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It's a small town with two shopping centers. Nothing too exciting, but it has the necessities. Most people are friendly, and the customers that come into my work are usually very nice too!
Prunedale is a small town in between Watsonville and Salinas in which many people commute through every day. Although people only go through the highways, there are much more things to go and see if you have the day off or need some time to study. First, there is the Royal Oaks Park which has 122 acres of trails, playgrounds, basketball courts, and a great place for a barbeque on the weekend. Also, there is the Manzanita Park that is widely known for its travel softball and baseball hosting and BMX riding. Secondly, the Elkhorn Slough is great scenery for wildlife and great pictures of its 7 miles of wetlands for birds, snakes, rabbits, rare plants and most notably the southern sea otters. Finally, the Prunetree shopping center is a good place to get a bite to eat at a few restaurants or a study session at Starbucks. In conclusion, although people see Prunedale as a small town when they glimpse by it in the morning and afternoon, they should check some of these places out.
It's a small town so everybody knows everybody in a sense. It's pretty quiet and boring and nothing really happens here.
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Although Prunedale, California is a very close-knit community, I believe we are torn apart by our diversifying beliefs. For example, the choice to insert a marijuana dispensary was a poor choice in the eyes of many Prunedale residents. This is just one of the many issues that Prunedale residents have yet to come to a compromise upon. I would like to see change in the way this town handles conflict and disagreements, because quite frankly it isn't going very smoothly so far.
The town of Prunedale itself is beautiful. There are trees all around with little farms and parks scattered throughout the town. It is in a good central location to where you can make an easy drive to get to the ocean, or get to the city of San Jose or San Francisco. The community is more on the "traditional" side with a lot of conservative, elderly people.
I love prunedale and the weather is great. Very calm area and a small shopping center with a new gym added.
It is a quiet community. Beautiful weather and scenery. The housing market has shot up again which doesn't correlate well with the education system here. But, there is a growing sense of community here. Many of the longtime residents are looking to make it a more family friendly town. Unfortunately the high home prices and rent make it very difficult to live here and contribute financially to the community. It is an accessible town with beautiful parks and in close proximity to beautiful beaches and many tourist destinations. It;s easy to spend the day at world class beaches and rivers for a quick trip or a nice day trip.
Prunedale definitely has a small town feel, and there's room out here to live in the country but not be too far from any grocery stores and such. The cost of living here is getting out of hand though.
Prunedale is a great place to start a family. It is more rual and a great place to own horses, chickens, goats and other animals. It is peaceful and quiet, even though you have neighbors. One downfall to prunedale is that there is a hard time getting fast internet service as well as only getting satellite in your homes rather than cable. Prunedale is a over all great place to live in
Its a very chill town not a lot of crime because the community is small and everyone knows everyone.
I love living in castroville and for the last 13 years ive lived in the nearby city of salinas. It was okay but when i finally moved to castroville I found a loving community tha everyone knows everyone. The exct place that i live is the CALMEST place ive ever lived at. I can rest easy at night knowing im home. This place has a very bright future very positive vibes flowing here
I haven't had any issues with violence or crime in the area I live in.
The weather is always nice. The people are friendly but it is very expensive.
Good area to live, peaceful place
Luckily there are plenty of great restruants and bars in the area that are affordable
There job opportunities in my area are minimal, the only jobs available are low paying jobs
There are many local businesses in my area however, the only ones that do well are the restruaunts
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I worked in the fields and there seemed to be always work.
I could get everything I needed.
Complete poop! You either need to know someone well, or hope you get lucky to even just work at a fast food place! (There;s only open spots because people leave and quit because of how terrible it is). We have tons of homeless people of all ages here up and down the streets. They are really mean though, but they bug.
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