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I have lived here all my life and do not plan to move because my whole family lives here. I wish to see people's choices in their lives change, for example drug use.
I enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere at opposed to Metro Denver. It has more family oriented activities for families with children. I also appreciate that the drive time is considerably quicker than driving through Denver.
I enjoy the various, diverse activities and organizations that people of all ages can be involved in. My family recently moved here and we absolutely love it. The residents of Pueblo are super friendly and generous.
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Pueblo is a pretty small little town where everyone is connected somehow. It’s pretty family friendly, with the parks and the zoo and all of the events those both do. One thing that could be a good change would be the crime rate in the town. A lot of vehicles and property get stolen, there’s a lot of teens on the street in gangs, and the homeless population is huge and they have nowhere to go, because the last shelter shut down.
Pueblo is a diverse place often looked down upon. There are many beautiful aspects like our art museum and our Nature and Rapture center which gives people a look into nature. Our riverwalk is a place where people can socialize and walk around with their families, many amazing shops and eating establishments around the area too. It is a culture rich city which brings many people joy.
I love this city! First of all, the beautiful, majestic Rocky Mountains begin about 30-45 min from the city. The art, music, and overall community is very diverse and fun to engage with! Our large murals on building throughout downtown give a warm and welcoming vibe to all who pass. Our food here is second to none, especially when it comes to quality Mexican food and green Chile! The slopper, an open face cheeseburger smothered in amazing green Chile, is a staple for the community!! The drug use and violent crime is a bit high for our relatively small city of about 110,000. It is mostly confined to certain areas of the city but the opioid epidemic has hit our town with some force. Outside of that, Pueblo is a very fun, culture filled, diverse, easy living city. When you venture out and realize that most places are basically the same, at its foundations, Pueblo is high on the quality of life scale.
The town is small but is steadily growing. It has a lot of potential, however, the drug and "gang" activity makes the city ugly. There are so many different things to do for all ages in this town, throughout the year. The lake is my favorite place to go when it's not too hot. The state fair is held here in Pueblo every year. We have the Chile festival, also.
There is barely any traffic. Pretty good schools. Not much to do if you're looking for entertainment. Weather isn't too bad.
Pueblo is known for its diverse and unique population and cultural traditions. Pueblo does need more places to visit and things to see so that people stay active in their communities and feel fulfilled.
Pueblo is a wonderful small town in Colorado, that suffers from what many cities do. I love it here and I wish everyone would visit, even if we are a small town.
Pueblo is okay to retire in. It is complicated to find a job unless you know someone. It is not necessarily the safest city to live or raise a family.
Pueblo is a small town with a lot of opportunity. The public schools have room for improvement, but is excellent nonetheless. The people here are some of the best in the country. I am still a resident of Pueblo, and I thoroughly enjoy living here.
I was born and raised in pueblo, im 36 and I've been allot of places through out the country, I've spent around 25 years of my life in pueblo. Just like anywhere else it has its issues, gangs, drugs and what not, but pueblo is the perfect size town not to big and not to small we have everything here that you would find anywhere else, pueblo pride is Awesome and it just depends what area you want to live in and obviously who you choose to surround your self with, my entire family is in pueblo and after 6 long years in Vegas I am coming home next week anyway good luck in your journeys and God bless.
Pueblo isn’t the worst place to live, however for a young college student I find it a town that can be very testing to my lifestyle as well as limiting to my future. Pueblo is growing and the environment is socially getting tougher by the day. I would have no problem settling down here once I am older but for someone who is starting out my career I would like more impressive companies to choose from when looking for a job out of college.
Small town and close-knit community. Plenty of resources for those who need it. I think if there were more for teenagers to do, the drug epidemic wouldn't be as bad.
I like that Pueblo is a small tight-knit community where everyone knows each other. We also have a lot of pride in our schools and town. The city does need more resources and outlets for children though.
Pueblo has alot of great people.It is a town with alot of local generations that still live in pueblo ,grandparent's ,parents ,kids ,grandkids .I would like to see more things for kids to do in town .
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Pueblo is a small area where everyone knows everyone. Ove the years Pueblo has been getting worse and worse with the shootings and theft. Hope to see a turn around soon!
Pueblo is a decent size town. Not too big and not to small. The people are very friendly. Pueblo has a good sense of community. Most people generally know all of their neighbors. There are a lot of cool stores in pueblo. Pueblo would be a nice town to retire in. Due to the cheap living. The local university is very nice too. But pueblo isn’t really a college town, so its not often you run into a crazy group of college kids. They pretty much stay up near the university. Overall pueblo is cute little big town. I would definitely recommend
I think Pueblo is a very good city even though some people don't think so. There are many things to do like going downtown and looking at all the little stores that are down there. You can go to the ice arena and get figure skating lessons or hockey lessons. The Colorado State fair always is in pueblo which is fun for everyone of all ages.
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