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Randallstown is a good town, schools need to change, in the nighttime, you would likely hear police sound but as long as you can protected yourself then you will be fine.
Randallstown is very family oriented. There's plenty of shops in walking distance and very safe because there's always somebody out and watching.
I love my neighborhood. It has nice houses, is very peaceful and quiet. The neighbors are nice. I feel safe going outside my house during the day and night.
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Iv'e been living in Randallstown for about 10 years now. I can honestly say that it has been quite an experience. Iv'e learned so much during my time here. Iv'e grown as a person and grown with my community as well.
Randallstown is the city that I grew and was raised in. I have met my best friends here and always enjoyed the community. It is a pretty safe community and continuing to grow more and more every day. Housing is pretty affordable and I would not raising a family in this area.
I have had a pretty alright experience here. I don't go to the public schools here, but the neighborhood itself is safe and somewhat quiet.
I would like to see improving the environment to make it more clean and less violence. It would be nice if more kids came outside like a few years ago.
1 of the greatest moment about living out in Randallstown is discovering the Boys and Girls club. The opportunity to get some fitness in running around the indoor track with my wife, watching young men play and me also participating in some basketball ( my favorite sport) also attend a couple musicals all at the one location was and has been a true blessing for me and my family.
I like living here. We definitely could use some better roads and just better public schools in the neighborhood.
Living in Randallstown, Maryland was never something I imagined but the longer I live here, the more I learn to love it. Going to school in this neighborhood has brought about life long friendships and lessons. I have a sense of community and belonging. I care for my neighborhood and my neighborhood takes care of me. I am shielded from the dangers of the outside world by the security and love of my community.
Randallstown is a beautiful suburb of Baltimore at which I grew u, the community is rich with opportunity to buy a home and raise a family. This community is grown so much over the years and I am excited to see how it will continue to evolve in the near future.
Randallstown is a very decent city , my experience here is pretty okay. I like how it is a very social environment and i would love to see cleaner neighborhoods.
The neighborhood is trashy, especially living near the high school. Living in Randallstown, you will have nowhere fun to go around here. Many hotels are being built as well as grocery stores such as, Costco, Lowes, and home depot. The only benefit of living in Randallstown is being able to be near places to get food supply and outdoor materials.
Great environment. Great people. It also has many businesses for employment and a lot of resources for students to utilize.
I recently moved to Randallstown, MD and I love it here. The neighborhoods are nice and quiet. I enjoy the scenery as well. There are plenty of places to shop close by including Walmart and Wegmans. There is a movie theatre close by too.
Nice quiet community with local shops. The community also holds events during the spring and summer with things like jazz bands and food trucks.
I have been living in the Randallstown area since I was in Kindergarten. The area has grown and improved immensely, and there plenty of resources that could provide you with any of the commodities that you need. There are plenty of grocery stores such as Walmart, Shoppers, and Food Lion. The community center always has an event going on, and the YMCA connected to it allows for a good time of swimming. The schools, in general, are pretty good and they provide many opportunities for their students. There are plenty of churches in the area. The community is usually busy during the day and violence is rare to ever occur.
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It's being a very delightful experience living here in Randallstown MD. When I came in here in March 2018, I have seen so many interesting people that encourage me to do more in my academic achievement, as I believe that am the average of five people I move and talk with.
I think the neighborhood is very nice. It's a quiet community that seems ideal to raise a family. The commute from work to home has always been quite painless. I also think it's located in a great spot because I'm never too far from the grocery store or school. I don't think I would change anything about Randallstown. I hope to one day possibly raise my own family there. Samill
quiet, easy going place to live and raise children. there are decent schools, good food, low crime and new homes being built constantly which brings in new people and can raise property value.
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