berkeley, and itself boasts quality academic institutions such as the California College of the Arts. Family and community friendly it is a good place to settle and build a life and a career, whatever your goals and objectives might be. And if you like sports, Oakland is home to undefeated, world champion, boxing Olympian Andre Ward; the famed Oracle Arena; and the world champion Oakland Athletic baseball and Golden State Warrior basketball teams! Oakland California come check it out!
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    Jersey City

    • City in New Jersey
    • 64 reviews
    Current Resident:I love how diverse Jersey City, New Jersey is. I grew up in the heights section of the city in a safe neighborhood. People in the neighborhood are very friendly, and keep an eye out for one another. What I love most is how convenient it is to leave my house and take a walk to the store or walk to the path station so I can travel into New York City. The parks in the neighborhoods were recently refurbished so children and future generations can enjoy such luxuries. I'm proud of my city!
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    • City in California
    • 180 reviews
    Current Resident:Fairfield is a great little town! The population is around 100,000, and growing. The community is great, the schools are decent, and the crime is fairly low. Downtown Fairfield is a little dirty, and low income families tend to move into that area. But the majority of Fairfield is apart of the middle class, and a decent amount is in the upper classes.
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    • City in California
    • 168 reviews
    Current Resident:Sacramento is definitely growing! The city formerly known as the city of tree is now named farm to fork capital of the nation. There's an abundant of restaurants that are worth trying and great micro breweries all around. It's definitely affordable to live in Sacramento, with midtown being the prime spot, especially with the addition of the new sports Arena that recently opened. Sacramento is in an ideal location and within driving distance to great places- Lakes (Folsom Lake), Mountains (Tahoe), and Beaches ( Santa Cruz, San Francisco, etc).
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    New York City

    • City in New York
    • 350 reviews
    Current Resident:If you're accustomed to the fast-paced life, then New York City is the place to be! There are a lot of activities to do and things to see in the Big Apple. Two strengths this city has is diversity and creativity. Many people from all over the world comes to visit and/or become a resident here. For us to respect and embrace one another, despite the tone of our skin, is amazing. There are also many talented people that resides in New York City. Whether there's someone singing on the subway, dancing in the Middle of 14th Street Union Square, or doing some visual arts performance by City Hall, you'll never know what you'll see.

    One thing that can be improved in New York City is the cost of living. Living in New York City is possible, but it can also be challenging. The rent can be pricey and some apartments are really small. Living there can be rough, but there's always something to do.

    If you feel like living in New York City is too expensive, I would definitely recommend visiting!
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    • City in California
    • 58 reviews
    Current Resident:Hayward is a welcoming city. It is home to my university, California State University - East Bay (CSUEB). It serves a diverse community that cares about the environment and works to keep the city green. The Keep Hayward Clean and Green organization lends a helping hand by voluntarily picking up trash and waste around the city. CSUEB students also take a part volunteering for that effort as well every October for Make a Difference Day. The city has potential to thrive given the downtown area is undergoing a transformation by bringing new and fantastic things, such as a new library and an enhanced shopping center. Currently, there are many housing properties in development. However, given the city rests directly on a fault line, it is extremely earthquake prone and there is a need to remodel and retrofit older housing complexes, as evident in appearance. Other than this, the city is beautiful!
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    • City in Texas
    • 299 reviews
    Current Resident:I have been here in killeen for a year now, and what I love most about killeen is the fact that everything is convenient. The people here are from all over the world, especially with this being a military town, so there is opportunity to meet all kinds of people and learn about their culture and beliefs. Overall, it is amazing here!
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    • City in California
    • 514 reviews
    Current Resident:I've lived in Stockton, Ca my entire life. It isn't as bad as the media makes it out to be. My experience has been mostly positive. I love my city despite some of the things that happen here. I've been apart of this community for a long time and I've never felt discriminated against or out of place. It helps to have a lot of family and friends here. It's not an awful place to live and there are many nice aspects of this city. Downtown is probably the most popular and most known part of town, which isn't surprising. The waterfront is a nice place to hangout and the theatre is right across. One of my personal favorite parts of town is actually miracle mile. The shops are super cute and the theatre and coffee shop are my favorite places to hangout. Lincoln center is also a nice area. The 2 malls are always super busy considering the area they're in. Delta college is right across from there and university of the pacific is in the vicinity as well. It's a pretty good city!
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    • City in California
    • 62 reviews
    Current Resident:My experience in Pasadena have been great! There is a lot of historical buildings and a sense of community here in Pasadena California. There are a variety of restaurants and including a variety of department stores that make living here in Pasadena accessible for community living. In addition, the choices for the outdoors is amazing for hiking, biking, and appreciating the mountains and rock streams make this an adventuress place to live.
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  11. 11

