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Don't visit this town or do business in this town , the city employees( Mayor , and other city employees in the main office will not help you with any problems , I called the mayor 9 times and left messages , No reply back , Tried to the city manager , Same thing , No call backs , the Police Dept is filled with one bullet Barney Fifes , STAY AWAY FROM THIS TOWN , Its a joke ! High Crime Area !
Overall it really depends in the exact section you are living. Overall I live in the cheapest area of prospect hts so is not really safe.
Prospect Heights is surrounded by bigger cities that offer shopping centers, bars, restaurants and great parks and park districts.
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I grew up in Prospect Heights and now I have my own place with my kids. The schools are getting better. The district is very diverse, they teach in different languages. The elementary school is currently getting upgrades. It is safe and family friendly, everyday you see people on Old Willow riding bikes together or walking together, even at night. It is a small town with very few stores. One thing I would like to see about Prospect Heights is more stores, job opportunities, restaurants, for it to be modernized.
I grew up in Prospect Heights and I think it is a very good area to live in. There are a lot of parks and a long bike trail, and it is pretty close to Lake Arlington. Prospect Heights is in District 214 which has excellent high schools, and the public schools around here are excellent. From where I live, there are plenty of stores that are not too far away, such as Walgreens, Costco, and there is a Prospect Heights library as well that provides a lot of services beyond checking out books, such as getting a passport or US citizenship. However, one issue that I would like to be addressed is litter. I come across a lot of litter when I go on walks, and it can be seen when walking on Elmhurst road. With concerns about the environment increasing I would like to see an increased effort to combat litter so it does not contaminate the environment we live in.
Prospect Heights has the advantage of being close to the major city but not in the major city. That means there is a lot of nightlife activities, lots of bars, restaurants and other things to do in neighboring suburbs. It is quite residential and safe.
I was a kid when I lived here so this review probably won't be super helpful. I remember it being a very pleasant suburb, nice and quiet, very safe, biking distance from Lake Arlington which was nice. Peace out
I love the neighborhood because I grew up here. It is great for family life and is very peaceful and at a good location for commuting to close by locations. A bit more of a night life would be nice. Some business close earlier than I'd like.
Relatively quiet yet good infrastructure. Good schools, close to transit, shopping and services. Could use more commercial in the city itself, but being surrounded by Arlington Heights, Mt Prospect, Wheeling and Northbrook, there's plenty nearby.
Great small town that is underrated. Most of the people dont count Prospect Heights as a best neighborhood because Piper, one of the most criminal zone in the area, but they dont undertand that Piper is the only small part of Prospect Heights. I never heard of anyone getting shot or mugged in prospect years in the past of years. Everyone should stop listening to rumors and come visit this small but charming town!
What I love about the town I currently work for is the community. Everyone in this town embraces their neighbors, looks for one another, and supports their local government. I have never worked for a town with as many volunteers as our PD has. I have never worked for a town that has the City Hall working well with the PD, FD, Public Works, Park District, and library system. It's refreshing to be a part of a positive and supportive environment.
Gang members are disappearing through out the time. I have to say it got way better every since I first arrived.
The area is not the best, there is gangs. Here and there you will hear something bad. I honestly think its not the greatest environment. The apartments are in falling conditions. I will probably not go back if I ever decide to move. Majority of the people are nice not everyone.
The area is mostly calm, the neighbors are nice and there is a plaza near by with plenty of stores to buy groceries, i think the area will remain the same for a while they have good security at night so chances of violence increasing are very low.
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