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Purcell is a very down to earth small town located in the south central region of Oklahoma. Known as the heart of Oklahoma for various reasons that go far beyond my days and also my parents. Purcell is a very great place to grow up and if you aren't from there I recommend you take a visit.
Nice small town, but needs to bring in more businesses. Purcell also needs to keep up the town better
I have lived in Purcell alomst all my life and I love it. The local restaurants are amzing, the schools are good, and the little hidden places and shops all around town are so much fun to discover.
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I loved this town . Feels like home the typical small town USA everyone's nice and friendly it's really a place where you could grow as a person and as a community
I believe Purcell is a very family friendly town. Everyone is general nice and friendly. I would however like to see more business or activities added to the town for children.Examples could be an arcade,bowling alley,movie theater,or pool.
Purcell is a nice quiet town, so there Ian not much to do there for entertainment. No movie theater, arcade, bowling. All there is to do in Purcell is go out to eat.
I love the small town community! I have lived in this town for my whole life, and I couldn't recommend it any more than I already do! The people are friendly, the town is beautiful (especially since they are doing a beautifying project now). I am proud to say I am from Purcell, OK!
Purcell is a quiet little town. The people are friendly and helpful. The school system has a remarkable team of teachers and staff. They are always on hand and willing to help you in anyway. There is several mom and pop shops in town that provide excellent service and dinning. If you like history this is just the town for you.
Our downtown is full of it and you can leave home with a piece of your own history by visiting one of our many antique stores.
Purcell is a place that you can feel very safe in majority of the time. There are times when very, very shocking things happen that shock everyone, but that happens anywhere. The only reason the crimes that happen here are so unbelievable is because we are such a small town and not much goes on. The things that happen here would probably be minor things to those who live in inner cities.
I love the town of Purcell. As I mentioned earlier, you are lucky to get out of the house without seeing someone you know. Majority of the population here is so friendly. If I could do life again, and had a choice of where to grow up and live, I would definitely choose Purcell. I will be getting married soon, and we will most likely always live here or somewhere near by. I see Purcell often becoming liked by more people and the population growing and growing.
I have had no problems
I see this neighborhood as gradually getting worse. I continue to question the security and safety of my neighborhood as the years go by. I am not sure if I would choose to live here again, but it probably would not be my first option.
Weather does not seem to be an issue.
It is a small town and it does reflect that in the people that live in it.
Health in the area seems to be okay.
We do not have much for outdoor activities in the area.
There are some great stores on main street that are unique other than that there really is not much.
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It is a good place to live but if there were more to do I believe that more people would want to live in the area.
I live in the area but drive into OKC to work.
There needs to be more for kids and teens to do in the area.
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