2017 Best Cities for Millennials in America

Explore the best cities for young professionals based on the number of millennial residents, job opportunities, and access to bars, restaurants, and affordable housing. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, and other sources.

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    • City in Virginia
    • 55 reviews
    Current Resident:Arlington is a very beautiful area! So many national monuments near by to visit and admire. Lots of trails for exercising and health food stores for people who love to live that healthy lifestyle. Only down side would be the traffic, but it's not anything someone can't handle.
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    • City in Massachusetts
    • 20 reviews
    Current Resident:Cambridge is for those who wish to explore more than lines on a map. It’s for diving into history and traveling beyond "The New World." Embodying all there is to learn, explore, breathe, create, and dream big dreams. Where your children will arrive bright-eyed, their knowledge expanding well beyond the typical classroom. Harvard, MIT, BU and Lesley all within a stones' throw, Cambridge was built to develop minds and encourage creativity. Rowing, Biking, Reading and Writing, farmers markets, an endless search for healthy alternatives, and clean living, reside here. Competition, debate and success, one’s sole goal. Sugar-coating moments are rare, for we are fierce in our convictions. Politeness, decorum, an ever-changing residency, leave behind a youthful spirit. Whether a young couple on the move or a senior learning to move again, Cambridge will energize you in ways you 've never imagined.
    Bring your body and mind to Cambridge... You can only GROW from here!
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    San Francisco

    • City in California
    • 196 reviews
    Current Resident:San Francisco is a historical city with plenty of touristic landmarks to visit. What I love about this city is its diverse community and friendly environment. People are very open minded and it feels like a welcoming environment. Small businesses are able to thrive due to the curiosity of San Franciscans who enjoy trying new types of food. You can literally find small local businesses in every corner. Are you in the mood for Peruvian food? Maybe you're in the mood for Chinese, Japanese, or Indian food? San Francisco offers a variety of places to eat, with plenty of these places enriched with cultural dishes, traditions, and art. Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in this little big city. Enjoy learning about the abundant amount of history behind its breathtaking landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, lombard street, and much more!
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    • City in Virginia
    • 76 reviews
    Current Resident:Alexandria is a suburb in the Virginia, DC area. The cost of living is high; the Realestate market is costly, and some amenities associated with living in a big city, even though we are less than 20 minutes from DC, are missing. For instance, there are very few 24 hour dining experiences available.

    Old Town Alexandria is a beautiful and historic town with many fine dining and expensive store fronts. It's an affluent area. It can be hard to afford to live here. But if you can, it's a wonderful place to be!
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    • City in Minnesota
    • 209 reviews
    Current Resident:Minneapolis is a wonderful city with year-round festivities, celebrations and fun for all ages and interests. Rich in the arts, Minneapolis boasts several art museums, including a sprawling outdoor sculpture garden which is home to the famous Cherry and Spoon fountain. Another feature unique to Minneapolis is its elaborate skyway system. These 2nd floor glass walkways pass over the city streets, connecting almost all of the buildings in downtown Minneapolis. With hundreds of shops, restaurants and businesses connected to the skyway system, one can enjoy even the coldest of Minnesota days without ever setting a foot outside!
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    • City in Washington
    • 208 reviews
    Current Resident:Seattle--what a wonderful place! When you arrive in Seattle, visiting or for living, it's very likely you will see overcast skies and/or rain; that's given. After a while, you adjust, adapt and learn to accept the weather as part of your identity, as if it were tattooed onto your heart. You find a sense of commonality in a city of over 0.5 million people, most of whom you may never know. However, the 0.0001 % of people you may meet and make friendships with is the part of Seattle that unlocks the magic because beyond the Space Needle, Starbucks, flying fish and other common attractions are the true intimacies of the city. When you wander into Fremont and find some of the best coffee and some of the friendliest people, when you meander into Queen Anne without know and find the homiest Turkish cuisine, when you discover Wedgewood and its enticing serenity, when you voyage to tucked away neighborhoods and find some of the most intriguing street art, that's when you've found Seattle.
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    Ann Arbor

    • City in Michigan
    • 246 reviews
    Current Resident:I've lived in Ann Arbor for 5 years and hope to live here forever! The town is great - friendly, socially conscious and diverse, fitness focused, environmentally minded. The culture of restaurants, music and art festivals is varied - and there are many! The schools are tremendous at all levels, and one of the best universities for both education and college sports in the world is built right into the town. Bike the roads and trails, kayak the Huron River, enjoy the farmers market. Great public transportation, and it's not far from the regional airport. There are many, many, many things to do and see. Welcome!
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    • City in California
    • 44 reviews
    Current Resident:I moved here from Houston, Texas where you need a car to get everywhere. At first, the city does provide a bit of a culture shock because people are so eccentric, and almost too friendly! Over time though, this feeling wears off and you realize how invitng the people fo the city are. The city itself has wonders of food and entertainment for those keen on local treats. The amount of cultural food is absolutely insane and more diverse than any other city I have been to. Unfortunately, the only downside is that the cost of a house of apartment is extraordinarily high. Your best bet is t live near the outskirts of Berekley, away from campus. With this in mind, the bike safety rules are super strict and commutng via bike is safer than any oter city I have visited.
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    • City in California
    • 139 reviews
    Current Resident:Sunnyvale is a gem in the South Bay for those who are looking for quaint, family friendly, safe neighborhoods with great schools. The historical downtown Sunnyvale area has a myriad of great shops and restaurants. The best part about Sunnyvale is that it's right in the middle of everything. Apple's new headquarters is being built in Cupertino, it's right around the corner from Santa Clara's new Levi Stadium. Hop on the freeway for a short ten minute drive and you'll find yourself in Mountain View or Palo Alto, homes to Stanford University, Stanford Shopping Center, Google, Facebook, and more.
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    Sandy Springs

