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It is a quaint small town with friendly people and good vibes all around. Living in Purcellville all my life has been an absolute treat and being raised around nice people in a nice environment!
I love living here. It has the home-like small town feel where everyone knows each other and it's not too over crowded with builders and construction, much like other areas in the county. I know one day I will eventually have move elsewhere as an adult, but I will be sad the day I have to leave.
Purcellville is a small town but on the verge of becoming very large. The people of purcellville call it little Leesburg... I wish that purcellville would've kept its small feel but everyone and there mothers seem to be moving out here which is why its expanding..
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Very conservative town, unfortunately. LGBTQ folks are generally shunned by the community. However Dominion Tea and Market Street Coffee are welcoming
Very welcoming community, schools are great as well, the only downside is the lack of activities and how far away any activities are, leesburg is the closest place that has somewhat fun things to do, but even then it's not that great
Family friendly with a hometown feeling. Close to other more urban areas but far enough to feel like a true small town. Very friendly and helpful environment for the whole family.
It’s a small and familiar family town. Extremely safe, but lacks entertainment for youths. Town is composed of mostly shops and restaurants. Friendly, but not diverse in the slightest.
Purcellville is a corner of Virginia filled with the rich and poor alike. I would describe it as the model for the all American town. However, it's lack of cultural diversity and nightlife would drive most people insane, including me.
Purcellville is a great small town to raise children where everyone knows everyone. The town it's self has endless opportunities to take advantage of and offers a wide variety of physical things to do! Although you do have to commute to either Winchester or Leesburg for actual clothing, Purcellville is still a great place to live.
Purcellville is a small quiet and peaceful town to live in. It has the Washington/ Old Dominion trail that is a great place to spend free time.
It is close to Washington DC and other exciting places to visit.

I would like to see many volunteering opportunities open up and more diversity to this old place
A lot of people my age simultaneously claim they would never want to come back after college that it's too sleepy, too rich, too stuffy. And while Purcellville is within the NOVA bubble and there is a certain amount of preppyness along with a small town feel compared to neighboring areas in my opinion growing up here it had a balance. Development has come to town since I graduated and I do not know as of yet whether that will drastically alter the Purcellville community but the area is successful, safe, and a great place to raise a family and educate your children.
Nice, small town filled with kind people. Includes many small shops and grocery stores. Lovely environment to raise a young growing family, or to retire in.
There is lots to do in Purcellville, and it is constantly bettering itself. The people here are very friendly, and there are lots of things to do between the town itself, and other near by places. You could go to golf, play paintball, go bowling and much more. Purcellville has recently added a shopping strip which added more places to eat and shop for groceries and such. Overall it is a great place.
I love the atmosphere of Purcellville. The shops are up to date, yet quaint to keep Purcellville unique. The schools are very good. I've attended elementary, middle, and high school here. There are a lot of activities to choose from like sports teams and clubs. The community comes together to celebrate holidays with parades and block parties, and supports those in need with food drives and places to donate used clothing. I feel thankful to have grown up in a town like Purcellville.
Purcellville is a nice and clean town with very good education. Although it may cost more to live here, it is worth it for the safe feeling and the nearby country side.
Purcellville is an overall great area and location here out in Western Loudoun. It is very family friendly and is just swarming with small fun promotional events everywhere you go. Granted it could use alittle more on the night scene during the week the weekends always have sometime in store between the neighboring towns. Not to mention it is practically evenly located between two large cities.
The area is very pretty and it is growing more and more each day. They are building so many new restaurants, roads, and houses so that the community can become larger than it is now. I went to high school in this town and it was a fantastic experience for me and all of my friends. Loudoun County Public Schools are highly rated and unique. There is just so much to love about this town and the people who live there.
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Purcellville has the cbarm of small town america with the unique blend of top of the line luxury. Mom & Pop restauranta and coffee houses, organic food farmers markets, and amazing mountain views while at local bineyards and 5 star restaurants and brewerys!
Purcellville is the kind of town where you can experience the hustle and bustle during the day in addition to the relaxed, quiet evening. Every store you can think of is right in the middle of town or right around the corner. I have never felt safer in any other place.
I absolutely love Purcellville, Virginia! Having grown up living in Purcellville, I never want to leave because of the welcoming community and several opportunities for shopping! Purcellville, Virginia will always be my home, and I am so blessed to be able to call this wonderful, thriving town my home!
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