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I overall enjoy Prineville, Oregon. I went to middle school and graduated high school in 2016. I never realized all the issues in the town until I graduated school. I wish the drugs weren't an issue there, but just like other small towns it is always going to be a thing. Drugs is one of the issues there, kids start very young with just trying things and than leads to addiction. Overall Prineville is a great place but has little rough spots like anywhere else would.
Prineville is a wonderful town located just close enough to large cities for shopping convenience, yet still have that special small town feel.
It's a small town, but it's peaceful, quiet, and not much crime. I can go out and take walks by myself without fear of anything happening to me. We're nestled in a canyon where we have great views of the surrounding mountains.
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Unless you are rich and have high status in town prepare to be treated like garbage. Drugs are more prevalent than in most small towns, and most of the parks have been taken over by druggies. Not many opportunities available and if you aren't straight and white be prepared to experience hate.
The people suck. The rich get everything and they treat people who didn't grow up here like crap. Many of the people here are racist, sexist, and homophobic. And you the children suffer with the schooling and it significantly hurts their future,
Being born and raised in Prineville I have come to love it. As a child I felt like there was nothing ever to do but now as an adult I realize how lucky we are to live in a small town and so close to other larger towns without having to deal with all of the hustle and bustle.
Prineville is a pretty small town with fun boutiques and nice people. like any other town there is drug use. I would love to see the numbers in that drop and see people set free from such a horrible addiction.
I love how prineville is a small town but there is a lot of drug abuse here and it needs to be dealt with.
I like the weather and the scenery in Prineville. It is near lakes, mountains, other nice cities and it has a small population. The people are friendly and the traffic is minimal.
I love Prineville it is a quiet beautiful town with a loving community, everyone is very polite and is more than willing to assist you if you become lost or in need. Prineville has proven time and time again to pull together in a time of need and help its fellow community members no matter the situation.
Prineville is a great little town I enjoy the size of it and the people. Although there is not much to do. In your spare time you could play sports or look for arrowheads, there is Lots of drugs in this town though but despite that I feel safe a s it's my home
Prineville is a small, friendly town where everybody knows everybody. Because of this, it is a little boring but it is not far from the bigger cities of Redmond and Bend. The people are very nice and the community is strong and involved.
Great town but the diversity is lacking as well school safety. There's some injustice with youth bullying. Jobs are lacking. Most people are very welcoming but overall it's been a gd small town experience.
The crime has grown a little worse over time, seems to be a growing town, so lots of different ideals have been introduced lately. However, the police are extremely responsive.
The overall experience is great, very small town leads to many different opportunities with communicating and just getting out there. You meet lots of people (literally everyone) and are extremely impressed with the engagement of the town. I would choose to live here forever if I could, this area holds a lot in it's future since it grows with data centers, corporations and companies.
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