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I love the downtown area shops. They each offer good quality foods and drinks. However, there was someone who shouted profanities at my female friend who dressed in an "offensive" shirt.
Prescott is super unique, which makes for a very special hometown. It has a lot of history and attracts tourists in the summertime. "The Square" is probably the most popular spot. Located in downtown Prescott, it holds a large grassy quad with old-fashioned shops and restaurants surrounding it. This is where the Annual Courthouse Lighting is held, where all the trees are lit up for Christmas time! Prescott has a lot to offer, such as its beautiful hiking spots. We have multiple lakes and the Granite Dells, which make for stunning trails in the summer. Growing up in Prescott showed me a lot about the importance of community and how sweet it is to grow up in such a quaint little town.
Prescott is a growing town. It has many historic areas and stories. Prescott has many visitors from all over the world. Many people like Prescott because it is a small town, and has small town values. The town is quickly growing because of the amount of people that visit and end up staying as they like the town so much. Prescott has been known as a retirement town, this may slowly be changing.
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I moved to Prescott, from Durango, Colorado and I love living here. All of the negative comments are in my opinion an attempt by those that would like to keep this beautiful area to themselves. The crime rate is low, the people are nice, the weather is outstanding, and it's simply a wonderful place to live. Is it perfect, no it's not but then again no place is. It is expensive to live here, when compared to many other cities, but it can be affordable and that's why I live here. So check out the city for yourself and make your own decisions. I just promise you that a lot of the negative comments on here are simply not true. Just do your own research.... Merry Christmas....
I like the fact that it isn't overly crowded and there are many great people here. The weather is nice because it gets warm in the summer and snows just a little bit in the winter, so it has a good balance. The only downside that I can really think of is that there isn't a lot of things for young people to do here. However, I love playing all the golf courses in Prescott, so I can always find something to do!
The weather's great with all four seasons notable. It has a small town feel, but the services and possibilities of your average city! The community is pretty tight-knit and friendly, and there are tons of beautiful trails, parks, lakes, mountains and forested areas for outdoor activities. Over all a great place to be!
Prescott is a wonderful town to raise a family in. It is an extremely safe town that provides opportunity for everyone!
A town full of elderly folks who cling to their Bibles and guns. Not a safe place to raise children. Lots of drugs openly sold on most any street.
I love the moderate, seasonal weather, the hiking and lakes. But I have learned that Prescott is not what it bills itself to be, 'Everybody's Hometown'. It should be 'The Hometown of Everyone Who Looks and Thinks Like Me'. I've seen and experienced rude behavior. Far too conservative/good 'ol boy, and yes racist for me. And evidently people fear the ongoing growth here yet don't recognize that those governing the city should be held responsible for siding with developers for the almighty dollar rather than actually listening to citizens' wishes and saving the natural beauty & charm of Prescott. (The coming development-- resort & homes-- at the very unique Dells will be a travesty. Medical care is also not great evidently because this town is so heavily seniors/Medicare and doctors don't want to deal with it & don't make the $$ that they can elsewhere. Sadly, I'm pretty certain I'll be searching for a new home where the majority of people are caring and welcoming.
On the surface, Prescott, Arizona would seem like an ideal place to live. Outdoor activities are plentiful, the weather is great, and the cost of living is affordable. However, there are no ratings available on the basic kindness or decency of people who live in a specific place. Prescott's official motto is "Everybody's Hometown", which could not be any further from the truth. For the motto to be accurate, it should read "Everybody's long as you are white". Prescott is a city where diversity is openly opposed. It is a city where weak, cowardly men arm themselves with automatic weapons, and openly display them to offset their lack of actual toughness. Prescott is a city where - grown men and women alike - will spit and yell at fellow citizens at peaceful public gatherings, should those gatherings promote anything that they oppose. It is such a shame, because a place that could be so beautiful is, instead, one of the ugliest places in The United States.
This little town is full of racist people, and rehabs. When you arent being forced to hear racial slurs come from the locals you are forced to deal with some punk relapsing in any number of situations, including at work or just on the streets of Prescott. There is a literal ton of meth and heroin in this area. Everybody's Hometown is the furthest thing from the truth. It's sad too. Prescott used to be a really nice place.
Prescott is a great city for families for a number of reasons; there is a very large retirement population, which makes doing things out and about less worrisome. You will also come to know lots of people in this town and quickly make connections because of the size of the town. It is relatively small. However, the downside to this is that there is little to do for fun here. Movie theaters are a go-to, and past that it is hard to think of anything. There are not a lot of good food options, so if that is as important to you as it is to me, it's a slight knock on the town. Overall though, Prescott is a very wholesome and inviting place, with a lot of really good people. Be forewarned, it is a very conservative town, almost to a fault.
The city has a lot to offer with hidden gems and kind people. Every day, there is a new place to explore - from brick and mortar to the wild outdoors. The only downside that is present is the amount of weekend traffic from other visitors that want to experience all that the city has to offer!
It's got a good small town feel, decent shopping choices, but not a whole lot of diversity and there are some very racist people in this town.
30 Years ago Prescott was easily a 5 star little town. Sadly the town has exploded mostly with folks flooding in from California bringing their ridiculous politics and ideas with them. The City goverment is not and will not be ready for the growth that is happening. The retirement commuinity feels entiltled to small town they do not own and are not willing to support education mostly just complain about the youth. The schools are an abosolute joke, if you are looking for solid education or even a basic education I'd keep looking. In the last few years Prescott has lost its hometown feel. You no longer see people you know everywhere you go its all strangers who only complain about it being a small town. For those of us who grew up here its difficult to see the change especially when its not positive. If you like the outdoors, can afford the astronomical cost of living, dont mind hateful old people, growth the water cannot support and terrible schools you'll be really happy here.
The last time I visited my hometown I was amazed at all the new restaurants and bars, particularly places with craft beers and local wines. The nightlife is so much better than it used to be too. I am only a little concerned that it will lose its Old West, hometown feel altogether, because that has always been part of the charm of Prescott.
After reading many glowing reviews~ & a few dull ones~ on living in the Prescott area, I felt compelled to make a simple point. Even the positive reviews almost always feel the need to throw in a "but"/"except for" regarding the fact that it's a large retirement population. Here's my point: Is it not acceptable that retired people have an ideal environment in which to live out there lives as well? After spending 40, 50, 60 years working hard, dealing with the stresses of traffic, crime, pollution, crowds etc., isn't it only right & honorable that people have a safe, respectful, peaceful place TO RETIRE IN?!? What has happened to having respect, honor & 'space available' for our older generations?! Of all the towns/cities/areas to live on planet earth, cannot just a few of those be focused on honoring a peaceful existence for the now retired folks who raised you, took care of you & paved the way for you?? *Please keep in mind ~EVERYONE will be a 'retiree' one day~even you. Thank you.
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lived here for 30 years ,its an ugly community ,in how it treats people,Old folks and recovering substance users are a cash crop only.Long term care is a money maker,Schools range from poor to bad.Having worked here its definitely ,not a place to have a good quality of life ,I am actively looking at trying to get out!
There is one truly great part of Prescott, the outdoors. Unfortunately when it comes to many other aspects of every day life it does tend to be lacking for adults under the age of 55. That being said, if you enjoy hiking, biking, or climbing, you will easily be able to find a place for yourself in Prescott.
I like that Prescott is a very family-oriented place to be. I dislike that there seems to be a lack of activities available for a younger crowd. I dislike how it is a large substance abuse rehab area. This means that there are constantly a lot of people relapsing here. There is a lack of places to live and housing in the tri-city area, which makes it hard to find a place to live if you are renting an apartment or house.
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