    Long Beach

    • City in California
    • 225 reviews
    Current Resident:I am grateful to come from such a diverse and inclusive city! Long Beach has people of every background, affiliation, and ability. Public services do their best to accommodate the diverse needs of the citizens. Free and affordable programs are offered through parks, libraries, senior centers, public agencies, and more. Long Beach is a large city that has a plethora of dining options as well as an array of activities. We also have access to major nearby cities through public transportation. Long Beach is an ocean front city with several mountains and lakes close enough to visit for a day trip. Anything you can imagine, from intimate social activities to extreme sports, can be found in Long Beach, California.
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  12. 12


    • City in Texas
    • 468 reviews
    Current Resident:Irving has such a diverse atmosphere not only in the public schools but community held events. Which get people outside of their homes to meet the other community members, in the 18 years I have been living here this new experience they brought is phenomenal and I hope they continue to do this for years to come. My favorite was the Christmas Jubilee where companies in the community came out and served food for free as well as holding different activities for younger kids and teenagers. I was amazed by the turn out yet to realize Irving is such a diverse place filled with different cultures that should be embraced!
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  13. 13


    • City in Illinois
    • 670 reviews
    Current Resident:I love this city! I was drawn to Chicago because of its diversity. I attend classes with peers who come from a variety of backgrounds- many very different from my own. I appreciate hearing and learning from their perspectives. Furthermore, Chicago attracts artists from all over there world. Living downtown, I have access to a multitude of performance venues, in addition to museums and exhibits. As a college student pursuing a dance degree, these aspects have enriched my learning experience and inspired my creative practice.
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  14. 14


    • City in Washington
    • 71 reviews
    Current Resident:Coming down the street you notice every corner Hispanic and Thai restaurants and markets; the local downtown area houses buildings created in the 1800's still standing and being used today. During the summer is the greatest! Every weekend a farmers market opens up and for almost two miles downtown every small business and upcoming business and artists sell their wares and share their experiences and joy of living and working in this area. The local high school has been named the most diverse in the nation; between Grandma's Thai restaurant and a small local Japanese couple taking only cash for their amazing sushi rolls Kent has always been a wonderful place to live and enjoy. Outside of the cozy downtown you will notice a large 20 mile square area of professional businesses and a local Amazon warehouse offering many jobs opportunity's for any locals in the area.
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  15. 15

    New Haven

    • City in Connecticut
    • 12 reviews
    Current Resident:New Haven is a wonderful city for academics looking to hone their intellectual ideas because the city is home to Yale University, a higher education institution almost unparalleled in the world. The city also offers white-collar workers job opportunities in the finance district in downtown New Haven, where there is an abundance of restaurants and other entertainment venues to recharge in.
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  16. 16

    San Jose

    • City in California
    • 244 reviews
    Current Resident:Definitely a perfect fit for anyone looking for quintessential suburban life mixed with lots of diversity! Despite being labelled as one of the largest cities in the US, San Jose definitely maintains a small-town feeling, as it consists mostly of numerous suburban neighborhoods clustered around a rather small (and underwhelming) downtown area. Being in the Silicon Valley, cost of living is steep, as homes are in high demand due to the concentration of job and education opportunities. People are super friendly, though, and the weather is almost always great (gotta love being in California!). Traffic is generally a non-issue outside of rush hour times (during which it is definitely borderline horrific at times).
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  17. 17


    • City in Texas
    • 517 reviews
    Current Resident:Arlington, Texas's geographical location is perfect for individuals wanting to between Dallas and Fort Worth! Allowing a short drive east or west to either city to find more fun and work. Arlington is well known for being the home of the Texas Rangers Stadium and the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Creating an eventful location filled with countless restaurants and attractions such as Six Flags over Texas and Hurricane Harbor. Since the city has numerous attractions individuals tend to gravitate and spend money in Arlington providing the city with a steady flow of income. Which in turn results in the area being policed and governed properly and efficiently. The neighborhood here is genuinely quiet compared to that of Fort Worth and Dallas, even with all of the traffic from both cities.
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  18. 18


