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Providence is a beautiful place surrounded by so much diversity. There is so much to see and eat when your here. The heart of Providence (downtown) is by far my favorite place to go! It is filled with so much life from the busy bodies going to work, and students making their local commute. It is also filled with so many local businesses and local eats.
I am from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, an old steel mill town. Pro I end is not a huge change fo me. I have been to multiple cities like New York, Atlanta, and D.C. The night life for Providence is really dead. The only activities to do is go a club. The culinary aspect of Providence Is very dietary friendly and many different cultures. Veggie Fun, a vegan and vegetarian resturaunt, so is The Grange. La Casa, which has a make your own bowl/wrap, its my favorite and I get a side of Yuca fries. I feel safe in Providence, I do not feel like I have to watch over my shoulder when I leave my dorm. From my perspective, jobs are very prevalent meaning I have many opportunities to get retail jobs, kitchen, and working at the mall.
Providence is everything that you look for in a diversified and dynamic city. The local shops, restaurants, and historical backbone make it the perfect place to call home.
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Lovely small town! Lots of things to do downtown and there is a huge food scene! The universities in the area make it a very young and "in" town.
Small state...easy to navigate. I'm new to the area, but the bus system is easy to get around on. The high school I go to is not bad, but it could be better. The mayor is working to improve schools.
Providence is a great city to live in. The diversity is overwhelming and god local job opportunities starting at minimum wage. Its a small city so everyone knows each other and lives happy.
Providence is a small city with direct connections to Boston and New York via railway or bus. Its weather is very pleasant from March to November. Winter is cold with regular snow, but the configuration and size of the city allow you to move with ease. This city offers tourists and residents a wide variety of restaurants and cafes with price ranges that fit different budgets. For nature lovers, Providence surroundings offer more than 30 miles of coast where you can find a very interesting dune landscape. Autumn in Providence offers a dramatic explosion of color due to the wide variety of trees and great extensions of forest coverage.
Providence is an up and coming gem. Hip, educated, diverse, open minded, educated, creative. Could use gentrification in some areas, and the traffic needs to be reconsidered.
Providence is a very small city in RI. It is very affordable, very diverse and there are many job opportunities.
Living here in Providence has been amazing. The creativity that individuals exude here is like no other. We like to call ourselves the "Creative Capitol". Providence has a diverse array of food places as well. From Hispanic, to Italian, to African cuisines, Providence has it all. I noticed that the city is making a lot of improvements on the roads and buildings.
There's a lot to do in Downtown Providence. Everything is close by. Friendly, and college areas are great!
Small city that really wants to feel bigger. Lots to do, great restaurant scene, affordable for the northeast. Its school system and petty crime do it a disservice.
Eh? It's Providence, what else can I say? It's hit or miss at times, but honestly, once you've lived here long enough and find that niche (heh), it'll feel less like a hellish pothole-riddled landscape, and more of a ragtag home.
Some things I like about Providence is the events that go on every weekend, the nice vibes everyone gives.
I would like to see the school system change. I have only been here for 2 years but I see that more money has to be put into these schools for books, cleaner classrooms, more helpful teachers, etc.
Providence is a tight knit community that is easy to navigate and cheap. It is quiet, the neighbors are nice, and the food is good.
Providence is a small city. Quiet quaint and livable. The job market is one to be desired for, but the collegesame are fruitful enough to help with that. We have more than 10 colleges locally which is fantastic.

If one was to play there cards right, they could very easily plan a new career once moving to Providence and picking a school and a career path.
i think providence is overall pretty good. i moved here when i was 6, i been to many different schools and they've all been pretty decent. it is very diverse. i we are very liberal,family friendly and affordable. i wouldn't want to grow up anywhere else.
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I am currently a student finishing my undergrad degree in the midst of Providence. Providence is a small city, with enough resources. So for a college student, it is very adequate to live in because I can focus on my schoolwork when needed but also have everything within arms reach.
i love providence because i feel save and is calm in this are. what i would like to chage is the rodes because thru out the tike 12-6 theirs to many trafic.
Providence is a quaint and small city. You are able to walk downtown within an hour. The shops and many restaurants are unique and local. The only downside is dealing with homeless people who seem to congregate in the center of time. The stench of urine is unbearable at times.
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