2017 Best Cities to Buy a House in America

Explore the best cities to buy a house based on home values, property taxes, home ownership rates, housing costs, and real estate trends. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, and other data sources.

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    • City in Texas
    • 512 reviews
    Current Resident:Plano is a wonderful city for families of all sizes. After living in Arlington, Irving and traversing the north Texas metroplex, I have seen much excitement over opportunity here in our state- though no city's inhabitants are as excited as Plano's. This city is a land of opportunity and growth; a gem in education and experience; the most enthralling part to all this: the city is still expanding rapidly. If you are looking for a safe, family-friendly, connected, neo-industrial, diverse, beautiful city, then Plano is your best option. Trust me, after 16 years in this area, I have seen swarms of people moving in from all over the country- Chicago, Washington, Denver, New York- so my advice to you is: do not get left behind!
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    Overland Park

    • City in Kansas
    • 257 reviews
    Current Resident:Overland Park is a beautiful, friendly, safe suburb of Kansas City. There is something for everyone here, from very upscale neighborhoods, to quaint little spots to drop in for a new experience. Overland Park, or as it's fondly referred to...the OP...is a clean, family-friendly area with spectacular city-like amenities of it's own, but if you want to venture into the big city, Kansas City Missouri is just 10 minutes away. If the quiet, country lifestyle if more your speed, head west for a few short miles and you'll feel as though you are back on the prairie in 1880. Clean air, low cost of living, low crime rate, outstanding schools, and spectacular restaurants and entertainment...in Overland Park, you truly can have it all!
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    • City in Minnesota
    • 122 reviews
    Current Resident:A medium-sized city with a small-town feel! Amenities meet Minnesota-nice (which indeed is a real thing!) Wonderful walking and biking paths, beautiful weather, and a deep focus on environmental health.
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    The Woodlands

    • City in Texas
    • 241 reviews
    Current Resident:The Woodlands really is a wonderful place to live! I love that everything is surrounded by trees. I have to wake up early, so going outside on crisp mornings always gives me a sense of freshness. The people here are really friendly, and you can feel like a part of the community just by going on a walk. I also like the fact that we have Trader Joe's and HEB for fresh produce whenever we want, which is incredibly useful. Furthermore, The Woodlands Mall and Waterway are great places to hang out and have fun. All in all, I love The Woodlands
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    • City in Illinois
    • 405 reviews
    Current Resident:Naperville is a pleasant city, with a decent population size. This town is fairly safe, I never felt afraid walking outside. The downtown area has some lovely shopping and eating choices, but can be a little pricey some times. This town is definitely for middle-upper-middle class families, generally white collar people. For children there are several great junior and high schools to attend that will prepare them for college should they choose to do so. unfortunately there is little in the way of anything else for them to do, it will be a little boring for them. Naperville is located close to several other towns and cities and about 45 minutes from Chicago, so you can always drive out to find some nice entertainment or family fun night! There is an abundance of fast food and housing can be a little pricey too. Overall, a decent white collar area.
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    • City in Texas
    • 148 reviews
    Current Resident:I've lived here for thirteen years. There has been tremendous growth with the Texas Instruments Semiconductor plant, State Farm's newly built office buildings and Alamo Draft House building it's first theater in North Texas in Richardson.

    A number of upscale restaurants and shopping is now available at CityLine and new businesses are moving into the area every few months.

    Richardson is also very diverse. There is a large Chinese, Korean, Indian, Middle Eastern and Vietnamese population due to all the IT companies that have been here for decades. As a result, there is also lots of diversity in food available from Texas BBQ, Korean, Asian, Japanese, Steakhouses, Indian, etc. Living in Richardson gives us easy access to Dallas via DART rail and highways and to the suburbs north of us which we rarely visit. Richardson is the best little suburb north of Dallas and I'm glad it's stayed that way.
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  7. 7

    Round Rock

    • City in Texas
    • 177 reviews
    Current Resident:If I could describe my experience with Round Rock in one word, it would be home. After being born in raised in Austin for my toddler years, Me and my family moved to Round Rock and we've loved it ever since. I've always seen it as a small cute community in disguise, because it truly is growing in tremendous way. Now residing in College a couple hours away, I can definitely say the homesickness sets in deeply when I reflect on all of my favorite places to eat and shop that are there or even 15 minutes down the road. Speaking of roads the only problem I've noticed is the common rugged roads found in most of the neighborhoods including mine, but I am proud to see when I visit home that there are many renovations being made!
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    • City in Maryland
    • 190 reviews
    Current Resident:I love the trees. There are so many tall, well established trees here! The city itself is so close to major areas ( Baltimore, Washington DC, Annapolis, etc.) but the trees and the overall landscape make you feel like you're somewhere else, at least it does to me. There are wooded trails everywhere, even behind my house. I only have to walk out my back door. It's always bright. I also love that we have a little bit of everything here: every store, mall, and restaurant you could ever hope for and they are five minutes from my house! Yet, with all the trees and natural landscapes you would never know it. The only thing that gives it away is the sound of traffic. I love it here. I've lived here for twelve years and not regretted a single year.
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    Cedar Rapids

