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Rancho Palos Verdes is a lovely suburb nested on a hill right by the coast, granting not only gorgeous views but a cool sea breeze as well. The area is quite safe, and in general, the scenery is pleasant. Many of the schools in this area are well-known for their quality of education. Malls like the Peninsula Shopping Center allow for lots of jobs and plenty of things to do.

The area has much diversity, which I've seen mainly at my high school. I feel safe, as a woman, walking around at night on my way home from work--I wouldn't feel that way in a lot of other areas.

However, one of the few downsides is that because of these pleasant aspects, the cost of living is very high. Unfortunately, there isn't much of a nightlife to this area either--no bars or clubs in sight. The major roads can get very busy. The local restaurants can get crowded sometimes as well.

Despite the above, I think Rancho Palos Verdes is a wonderful place and if you can afford it, it's worth living here.
My experience with Rancho Palos Verdes has been excellent. The school system is very good and competitive and the community is extremely welcoming. There are many things to do here as well as the beach and mountains close by.
It is a good community with a great school district but housing is very expensive here. There are lots of older people because it is so expensive.
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RPV is a great suburban town with an excellent school district. The major mall, Promenade on the Peninsula, houses many attractions such as restaurants, clothing stores, an indoor skating rink, and a movie theater.
Love this place. Been there for 18 years. Nothing needs to change. The schools are top of the line, beaches are easy to get too, temperature is great year round, what more could i ask for.
It is a beautiful area to live in but it is expensive. You are close to many neighboring cities and have access to nice beaches, hikes, restaurants and other things to do.
Palos Verdes is a beautiful coastal city that has much to offer. The schools have very rigorous curriculums and prepare their students for college. It's close to downtown L.A.; thus, although the nightlife is very poor, something fun to do is always a drive away. I would consider moving back here after I finish college studies and have a stable income.
Living in RPV is wonderful if you enjoy being a short distance from necessities, a reasonable distance to just about everything else, and enjoy a quiet neighborhood full of considerate families. RPV has several community events that bring the larger community together and serve as positive public gatherings. Living here is fantastic for any family.
I grew-up in Rancho Plaos Verdes. It's clean, quiet, green, and safe. We are lucky to live across from Catalina Island and less than 10 minutes from the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The school system is excellent. Our landmarks are Wayfarers Chapel, Point Vicente Lighthouse, Trump National Golfcourse, Terranea Resort, and the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy. We need activities for children as well as more restaurants.
I enjoy the quietness and overall vibe that RPV has. The nearby beach and closeness to DTLA is also very good.
As someone who has lived in Rancho Palos Verdes for many years, I can say I am very well acquainted with the city and I am proud to call it my home. There's beautiful peacocks, an amazing ocean, and a safe community. I can say that I am a proud member of the community.
It’s a beautiful place to grow up - most times it feels like a vacation spot. Feels like a small town, with community events and great schools. Not a lot of diversity though.
Everyone is confined to their beautiful homes, and not many people go out to really enjoy the area we live in. The area is generally safe and full of beautiful scenery. Looking at the ocean is one of the best things to do in RPV.
There are also exceptional public schools in the area with numerous awards. Although, to attend a public school, getting a home in this area is quite expensive. Since they are so expensive, the people who buy them are often snobby and phony. Besides that, RPV is a lovely area with great schools, exciting malls, and kind people if you look really hard.
The scenery is beautiful but Mayor Brooks clearly wants the area segregated. So do those who voted her in thrice. Sadly, the community is very stagnant.
This area is an absolutely beautiful, incredibly safe environment that I have grown up in for the last 18 years. The weather is obviously amazing, the school system cannot be beat, and the accessibility of the beach is something I am going to dearly miss while I am away at college. The area is, however, not very diverse and is largely populated by wealthy white families. Because of the high demand for the land here, everything is also significantly overpriced, but if you can afford it, there is absolutely no where better to live.
Really pretty community. It is a very outdoorsy community a lot of places to hike and get a good view.
It’s a nice area to live in but the traffic is horrible on the main streets to get anywhere. Weather is great and it’s a pretty convenient location to everything in the South Bay (minus the traffic)
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Living here for 17 years has been pretty nice. It's basically an educational town.
Kids go to school , most do not drop out. New restaurants that opened up in our small mall across Peninsula High school are nice, namely Chipotle, The Habit, and Mod Pizza. The downside is that there is no nightlife. Everywhere is quiet at night and nothing is open. Some communities don't even have streetlights because it's more or less light pollution.
Rancho Palos Verdes is a beautiful place very safe and very expensive. I love it here and living here has been a great experience for me. I’ve gotten nothing but good out of it.
It is absolutely a blessing and privilege to have been born and raised here. Beautiful homes, views, and landscape all around. Low crime rates, high quality public schools, and an upper middle class suburban environment. There are many hiking trails and the city is nearby to many other things in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It is lacking urban activities and restaurants/stores close early, but overall, it is one of the best places ever in history to live at, all aspects considered.
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