2016 Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living in America

Explore the cheapest cities to live in America relative to income. Ranking of cost of living by city based on the consumer price index and access to affordable housing (housing-to-income rates) using data from the U.S. Census and BLS.

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    Fort Wayne

    • City in Indiana
    • 452 reviews
    Niche User:I enjoy it a lot. I wouldn't change it. It's my parents home and I live on campus during the school year. The neighborhood is amazing though everyone is friendly and it's very homey. I feel always safe walking outside by myself or with friends.
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  2. 2


    • City in Indiana
    • 228 reviews
    Niche User:Evansville is a great place to be. It is a fairly large area but just some how there isn't much to do in this town. I do like the people and do believe that the atmosphere here is a great one. there is contently some new store or restaurant here and there but not much recreational activities.
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  3. 3


    • City in Texas
    • 162 reviews
    Niche User:There is great food, people here in west Texas are so nice, and I would never want to leave Texas! I might want to move out of this town to a bigger town in Texas once I get my degree but I love Texas!
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  4. 4


    • City in Alabama
    • 398 reviews
    Niche User:My neighbors are all looking out for each other. All the kids grew up together, and some still play in the street and each other's yards. I enjoy going to High School events, as I am in Grissom's SGA, and get free tickets to them. The Von Braun Center always has something going on, whether it's a play, or a circus act. The city also built an outdoor skating rink this winter to bring more people downtown. I enjoy all the events and people's involvement in this city.
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  5. 5


    • City in Kansas
    • 490 reviews
    Niche User:The overall experience of Wichita is very friendly and welcoming. The general atmosphere is very relaxing and calm. This city is a great, friendly-family city; once I grow older and have a family I would definitely move back and live here.This city compared to everywhere else in the country may be a bit small and after awhile you might not have much to do because you have experienced everything, you might think the city is a bit boring after a couple years.In the future, I believe that Wichita will grow and the city will have more shops and restaurants for more families to attend. This city is great as it is but it will grow into something greater in the future!
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  6. 6

    South Bend

    • City in Indiana
    • 141 reviews
    Niche User:The area is a very regular and general environment. It goes through all the seasons. The people are friendly enough, and the community and schools try to help people less fortunate.
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  7. 7


    • City in Alabama
    • 272 reviews
    Niche User:The people of Georgetown gets along with each other well. We call on each other whenever something comes up, and we come together to solve it. Most people would assist each other, others won't.But its a great place
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  8. 8


    • City in Minnesota
    • 112 reviews
  9. 9


    • City in Kansas
    • 205 reviews
    Niche User:The community is great. A few "bad" spots of town, but who doesn't have that. A variety of places to eat just slim on attractions definitely in the winter.
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  10. 10

    Cedar Rapids

    • City in Iowa
    • 233 reviews
    Niche User:It is an area that has things to do that a big city would, yet it has more of a small town feel. There is a wide range of activities available and people to experience in a small mileage radius.
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  11. 11


    • City in Texas
    • 231 reviews
    Niche User:I love my neighborhood!! I live in a very well established area towards the edge of town. We are close to our neighbors, take care of our homes and our yards. The neighborhood is quiet and close-knit. I genuinely would not want to live in another area in town.
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  12. 12

    Wichita Falls

    • City in Texas
    • 174 reviews
    Niche User:Wichita Falls is the home for many students who attend Midwestern State University. It is a very community involve town, everyone is really friendly and welcoming.
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  13. 13


    • City in Kentucky
    • 196 reviews
  14. 14

    Oklahoma City

    • City in Oklahoma
    • 824 reviews
    Niche User:I've lived here my whole life so I love where I live. I do feel like safety is decreasing but that's all through the United States not just my area.
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  15. 15


    • City in Iowa
    • 150 reviews
    Niche User:I like the QC area because the people here are generally friendly and the cost of living is average. There is potential for economic growth and development, but the local government often shoots itself in the foot when it comes to attracting businesses to the area.
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  16. 16

    Sioux Falls

    • City in South Dakota
    • 302 reviews
    Niche User:When my family moved to Sioux Falls, it was very different than anywhere else we had lived. It was clean and nice and had lovely people. Beautiful area to live in, with plenty of nice places around to spend time.
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  17. 17


    • City in Louisiana
    • 257 reviews
    Niche User:I feel like this is a good community but not a great community. I am very involved in high school. I am on dance line so i go to all of the games and cheer on my school.
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  18. 18


    • City in Missouri
    • 251 reviews
    Niche User:Becoming less safe, less places where one would want to be alone at night. Many opportunities for entertainment and night life. Personally not a fan of city this big, would not choose to live here again.
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  19. 19


    • City in Illinois
    • 133 reviews
    Niche User:My neighbors are very friendly. I live close to the Illinois State Fair grounds and Robin Roberts stadium. I live right across the street from my church and the school I went to for grade school so I can stay close and connected to my alumni friends. I love my neighborhood!
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  20. 20


    • City in Oklahoma
    • 621 reviews
    Niche User:The area's sense of community is great. The neighbors are friendly and if asked they will help you out. Most people who live in this area have lived here for more than three years. Most of the community have either cats or dogs. Their pets are not roaming around the neighborhood and messing up trash cans or destroying other people's property. The pets are well taken care of and trained. The area doesn't have any community events or engagements that I'm aware of.
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  21. 21


    • City in Ohio
    • 336 reviews
    Niche User:Inner city Toledo is plagued with houses that need to be torn down, too many gangs, drugs and criminals. Suburbs are much nicer places to live. Toledo and the surrounding area have a great Zoo, a great museum, Toledo Mud Hens, and Cosi. We have restaurants everywhere and plenty of bars and shopping. We are close to Sandusky which has Cedar Point and many great indoor water parks. You have to like the changes of seasons to live here. The roads could use a lot of work and there are currently many road and sewer projects going on. I have loved living here but the area I'm in now, if I could afford to move out of it into a nicer suburb, I would.
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  22. 22


    • City in Alabama
    • 310 reviews
    Parent:I have lived in this area all my life. It is not the best place to live but it is not the worst either. Since moving here, the neighborhood has changed tremendously. When my parents first moved here, they were the first black people on their street. Now the neighborhood is mostly black and I believe there is only one white family on my street
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  23. 23


    • City in Texas
    • 274 reviews
    Niche User:It's a nice place for families. Very affordable for college students and new families. Not very much attractions, but the attractions that are present are fun and amusing for children.
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  24. 24


    • City in Indiana
    • 1,592 reviews
    Niche User:If I had the chance, I would probably hope to stay living in Illinois, the life there compared to here in Indiana isn't as exciting for me. Although I met amazing friends and live an amazing life here already. I feel like at the rate Indiana is going (with all the new things to do now) it will be almost as amazing as how living in Illinois was.
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  25. 25

    Little Rock

    • City in Arkansas
    • 103 reviews
    Niche User:I like Little Rock. There are a lot of people to meet, but there's nothing to do. It's a beautiful place geographically. I would rate this area higher than a lot of other places because of how much cheaper it is here. I see this place becoming more attractive to other people eventually.
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