    • City in Georgia
    • 128 reviews
    Current Resident:I absolutely love living in Sansy Springs, Georgia! I have been here for a little over ten years, and this city has afforded me many opportunities that I otherwise wouldn't have had in the small town that I am from. Sandy Springs has everything a person could need or want in close proximity. I would highly recommend Sandy Springs living to anyone that would be interested. I especially love the sense of community in Sandy Springs. Not to mention the awesome police department that keeps their citizens safe. All in all, there's nothing I can say negatively about Sandy Springs!
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    • City in Texas
    • 1,147 reviews
    Former Resident:Austin is an up-and-coming hub for culture and technology. It attracts thousands of young people with a flourishing tech community, lots of yogis and activists, students of all backgrounds, cowboys, hippies, families, everyone! It's growing every year with more and more to offer. It is surrounded by and saturated with nature, but lacking nothing as a bustling metropolis. It is the live music capital of the world, so its no wonder Austin is bursting at the seams with comedy, dance, theatre and concerts every day. It has the classic Texas feel but the unique spirit of a multi-cultural city. It is becoming known for its great cuisine, and food trucks adorn the streets. There are loads of cultural events and festivals year-round, and offers so much for tourists and locals alike. It's the big city with everything urban playgrounds have but that feels cozy like a small town. What an interesting, one-of-a-kind place!
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    Washington, D.C.

    • City in District of Columbia
    • 250 reviews
    Former Resident:Never a dull moment! Whether it's a new bar or artistic event, the opportunities are endless. Museums are free and always changing. There are also festivals and events that are free admission or no more than $20. Night life is also live and different each time. Whether it's Nelly's or bar hopping in Adams Morgan...classy or trashy...you choose! Plus the people you meet are liberal and fun!
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    • City in Colorado
    • 294 reviews
    Current Resident:Denver sits at the foot of the beautiful Rockies and has great weather all year. I live in Arvada, which sits on hills north of Denver, and I never grow tired of the mountain and city views, especially at sunset and night. We have lakes and ponds everywhere, rich with waterfowl and eagles, and the people are friendly and open. Music and community events abound, and we have great schools and universities. There are many quaint historical towns nearby so every day trip is a vacation. Denver is growing in diversity and has a lot of heart. I love that there are many nonprofits and outreach organizations who care for the most helpless, and offer many opportunities to volunteer and get free training. This area is a great place to live and go to school!
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  14. 14


    • City in Massachusetts
    • 266 reviews
    Current Resident:Boston is a fantastic city with a ton of different activities at any given time! In the summer time, there are loads of free events (concerts, park performances, museum openings, and sports events) for people of all ages, and the city really comes to life when the weather gets warm. The city is incredibly walkable, and the public transportation (though sometimes inconsistent and a little pricey) makes getting around really easy. Each neighborhood has a unique atmosphere, and the local bars and restaurants definitely add to those. Prices for rent and drinks in the city can be a little high, but for a young adult the night life is pretty great.
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  15. 15


    • City in Maryland
    • 190 reviews
    Current Resident:I love the trees. There are so many tall, well established trees here! The city itself is so close to major areas ( Baltimore, Washington DC, Annapolis, etc.) but the trees and the overall landscape make you feel like you're somewhere else, at least it does to me. There are wooded trails everywhere, even behind my house. I only have to walk out my back door. It's always bright. I also love that we have a little bit of everything here: every store, mall, and restaurant you could ever hope for and they are five minutes from my house! Yet, with all the trees and natural landscapes you would never know it. The only thing that gives it away is the sound of traffic. I love it here. I've lived here for twelve years and not regretted a single year.
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  16. 16


