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Quiet but still close-in to downtown Portland. Family oriented with many activities for children. A well-kept suburb with many parks and libraries.
I don't mind my particular area, it is great as far as what it offers in terms of convenience. However,

I prefer the downtown area more, which is nearby.
Portland has beautiful geography that makes outdoor activities easily accessible.
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The public services respond to what the community needs fairly easily.
There is a very low crime rate in my area and you never have to worry about getting hurt or robbed.
Portland has a very temperate climate. The weather is stable year round without any extremes.
There are some places for a late night out, but for the most part you have to go into the city.
I live in a well off neighborhood where everyone has work and no one has had too much trouble finding a job.
There are many smaller stores in my area that offer wonderful service and great products.
This is what we are known for, our beautiful greenery. We have beautiful parks accessible almost everywhere with trails and areas to take kids and pets.
Never anything to worry about, Beaverton, the suburb I am on the edge of, has been rated one of the safest cities in the country.
My own opinion, it's great. What I love about it is that we are able to enjoy all four seasons. There is a good amount of rain but Portland is not as bad when it comes to how much is rains as people say it is.
Great assortment of restaurants in the area, whatever you are in the mood in. You don't have to travel far. Being underage I don't know much about the nightlife or bars.
Being a student I have a very different opinion than others. But for students usually it is not difficult to find a job.
Very family oriented area, everything you need is close by.
This area has many elderly couples living here, so the houses are not all as updated as other nearby areas. Most properties are kept well-maintained, but a few standout houses have bad curb appeal.
For a student like me, there are lots of starter jobs that I could apply for in this area. Help is always wanted around here.
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