    • City in Iowa
    • 246 reviews
    Current Resident:I have grown up in this community, I have met all of my wonderful friends and found many chances to launch my career interests. More specifically, Linn-Mar School District is a fantastic school district to grow up in; it holds many opportunities for involvement with a smaller town community feel. Organizations such as Workplace Learning allow students to look for a career path and get experience by working with local companies. Due to the city's real community feel these programs bring people together and allow for a diverse and ever-changing landscape. Cedar Rapids has been a great place to grow up, and I will never forget everything I have gained from my experiences here.
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  10. 10


    • City in Alabama
    • 424 reviews
    Current Resident:Huntsville is a wonderful city- with NASA's Space and Rocket Center and Redstone Arsenal the city has become a melting pot of different people. The city is booming and has grown tremendously in recent years. There are great shopping areas- such as the beautiful Bridge Street- which offers an amazing movie theater with an upstairs bar! There is a wonderful art and music culture centered around the Lowe Mill- A place filled with true artisans! One of the most unique art galleries you will ever step foot into. Your greeted at the front entrance by taking an old school freight elevator! there are vintage shops, record shops, tea shops, and almost always a musical or theatrical performance going on! And how could we forget the beautiful mountains surrounding the city- a great place for hikes.
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    Sioux Falls

    • City in South Dakota
    • 314 reviews
    Current Resident:I have lived in Sioux Falls all my life and this city keeps getting better and better. My childhood is filled with fond memories of parks, pools, bike trails, and many fun things to do. The people here are always so kind and hospitable. Our downtown area has become a staple of our economy and culture, and has helped us establish a great community of art, music, shops, and entrepreneurship. We have great natural beauty to discover with Falls Park, the bike trail, our Outdoor Campus, and many other great parts of nature. The economy continues to grow making it an incredible place to live and raise a family. Schools are abundant in the area and are filled with great teachers who love their students. There isn't really a bad thing I can say about Sioux Falls, maybe other than the winter gets a little chilly. I truly do love it here!
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  12. 12

    Fort Wayne

    • City in Indiana
    • 484 reviews
    Current Resident:There are quite a few things to do in Fort Wayne, a little bit of something for everyone. We have a wide array of restaurants available, anything from your typical chains to high class places like Eddie Merlot's or local dynasties like Fort Wayne's Famous Coney Island which celebrated its 102nd birthday this year! In the past five years we have had a period of revitalization downtown. The state of the art TinCaps stadium draws in the sports fans and other business owners have capitalized on this several new boutiques and unique locally businesses have cropped in the downtown improvement district. The City of Fort Wayne plans to continue on with these improvements in its latest approved project the Riverfront Development Project. The real estate market is quite competitive in several high demand areas,SW and NW to be specific. However, cost of living remains relatively low compared to the national average.
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  13. 13


    • City in Nebraska
    • 484 reviews
    Current Resident:Lincoln is the most best recommanded place to live in Nebraska. We have a diverse cultures of Asian, Latinaos, ect, ect! Living here in Lincoln is change worth living, I promise you won't regret it once you makes friend. Job opporunity is very decent, you can find a job on any corner of the business street. We have stable companies competition. Overall, Lincoln welcomes anyone with open arms!
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  14. 14


    • City in Illinois
    • 141 reviews
    Current Resident:Springfield is a pretty average city, with a bignore population. Springfield has a variety of public schools, even a few private schools. It's also very family friendly. Not to much crime goes on here. Springfield has a pretty decent night life if you like bars and clubs. Thinking about visiting springfield, I'd say it's worth it. Filled with tourist attractions. Come visit!
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  15. 15

    Ann Arbor

    • City in Michigan
    • 246 reviews
    Current Resident:I've lived in Ann Arbor for 5 years and hope to live here forever! The town is great - friendly, socially conscious and diverse, fitness focused, environmentally minded. The culture of restaurants, music and art festivals is varied - and there are many! The schools are tremendous at all levels, and one of the best universities for both education and college sports in the world is built right into the town. Bike the roads and trails, kayak the Huron River, enjoy the farmers market. Great public transportation, and it's not far from the regional airport. There are many, many, many things to do and see. Welcome!
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  16. 16

    Palm Bay

    • City in Florida
    • 260 reviews
    Current Resident:I have been living in Palm Bay, Florida for roughly eight years. Over the years their has been quite a big change in the size of the populous. Although there are more people, the mission statement of the city still remains, "A great place to grow". I feel this applies hold hardily considering I am raising my three children here and they love it! We can always find something fun and educational to do here. Truly, my only qualm is the traffic in the area. Unfortunately, there are not many routes to bypass the ever-growing city traffic. Sometimes, I wish I had a wonder woman jet, but I know that isn't going to happen anytime soon.
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  17. 17


