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Powdersville is a nice little town that can also branch into multiple other towns and cities. Everything you need is right in our town and if you want to go out and do something else, were close enough to other places and cities for you to do it.
A great bedroom town to Greenville. #thatGreenville.
Has a few chain restaurants, a few really good independent ones, and very low crime. Growing rapidly and hopefully will get more stores than the only one Walmart. Good doctors and new medical treatment facility. Even has a Technical School branch for Tri-county Tech.
I have been in this area for 2 years, after 3 years of travel nursing, trying to find a place to call home. I believe this is it. Very good area. Ease of shopping, medical, dental and optical. Nice people, centrally located for family activities.
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I love Powdersville, its very convenient and almost has everything you need. Other than a gas station and pharmacy on every coroner the town is busting with people to interact with and help out if you need to.
When your in Powdersville there's not a lot to do but eat and grocery shop. There's a few antique stores around and whiskey distillerys. The old Ingles is old. I recommend the Easley one on pelzer highway. It's the nicest one and has a gas station to save money after shopping.
Great small town, best schools in the state, short drive to other cities in the upstate, and located in the beautiful upstate of South Carolina
Other than some theft issues, crime isn't really a problem in our area.
I love this area! The best school district! Not too small and not too big. Close to Greenville and Anderson.
I think its pretty decent.
Its awesome! Everyone is friendly and its growing tremendously.
It has warm climate, friendly people, plenty of activities for all ages, and is constantly changing and upgrading. I believe that the scenery and people make this location better than others and I see us continuing to flourish in years to come as a community.
You do get a little of all four seasons. However, we do not have the extremes during the fall/winter months. We usually have about 2-4 inches of snowfall during the winter. Since I am a lover of warm weather, this is the perfect environment to me.
We have all the essential stores within 15 miles of our location. Locally, within 3-5 miles, we have several gas stations/convenience stores, pharmacies, and a large retail store. We also have several grocery store options as well as an urgent care center.
There are many great restaurant options. There are all the traditional, popular chains as well as many unique restaurants downtown Greenville. There are many bars and nightlife in the downtown area as well.
There are several large companies in the area that pay above average salaries. There are several manufacturers in the area as well as corporate offices for several large companies that provide white collar jobs.
There's rarely ever earthquakes and when we have one you barely feel it. Severe snow storms happen about once every two years. Being near the mountains you can have some landslides from the rocks. During summers there usually is a drought but it doesn't effect how much water you use daily. During the spring time there are tornado watches which mean that there is only a possibility and when one does touch down it usually doesn't do much damage.
There are a few of "hometown" restaurants and a growing business in more chain food restaurants. Bars I really dont know about because I am underage.
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Since there are a lot of new businesses and companies moving in the area, its great. But I also don't know much about the pay in this area.
In the small town I live in there's not much in-town, but there are other towns that are about a fifteen minute or so drive that have practically everything.
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