    • City in Georgia
    • 315 reviews
    Current Resident:Although it has its quirks, Atlanta is an overall great place to live! You have a wide range of options on where to live, whether that be in the city in a nice apartment with stunning views or in a little quieter setting in the suburban parts where there are beautiful houses with great prices! If you choose to live in the city, everything is within walking distance. There are so many forms of entertainment to occupy any free time you may have. Atlanta is one of the largest hip hop central in the world! There is always something going on in Atlanta. That may sound like a great thing, but it does have its disadvantages. Atlanta traffic is almost an everyday thing. There may be construction in progress on I-285, or it maybe a concert or an event going on and it may have traffic backed up on the interstate. Instead of dealing with the interstate traffic, there are plenty of back roads you can take to get around the interstates
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    • City in North Carolina
    • 638 reviews
    Works Here:I am a traveling Registered Nurse that has 13-week contracts in different cities of my choice. I had chosen Raleigh, NC for this contract and have been living here for approximately 12 weeks now. From my experiences of traveling, Raleigh offers great restaurants and nightlife for young professionals. The people, overall, are very welcoming to an outsider and being in a hospital I have come to realize the safety and prestigious areas of the surrounding hospitals. Coming from Denver at one point in my career, I do believe that Raleigh offers less outdoor experiences such as swimming, biking, hiking, and other such activities. Although a few hours from the mountains and water, it does not offer the "here and now" outdoor recreation as other cities such as Denver offer. Overall, I believe Raleigh is a great friendly city to visit for all ages!
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    • City in California
    • 104 reviews
    Current Resident:Irvine is a very clean master planned community. I love all the walking and biking trails that have been intergrated so thoughtfully through the communities in Irvine.Irvine using recycled water for the parks and green areas creating what appears to be drought free landscape. In addition, the shopping centers are charming with music pumped through outside sitting areas. All of this creates a resort living experience!
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    Overland Park

    • City in Kansas
    • 257 reviews
    Current Resident:Overland Park is a beautiful, friendly, safe suburb of Kansas City. There is something for everyone here, from very upscale neighborhoods, to quaint little spots to drop in for a new experience. Overland Park, or as it's fondly referred to...the OP...is a clean, family-friendly area with spectacular city-like amenities of it's own, but if you want to venture into the big city, Kansas City Missouri is just 10 minutes away. If the quiet, country lifestyle if more your speed, head west for a few short miles and you'll feel as though you are back on the prairie in 1880. Clean air, low cost of living, low crime rate, outstanding schools, and spectacular restaurants and entertainment...in Overland Park, you truly can have it all!
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  20. 20


    • City in Wisconsin
    • 433 reviews
    Current Resident:Madison is an incredibly vibrant city full of culture! Having moved from Las Vegas, I was apprehensive about what I may find, but was pleasantly surprised and absolutely impressed. There is no shortage of music, art, food, festivals, shopping, and of course stunning lakeside views. The city is always growing and always adapting to the needs of the community. I take great pride in living in a place where such great care is taken. Madison, with its many exceptional schools, leads the nation in research and advancements in agriculture, medicine, business, and environmental health and safety. The opportunities that I have had here have allowed me to be successful and well rounded. I am happy to call Madison, Wisconsin my home.
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  21. 21

    Santa Clara

    • City in California
    • 135 reviews
    Current Resident:Not a very large city, close to everything, love the family businesses that used to thrive in the city. Ever since housing costs increased, too many new apartment buildings have been built and caused an influx of people and traffic. Several family businesses have closed down due to the increasing costs. Expansion of roads would be great. Hopefully construction slows down all over the city. The city is getting so crowded. Despite this, the city will always have a place in my heart!
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  22. 22


    • City in Texas
    • 512 reviews
    Current Resident:Plano is a wonderful city for families of all sizes. After living in Arlington, Irving and traversing the north Texas metroplex, I have seen much excitement over opportunity here in our state- though no city's inhabitants are as excited as Plano's. This city is a land of opportunity and growth; a gem in education and experience; the most enthralling part to all this: the city is still expanding rapidly. If you are looking for a safe, family-friendly, connected, neo-industrial, diverse, beautiful city, then Plano is your best option. Trust me, after 16 years in this area, I have seen swarms of people moving in from all over the country- Chicago, Washington, Denver, New York- so my advice to you is: do not get left behind!
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  23. 23

    Jersey City

    • City in New Jersey
    • 64 reviews
    Current Resident:I love how diverse Jersey City, New Jersey is. I grew up in the heights section of the city in a safe neighborhood. People in the neighborhood are very friendly, and keep an eye out for one another. What I love most is how convenient it is to leave my house and take a walk to the store or walk to the path station so I can travel into New York City. The parks in the neighborhoods were recently refurbished so children and future generations can enjoy such luxuries. I'm proud of my city!
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  24. 24


    • City in California
    • 62 reviews
    Current Resident:My experience in Pasadena have been great! There is a lot of historical buildings and a sense of community here in Pasadena California. There are a variety of restaurants and including a variety of department stores that make living here in Pasadena accessible for community living. In addition, the choices for the outdoors is amazing for hiking, biking, and appreciating the mountains and rock streams make this an adventuress place to live.
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  25. 25

    St. Paul

    • City in Minnesota
    • 95 reviews
    Current Resident:I've lived in Saint Paul for 27 years! There is nowhere else I'd rather live and raise my family. I've been a Saint Paul Public Schools employee as well and we have some of the most amazing, caring teachers in the metro area. The summer farmer's markets and bike friendly streets encourage a healthy lifestyle. The local art scene is amazing, with great art galleries, museums, and theatres like the Science Museum of Minnesota and the Ordway Performing Arts Center. The Excel Energy Center is always host to great concerts and the restaurants offer great, unique food options from many ethnic groups. The diversity of the city makes for a liberal mindset that we love here in Minnesota.
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