    • City in Texas
    • 285 reviews
    Current Resident:In the 9 years I have lived here, I have made some long lasting friends. The people are friendly and are willing to help out with anything that you might ask. I have been involved with one of the local FFA organizations, the kids and parents have taught me so much about animals, their care and the showmanship. For the most part, the city is clean, but you do have the shadier side as you would in all major cities. The choice of restaurants is quite diverse - from ethnic to all kinds of fast foods. I really like living in Amarillo and can't see myself moving any place in the near future!
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  18. 18

    Oklahoma City

    • City in Oklahoma
    • 862 reviews
    Current Resident:I have been living in Oklahoma for all of my life and Oklahoma City I have lived in for roughly eight years. The thing I love most is that all of Oklahoma is well taken care of. My favorite areas to visit are the scenic outsides and there is an abundance of activities to have fun. We have many restaurants, malls, outdoor activities, and our famous Thunder basketball team! Everyone here has each other's back and are always friendly and happy to help each other. There are many school and work opportunities as well. Oklahoma City is beautiful place to be that I am very proud to call home.
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  19. 19

    Wichita Falls

    • City in Texas
    • 182 reviews
    Current Resident:Best of the small city with attractions, shopping of a larger city.
    Two hours from large cities: Dallas/Ft Worth, Abilene, Oklahoma City
    Great Airport,
    NO TRAFFIC, great highway infrastructure.
    Great College: MSU tuition below state average and schools has several outstanding degree plans
    Diverse population
    Giving, Caring community with strong non-profit network, deep pocketed philanthropic supported
    Challenges are Jobs - Getting Better
    Recession, Drought, Low Oil Prices in rear view mirror - Community moving forward with focus on leveraging Sheppard AFB, MSU, Downtown, Business Community to build a thriving community!
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  20. 20


    • City in North Carolina
    • 638 reviews
    Works Here:I am a traveling Registered Nurse that has 13-week contracts in different cities of my choice. I had chosen Raleigh, NC for this contract and have been living here for approximately 12 weeks now. From my experiences of traveling, Raleigh offers great restaurants and nightlife for young professionals. The people, overall, are very welcoming to an outsider and being in a hospital I have come to realize the safety and prestigious areas of the surrounding hospitals. Coming from Denver at one point in my career, I do believe that Raleigh offers less outdoor experiences such as swimming, biking, hiking, and other such activities. Although a few hours from the mountains and water, it does not offer the "here and now" outdoor recreation as other cities such as Denver offer. Overall, I believe Raleigh is a great friendly city to visit for all ages!
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  21. 21


    • City in Kentucky
    • 490 reviews
    Current Resident:The driving is stressful but I love all of the businesses, local and national! I love that the University of Kentucky is in Lexington because it gives me the opportunity to go back to school without uprooting my life by moving. It is also really great that there are so many opportunities to run/walk 5Ks, whether it is downtown on at the Keenland horse track. The beautiful arboretum is always a great place to visit, too. Lexington has some really great events such as gallery hop, where you can walk around Lexington and see some great art . Lexington is great!
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  22. 22


    • City in Texas
    • 245 reviews
    Current Resident:Abilene is a very family-oriented and conservative town. It is very centered around art culture! There is a church on just about every corner in town, and there are a multitude of family-friendly events that anyone can enjoy!
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  23. 23


    • City in Kansas
    • 216 reviews
    Current Resident:Topeka is a very diverse city. Well known roads divide the city into "good areas", "bad areas", and "shopping areas". I live right in the shopping area and so far have had no problems with neighbors or disturbances. My only concern in Topeka would be the roads. There are potholes everywhere and deteriorating concrete panels they lay next to each other to create the road. Also, having all the destination restaurants and shopping in one area makes for horrible traffic and crowded parking lots.
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  24. 24


    • City in Tennessee
    • 273 reviews
    Current Resident:The opportunities and diversity in Clarksville are astounding! I love meeting new people and experiencing life while feeling safe and in a friendly environment! The people here are incredibly impressive and make you feel like they truly want to see you enjoy life here and help you when you ask for it. Clarksville definitely has a lot going on regarding clubs, opportunities, and all around health and family life, so it can be difficult to organize all the information in one place. One thing I would like to see for Clarksville is a newly designed website where all information about such an awesome city is more easily accessible and easy to find. This is truly an amazing city and place to live and I am thankful to call this place my home.
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  25. 25


    • City in Texas
    • 168 reviews
    Current Resident:I like odessa because there is alot to do entertainment wise. There is bowling, ice skating, a verity of movie theaters, skating, bars, clubs, go carts, mini golf, and much more! Neighborhood is great no issues with neighbors clean neighborhood respected neighborhood privacy a plus.
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