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I like Princeton because it's a small town, quiet but friendly. The building are also very beautiful and also historic. Everything is a bit expensive, that is one downside living in this area.
Princeton is a very cute little town. It offers a charming downtown area and lots of history. There isn't much to do in the town itself, but its only an hour from the Jersey shore, New York City, or Philly!
Princeton is a very cute college town. There are many things to do and it is always a good environment to hang around it. It is, however, only great when the weather is good because most things require walking outside. Similarly, there are bars that require the drinking age of 21.
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It's a cute little college town that has plenty of small buisnesses and restaurants that are all different.
Overall very pleasant. Has nice people, although sometimes a little elitist, especially about success.
Princeton is full of good places to eat and hang out, but there are incredibly obnoxious people and the town itself is very elitist liberal type
Quiet, professional neighborhoods with much to offer academically and socially. Historic setting with many places to visit with friends and family. The quality of life is excellent.
It's a very safe town, and offers the quintessential college town experience. However, as a result, it has a very elitist character, and often has difficulties acknowledging some equity problems. Largely, however, it is very peaceful, with many cultural offerings, though quite expensive as a rather upscale, gentrified suburban setting.
Princeton is a wonderful,fun,family and historical University town.
It is a town with so many diverse folks who are changing this world for the better. I enjoy living and working in this magnificent town.
There are a lot of different fun and cultural events. The University has a wonderful campus for all who visit.
The University also has a Museum,Theater and amazing education.McCarter Theater,The Arts Council and the Library all have amazing things for everyone . Communiversity is a fabulous event for all different families alike! The Princeton School District have amazing and wonderful schools staffed by incredible,loving,gifted,talented and hard working Teachers,Aides,Custodians, Secretaries and Administration Folks.
A very nice place to live. Well maintained, plentiful resources and culture with the college so near by. Can be a bit pricey, but a wonderful place to live.
I cannot think of a better place to experience my childhood and adulthood other than Princeton. Located just an hour by train to New York City and 45 minutes away from Philadelphia, it provides best of both worlds. In addition, it is a beautiful town with endless amount of parks, community centers, public events, restuarants, sporting events, and more. Downtown Princeton is a quaint, yet vibrant town and I truly do not think I can ever get bored here.
Princeton is a very prestigious town. Convenient and full of characters. I hope it could keep it’s tradition, don’t change too fast.
Not super busy but close enough to stores and restaurants, etc. Good for raising a family. Also nice place to live and commute to Philly/NYC.
nice small shops and local stores; enjoyable neighborhood to hang out in and some nice food options, but some are quite expensive
It is an extremely privileged town that makes it difficult to live in if you are not also privileged. The educational system is strong however the culture is extremely entitled. As a person who has grown up in Princeton and worked at many of its establishments, it is as if living in a strange bubble that is immune to many of the problems in surrounding towns, but it has no concern of helping or educating its children in anything other than academics.
This is an amazing town and it shouldn't be underestimated because it is in New Jersey. It is home to the Princeton University Tigers and home to various other schools for younger people. It is conveniently placed near Philly and New York with only a small car ride to get to the cities. I would like to see a few more venues but besides that it is a perfect medium sized, upper class, town.
The schools, restaurants, and public facilities in the town are superb. While property taxes and the average cost of living is very high, the surrounding lifestyle (the ability to walk anywhere, the abundance of fresh and diverse restaurants and people, and the intellectual community in surrounding towns) is worth the price. I have lived here for 17 years, and Princeton never ceases to amaze me. My family and I never run out of things to do!
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I love living in Princeton! It has been such great experience to meet a variety of people and how the university offers so many opportunities as well.
I really love the town, but I would like to see more new development. The town is absolutely gorgeous and the main square is wonderful. But just a few blocks from the center of town are some pretty rundown houses, and I would like to see those upgraded to higher quality housing that reflects the area around it. The town also is extremely expensive for students, which is fine but it does make eating out a little more difficult and discourages students a little bit. It is wonderful to walk around on a spring weekend but you definitely need to be prepared to walk far because parking is very hard.
I love Princeton, not only is it a great place to raise your children, but the people make it feel like you are family. Doesn't matter where you go, you will always find a smiling face. Also, this place is a great place to raise a child because there are numerous places to challenge your brain, to keep yourself going with brain teasers and knowledge to fill a textbook. Not only can you find something academically challenging to do, you can find multiple people to do it with, which is the best part. Learning with others is so much fun when you have a combined interest! Viva Princeton!
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