    • City in Massachusetts
    • 265 reviews
    Current Resident:Boston is a fantastic city with a ton of different activities at any given time! In the summer time, there are loads of free events (concerts, park performances, museum openings, and sports events) for people of all ages, and the city really comes to life when the weather gets warm. The city is incredibly walkable, and the public transportation (though sometimes inconsistent and a little pricey) makes getting around really easy. Each neighborhood has a unique atmosphere, and the local bars and restaurants definitely add to those. Prices for rent and drinks in the city can be a little high, but for a young adult the night life is pretty great.
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  19. 19

    San Diego

    • City in California
    • 122 reviews
    Current Resident:San Diego is a fantastic large city with a small town feel. Each neighborhood expresses it own unique personality. There is a endless supply of terrific food and craft beer. From nightlife to parks to the gorgeous beaches, there is always something to do!
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  20. 20


    • City in Florida
    • 445 reviews
    Current Resident:What I really seem to admire about Orlando is the extensiveness of our unique diversified community. It really makes Orlando one of a kind throughout numerous cities among the United States. There is also a vast amount of activities to take apart of here! We have so many attractions such as Universal, Sea World, and Busch Gardens, that is certainly one amazing weekend to have planned. One thing I would change about Orlando is probably our lack of convenient housing for students and our general population. Other than that, I can genuinely say I'm satisfied with our community.
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  21. 21

    San Francisco

    • City in California
    • 196 reviews
    Current Resident:San Francisco is a historical city with plenty of touristic landmarks to visit. What I love about this city is its diverse community and friendly environment. People are very open minded and it feels like a welcoming environment. Small businesses are able to thrive due to the curiosity of San Franciscans who enjoy trying new types of food. You can literally find small local businesses in every corner. Are you in the mood for Peruvian food? Maybe you're in the mood for Chinese, Japanese, or Indian food? San Francisco offers a variety of places to eat, with plenty of these places enriched with cultural dishes, traditions, and art. Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in this little big city. Enjoy learning about the abundant amount of history behind its breathtaking landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, lombard street, and much more!
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  22. 22


    • City in Texas
    • 1,484 reviews
    Current Resident:Houston is a big city with lots to offer, and it continues to grow each year. From the culture, which includes food, art and people, to the city itself, like the architecture and the land. Although it seems a big segregated, some neighborhoods are becoming more and more diverse. The restaurants and markets offer all kinds of food from around the world so there's always something new to try! I love being able to cook food from my culture or others because there's markets that specialize in groceries and meats that satisfy everyone. The city is passionate about the arts and you see beautiful murals, art installations and even decorated cars (art car is the term) all around! There's parks for the whole family, including the furry ones. I've lived in Houston all my life and I'm always finding something new to fall in love with. I work in the service industry and I'm constantly meeting people that just moved into Houston, so you bet it's growing.
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  23. 23

    Kansas City

    • City in Kansas
    • 241 reviews
    Current Resident:Kansas City, Kansas is a city of wonderful people. There are few rough patches, but there is still light shining there. My brother attends the local public school and there seems to be a lack of effort from the students, which leads to the education standards being lowered. The nightlife and safety in our neighborhood seems to be getting better over the last year. Healthy living is possible, as our family has many gardens and spends a lot of time outside, even though we are in the city. It is definitely family friendly, as there are many places for a family with young children to go. There are also many fun restaurants for young children. Cost of living isn't too bad. The diversity is amazing as Kansas City is a popular place for immigrants and refugees to come. The job opportunities in my neighborhood are very scarce, but driving just a couple minutes more, there are many different opportunities to work.
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  24. 24


    • City in California
    • 91 reviews
    Former Resident:Torrance is the place to be! Close by to several beaches, 15 minute drive to Los Angeles. Torrance is a city that carries all, they have great neighborhoods with all sorts of activities such as; bowling, movie theaters, extravagant malls, and hiking trails! Very nice clean city that is perfectly located close to Hollywood, Long Beach, and Downtown L.A.
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  25. 25


    • City in Connecticut
    • 284 reviews
    Current Resident:Bridgeport is a mosaic for all types of cultures and lifestyles. The city is so diverse that you can enjoy cuisine from different parts of the world all on the same block. Bridgeport hosts a bunch of events during all seasons there is something to do regardless of your interest and hobbies. The city is family friendly with tons to offer families like education, recreational activities, and amusement. For singles, Bridgeport has a budding night life and several hot spots to be social and enjoy poetry, food, or arts!
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